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Clapton Wants To Be Reborn As A Sports Car After Fishing Death

31st May 2004

ERIC CLAPTON hopes to die while "fishing" and then be reincarnated as an ASTON MARTIN OM-45 sports car, according to a questionnaire he answered in the new edition of VANITY FAIR magazine. The...

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Clapton Auctions Guitar Collection

21st May 2004

Rock legend ERIC CLAPTON is auctioning his spectacular guitar collection at a charity event in New York. The collection includes guitars donated by THE WHO'S PETE TOWNSHEND, LED ZEPPELIN'S JIMMY PAGE, and CARLOS SANTANA...

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Clapton Quits California

17th May 2004

British rocker ERIC CLAPTON is quitting southern California, after putting his Venice beach house up for sale. The LAYLA singer also has homes in England, France and the West Indies, but has decided to...

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Spector's Lawyers Release Coroner's Report

7th May 2004

Lawyers for PHIL SPECTOR released a coroner's report yesterday (06MAY04) which suggests murdered actress LANA CLARKSON may have fired the gun herself. A report by the music producer's attorneys claims Clarkson - who was...

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The Show Goes On For Blues Great King

22nd April 2004

LATEST: Blues great BB KING has scrapped plans to undergo double cataract surgery so he can fulfil his current touring commitments. The 78-year-old living legend initially decided to reschedule dates so he could...

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Wilson Album Has Duet With Late Brother

20th April 2004

Music legend BRIAN WILSON's first studio album in six years includes a special treat for fans - a duet with his late brother CARL. GETTIN' IN OVER MY HEAD sees the two BEACH BOYS...

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Wilson's New Album Set For Summer Release

16th April 2004

Music legend BRIAN WILSON's revamped career continues to reach new heights - he's poised to release his first studio album in six years. The former BEACH BOY, 61, will be releasing GETTIN' IN...

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Clapton Frustrated At Lack Of UK Talent

14th April 2004

Rock legend ERIC CLAPTON has slammed the current state of British music, labelling today's pop stars "cheap". The WONDERFUL TONIGHT star admits he pays more attention to the musical outpourings of America, because the...

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Clapton's Torment Over Harrison Death

13th April 2004

Rocker ERIC CLAPTON was stunned when his pal GEORGE HARRISON died of cancer in 2001, because he wasn't aware the former BEATLE was in such bad health. The LAYLA singer regrets their friendship suffered...

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Eric Clapton Won't Be Intimidated By Crazy Fans

13th April 2004

Rocker ERIC CLAPTON refuses to allow obsessed fans scare him into hiring bodyguards, because he'd rather confront a terrifying situation himself. The LAYLA star believes solving the problem is the key to dealing with...

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Clapton: I Preferred Booze To Drugs

12th April 2004

Rock legend ERIC CLAPTON opted to cultivate an alcohol addiction over a heroin one in his wild days - because he was unable to socialize when high on the class A drug. The LAYLA...

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Clapton Spots Romance Between Lennon And Lulu

6th April 2004

ERIC CLAPTON is convinced BEATLES legend JOHN LENNON and pop superstar LULU had an affair in 1967. The LAYLA singer, 58, claims he remembers seeing Lennon and the SHOUT singer leave a London party,...

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Clapton Plays Guitar Again After House Ban

29th March 2004

Rock legend ERIC CLAPTON has only just been allowed to play his guitar again in his own house again - by his three-year-old daughter. The house ban was imposed on the LAYLA singer,...

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Clapton Explains Harrison Induction Absence

26th March 2004

Rock legend ERIC CLAPTON passed on the chance to induct his pal GEORGE HARRISON into the ROCK + ROLL HALL OF FAME earlier this month (MAR04) - because he's sure people are sick of his...

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Charity Show Gives Clapton The Chance To Jam With Wyman

18th March 2004

ERIC CLAPTON's performance at a charity show in London on Monday night (15MAR04) was made extra special by the fact it was the first time the guitarist had jammed alongside pal BILL WYMAN. The...

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Clapton's Glad To Be Alive

16th March 2004

Former wildman ERIC CLAPTON has learned to have more respect for life after realising he could have easily died through excessive drug use like fellow musicians JIMI HENDRIX and BRIAN JONES. The British guitarist,...

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Clapton Turns Fashion Designer

12th March 2004

Rock legend ERIC CLAPTON has turned his slowhand to fashion designing - and it's all in the name of charity. The LAYLA singer has launched his own t-shirt design in aid of the drug...

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Humble Bob Dylan Turned Clapton Off Drugs

12th March 2004

BOB DYLAN helped fellow rocker ERIC CLAPTON realise how pointless his drug-taking lifestyle was when the British guitarist saw his hero relaxing at the legendary WOODSTOCK festival in 1969. Clapton was a self-confessed "drug-crazed...

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Clapton Confused By Fame

3rd March 2004

Legendary guitarist ERIC CLAPTON finds fame confusing at the best of times - because he expects people to recognise him, although some have no idea who he is. The SLOWHAND rocker, 58, is used...

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Clapton Stops Singing About Late Son

2nd March 2004

Rocker ERIC CLAPTON has decided to give up performing two songs he wrote about his late son CONOR at concerts - possibly for good. When the guitar legend appeared in a series of concerts...

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Widows Pilgrimage For Late Beatle Harrison

1st March 2004

Former BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON's widow OLIVIA is making a pilgrimage to India, to pay tribute to the late rocker on his birthday. Olivia has shunned attempts by Harrison's home city Liverpool, England to honour...

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Slowhand's Hand Problems

27th February 2004

Legendary guitarist ERIC CLAPTON is preparing for his forthcoming world tour by experimenting with a range of hand treatments - to save his digits from painful calluses. The musician, nicknamed SLOWHAND, douses his hands...

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Clapton's Tribute To Hero Robert Johnson

6th February 2004

ERIC CLAPTON has recorded the ultimate tribute to blues legend ROBERT JOHNSON - an album of his blues classics. Clapton's new album ME + MR JOHNSON will feature standards like LOVE IN VAIN and...

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Clapton + Richards Join Toots Tribute

27th January 2004

Rock legends ERIC CLAPTON and KEITH RICHARDS are among the stars who'll guest on a new tribute to reggae greats TOOTS + THE MAYTALS. FREDERICK 'TOOTS' HIBBERT and his group became ska godfathers in...

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Teetotal Clapton Absence Worries Pals

17th January 2004

Friends of teetotal rocker ERIC CLAPTON were worried on New Year's Eve (31DEC03) when he didn't turn up to his own ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS event. For almost ten years, the LAYLA star has performed for...

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Clapton Keeps Bedside Vigil For Sick Daughter

5th January 2004

Veteran rocker ERIC CLAPTON has suffered a terrifying scare after his two-year-old daughter JULIE ROSE was rushed to hospital with suspected pneumonia. The LAYLA star, 58 - who lost his five-year-old son CONOR in...

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Clapton Gets Cbe Honour From British Queen

5th January 2004

Legendary guitarist ERIC CLAPTON has been awarded a COMMANDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (CBE) by Britain's QUEEN ELIZABETH II, for services to music. The 58-year-old LAYLA rocker - who received an ORDER OF THE...

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Clapton Moves Out Of California

17th November 2003

Guitar legend ERIC CLAPTON is moving out of Los Angeles after putting his Venice Beach, California, home on the market for $1.5 million (GBP937,500). The ocean-front property, built in 1986, has one bedroom and...

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Clapton Tours Again

5th November 2003

ERIC CLAPTON has gone back on his word - he's touring again. Despite insisting his touring days were over two years ago (01), the British guitar legend will head out on the road...

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Mccartney Tops British Pop Rich List

30th October 2003

New father SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has another reason to celebrate - he's been crowned the richest pop star in Britain by broadsheet paper THE SUNDAY TIMES. The former BEATLE - who welcomed baby daughter...

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