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Brad Pitt Missed Out On Time Travel

6th August 2009

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were being lined up to star in the 'Time Traveler's Wife' - before their split.The former couple - who separated in January 2005 before finalising their divorce in October 2005...

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Eric Bana Embarrassed To Be Nude

5th August 2009

Eric Bana had an assistant to cover his manhood in between scenes for 'The Time Traveler's Wife'.The 40-year-old star had to shoot several sequences in the nude and found it embarrassing stripping off in front...

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The Things They Say 13069

5th August 2009

"I don't believe in the ab thing. I don't do abs!" Australian actor ERIC BANA refused to tone up his stomach muscles before shedding his clothes for his role in new movie THE TIME TRAVELER'S...

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Girl Crazy Eric Bana

5th August 2009

Eric Bana has been a "hopeless romantic" since he was a teenager.The 'Time Traveler's Wife' star found it hard to concentrate at school because there were so many girls he liked.The 41-year-old star said: "I...

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The Things They Say 13064

5th August 2009

"Stupidly, when I signed on for the film, I read the scenes and thought my character was butt naked for quite a bit, but I thought, it's PG-13, I'll never have to take my clothes...

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Eric Bana Slams Lonely Gym Goers

3rd August 2009

Eric Bana thinks people who work out have no friends.The 'Time Traveler's Wife' actor isn't concerned about having a perfect body because he would rather spend his free time enjoying himself.He told 'Access Hollywood': "Abs...

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Fascinating Fact 7752

30th July 2009

Australian actor ERIC BANA was nicknamed 'The Giggle Monster' by his FUNNY PEOPLE co-star LESLIE MANN - because he struggled to keep a straight face throughout filming for the new comedy.

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Bana Gave Up Bmx Dreams

29th July 2009

ERIC BANA had a back-up plan if his acting career hadn't taken flight - he wanted to become a daredevil motocross racer.The Australian star grew up building ramps around his home and practising the extreme...

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Bana's Long-distance Dad Troubles

28th July 2009

Australian actor ERIC BANA is having trouble parenting his two young kids thanks to his hectic work schedule - because he can't discipline the pair over the phone.The 40-year old actor and wife Rebecca Gleeson...

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To Boldly Go: Star Trek Makes $72.5m In First Weekend

11th May 2009

Star Trek has warped to the top of the North American box office after making $72.5 million in ticket sales.The JJ Abrams reboot made more in its opening weekend than any of the other previous...

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The Things They Say 12121

4th May 2009

"Thankfully, my kids have no interest in cars whatsoever, which means I have my whole garage to myself." Motor mad ERIC BANA's children don't share their dad's love of wheels....

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The Things They Say 12079

30th April 2009

"I was lying on a cot shivering with blankets over me, and they would (clap) and say Let's go! and I would get off the cot and get up play some more poker and lay...

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Bana's Embarrassing Roadtrip Arrest

28th April 2009

Austalian actor ERIC BANA had an embarrassing introduction to the U.S. - he was arrested at a gas station in his underwear during his first American roadtrip. The Black Hawk Down star went on a solo...

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Woody Allen: New York Is Expensive For Filmmaking

24th April 2009

Acclaimed director WOODY ALLEN has stated that he cannot usually afford to make films in his beloved New York, which was the location for some of his most famous releases.His comments came as he premiered...

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Pegg Labels Star Trek UK Premiere As 'Geek Dream'

21st April 2009

British actor Simon Pegg described the experience of premiering the new Star Trek film in London's West End as a "geek dream".The Hot Fuzz actor, who plays Scotty in JJ Abrams' reboot of the beloved...

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Bana's Scary U.s. Road Trip

21st April 2009

Aussie actor ERIC BANA was left fearing for his life the first time he visited America, when he found himself driving through notorious gang-run neighbourhoods in Washington, D.C. The Hulk star toured the U.S. in a...

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Bana's Haircut Holds Up New Film

18th April 2009

A STAR TREK haircut held up the completion of ERIC BANA's new movie THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE. The Aussie star had to shave his head for the the new sci-fi blockbuster - and that messed up...

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Car-lover Bana's Documentary Sets Record Down Under

20th March 2009

ERIC BANA's directorial debut LOVE THE BEAST has become the second-highest debut for a domestic documentary in Australia. The motor-mad Hulk star showcases his love of fast cars in the new film, which features guest appearances...

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Motor Mad Bana Makes Impressive Debut In Endurance Race

24th February 2009

HULK star ERIC BANA made an impressive debut at the WPS Bathurst 12-Hour endurance race in Australia at the weekend (21Feb09), claiming a top 10 place. While his Hollywood peers were preparing for the Oscars, Bana...

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Bana Reduces Pollution On Motor Movie

19th February 2009

Car-loving ERIC BANA is part of a drive to make the movie business more environmentally friendly - teaming up with a green campaign group to reduce pollution on the set of his new motor racing...

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Bana + Collins Jr.'S Speak Alien Language

15th August 2008

Actors ERIC BANA and CLIFTON COLLINS JR. had to learn an alien language for their roles in the new STAR TREK movie. Moviemaker J.J. Abrams insisted the movie's aliens look and sound authentic, so he...

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Bana's Movie Ode To His Favourite Car

7th August 2008

Australian actor ERIC BANA is making a documentary about his favourite car - the 1974 Ford Falcon Coupe. Beast, the car-loving Hulk star's directorial debut, has taken Bana two years to shoot, as he explores...

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Fascinating Fact 5476

18th June 2008

ERIC BANA looks like he could put up a good fight, whereas ED (NORTON) fits the weakish look of the character." Original HULK LOU FERRIGNO compares movie versions of BRUCE BANNER - The Incredible Hulk's...

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The Things They Say 7543

8th March 2008

"People ask, 'Why do you like getting around on a bike so much?' I don't do it to be green. I do it because it's so f**king fun." MUNICH actor ERIC BANA insists his bike-riding...

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New Line Swansong Semi-pro Disappoints At Box Office

3rd March 2008

Will Ferrell basketball comedy Semi-Pro has debuted at the top of the North American box office despite disappointing ticket sales for distributor New Line Cinema.Semi-Pro, also starring Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin, opened with figures...

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Ferrell Film Thought To Be Slam Dunk At Box Office

29th February 2008

Will Ferrell will be adding basketball to his series of sports spoofs and is expected to give the hapless New Line a rare box office victory with Semi-Pro this weekend. Box-office analysts predict that the...

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The Things They Say 7430

28th February 2008

"We just got the giggles. It was funny for everyone else for about 10 minutes, and then they started getting p**sed off." NATALIE PORTMAN and her THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL co-star ERIC BANA had a...

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Bana Vows Never To Return To Comedy

27th February 2008

Actor ERIC BANA has ruled out ever returning to his comic roots as the genre left him "burnt out". The Incredible Hulk star made his TV debut in 1993 as a sketch artist and writer...

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The Things They Say 7387

26th February 2008

"You can put your keys in there, cellphone in there. It's like the ultimate manbag." ERIC BANA on the codpiece he wore playing HENRY VIII in THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL.

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The Things They Say 7389

26th February 2008

"it's for a secret role. The Star Trek fans know what it's for." ERIC BANA shows off his new buzz cut on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO.

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