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Stamos Involved In Disturbance On Plane

14th November 2007

ER star JOHN STAMOS was caught up in a mid-air altercation on Monday (12Nov07), when a woman allegedly started threatening and striking the actor on a plane. The unnamed woman reportedly shook the actor awake...

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Clooney + Fabio Fight At Celebrity Restaurant

7th November 2007

GEORGE CLOONEY and romance icon FABIO stunned diners at Hollywood's swanky Madeo restaurant on Friday (02Nov07), when they exchanged fighting words over a photo session. Actor Fabio was dining with friends when one stood to...

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O'connell's Carpoolers Colleagues Call Him Stamos

6th November 2007

Actor JERRY O'CONNELL has a new nickname on the set of his new U.S. TV show CARPOOLERS - Stamos. O'Connell's cheeky co-workers recently decided it would be fun to name O'Connell after his new wife...

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Edwards Help African Shoe Charity Campaign

2nd November 2007

Former ER star ANTHONY EDWARDS will help collect thousands of shoes in New York next week (begs05Nov07) for charity. Edwards is taking part in the Shoe4Africa campaign which sends footwear to residents of the Kibera...

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Phifer Welcomes First Child

31st October 2007

ER star MEKHI PHIFER is celebrating after his fiancee ONI SOURATHA gave birth to a boy on Tuesday (30Oct07) morning. The 32-year-old actor and Souratha welcomed their first child, Mekhi Thira Phifer, in Los Angeles...

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Clooney And Slater's Sympathy For Lohan

20th October 2007

Hollywood star GEORGE CLOONEY is convinced he would have ended up in rehab if he had found fame in his 20s. During a candid chat with actor pal Christian Slater, the pair confessed their sympathy...

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Clooney: 'I Was Hopeless With Women'

16th October 2007

Hollywood actor GEORGE CLOONEY hasn't always been a heartthrob - he was useless with women until he discovered alcohol. The former ER star, 46, was too nervous to approach women before realising drinking gave him...

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Bloom Thanks Medical Staff For Taking Care Of Pal

13th October 2007

LATEST: ORLANDO BLOOM has thanked staff at Los Angeles' Cedars Sinai Medical Center after they took "good care" of a childhood friend after she was injured in a car crash on Friday morning (12Oct07). The...

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Tarantino Snubs Heroes

13th September 2007

Cult moviemaker QUENTIN TARANTINO turned down the opportunity to direct an episode of hit TV show HEROES, because he has never watched the programme. The Pulp Fiction director - who has previously taken control of...

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Visnjic Set For Paternity Court Date

7th September 2007

LATEST: ER heartthrob GORAN VISNJIC has been ordered to appear in a Croatian court later this month (Sep07) in relation to a paternity battle with a local woman who claims the actor is the father...

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Visnjic Agrees To Paternity Test After Admitting To Affair

13th July 2007

LATEST: Married ER star GORAN VISNJIC has agreed to take a paternity test to see if he is the father of a Croatian woman's child. Visnjic, who has been wed to sculptor Ivana Vrdoljak since...

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Fascinating Fact 3550

12th July 2007

ER star JOHN STAMOS fronted THE BEACH BOYS for a rendition of their summer anthem KOKOMO at the Los Angeles launch party of pal JACQUELYN LOVE's Kokomo swimwear line on Tuesday (10Jul07)....

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West To Front The Germs After Portraying Frontman Crash

11th July 2007

The members of punk icons THE GERMS were so impressed with ER star SHANE WEST's portrayal of their tragic bandmate DARBY CRASH in a new biopic, they've asked him to front the reformed act. West's...

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The Things They Say 5098

7th July 2007

"I'm afraid to look at it." ER actor JOHN STAMOS refuses to watch footage of his sleepy demeanour during TV interviews which upset Australian journalists last month (Jun07)....

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Fascinating Fact 3482

30th June 2007

Former ER star GORAN VISJNIC portrays a man with just four minutes to live in dance music act UNKLE's new video BURN MY SHADOW. The track features The Cult's Ian Astbury on vocals....

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Stamos Apologises For Aussie Debacle

27th June 2007

LATEST: ER star JOHN STAMOS has publicly apologised for his behaviour before the Australian media after severe jet-lag left him exhausted and unfit for interviews. The U.S. TV star upset journalists with his sloppy attire...

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Stamos `Sent Home' After Australian Controversy

27th June 2007

LATEST: ER star JOHN STAMOS has reportedly been sent home to America after attacking a Sydney, Australia TV presenter who asked him to talk about his recent jet-lag problems. The actor appeared drowsy and slurred...

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Exhausted Stamos Blames Jet-lag For Sleepy Press Conference

26th June 2007

ER star JOHN STAMOS has blamed jet-lag for his lacklustre performance at an Australian press conference over the weekend (23/24Jun07), during which he appeared drowsy and slurred his speech. The U.S. TV star and former...

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The Things They Say 4694

18th May 2007

"I loved kissing JOHN STAMOS; it was just his designer stubble that he had for those few episodes... I was getting a bit of a rash." BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star PARMINDER NAGRA refutes claims...

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Er's Visnjic: 'There Will Be A Wedding'

27th April 2007

ER star GORAN VISNJIC is reportedly set to leave the hit US medical drama - but not before his character weds on-screen girlfriend Dr Abby Lockhart. The Croatian-born star announced he is to step down...

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Er's Visnjic: 'Acting Doctors Don't Know Real Medicine'

26th April 2007

ER star GORAN VISNJIC has warned actors who portray medics on screen not to get too caught up in their roles, because they don't really know how to practice medicine. Visnjic, who has played Dr...

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The Things They Say 4523

22nd April 2007

"I sing in the car. I'm so loud it's ridiculous." ER star PARMINDER NAGRA enjoys listening to music while driving around....

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Visnjic Reveals Er Wedding

13th April 2007

ER star GORAN VISNJIC let it slip that his TV doctor, Luka Kovac, will wed his sweetheart on the show, during an appearance on TV last night (12Apr07). The Croatian actor was being quizzed on...

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Phifer Sues Builder

13th April 2007

ER star MEKHI PHIFER is suing a builder he claims carried out work on his home without getting the proper permits. In 2003 Phifer employed a construction company to raise a wall on his Los...

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Visnjic Quits Er

2nd March 2007

ER heart-throb GORAN VISNJIC has reportedly quit the hit hospital drama. The Croatian actor, who plays DR LUCA KOVAC, is thought to be leaving the show at the end of the current series. However, TV...

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Fascinating Fact 2921

26th February 2007

KEN DAVITIAN, SACHA BARON COHEN's wrestling partner in BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN, has landed a series of new roles, thanks to his overnight fame - he has...

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Nagra Gets Stubble Rash From Stamos

19th February 2007

British actress PARMINDER NAGRA hates kissing ER co-star JOHN STAMOS, because his stubble brings her out in a rash. The pairs characters are dating on the show, but their regular smooches are becoming painful for...

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Smear To Help With Germs Movie

11th January 2007

Former NIRVANA guitarist PAT SMEAR has signed to help make a new movie about his former punk band THE GERMS. Smear will act as musical director on WHO WE DO IS SECRET, which charts the...

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Er Star Innes Plans A Lucky Escape After 12 Years

10th January 2007

ER regular LAURA INNES will exit the medical drama this season after agreeing to give her unlucky character DR KERRY WEAVER a lucky break - after 12 years. The actress agreed it was time to...

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Stamos Uses Real Life Trauma As Research

8th January 2007

New ER star JOHN STAMOS took research for his role a little too far when his mother was rushed to the emergency room after a house fire. The 43-year-old joined the cast of the popular...

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