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Edwards Hits Out Thunderbirds Creator

19th July 2004

ANTHONY EDWARDS has rubbished THUNDERBIRDS creator GERRY ANDERSON's claims he was ignored during the making of the movie. The former ER actor is furious Anderson complained his ideas for the big-screen version of the...

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Clooney Plays Real-life Doctor

11th July 2004

Hollywood star GEORGE CLOONEY played the role of real-life action hero after treating a fellow motorcyclist who was sprawled over the ground. The former ER actor rushed to the aide of bodyguard GIOVANNI...

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Nagra's Skin Suffers In Los Angeles

27th June 2004

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star PARMINDER NAGRA has developed a new problem since relocating from her native Britain to Los Angeles - dry skin. The 28-year-old actress moved to the Californian city last year...

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Kingston: Er Script Made Me Realise How Lucky Daughter Is To Be Alive

22nd June 2004

ER star ALEX KINGSTON only appreciated how fortunate she was her baby daughter didn't die during her birth - after a recent episode of the hospital drama highlighted how close things had been. The...

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Macy's Whiskey Tonic

18th June 2004

WILLIAM H MACY relied on alcohol to help him pluck up the courage to perform steamy sex scenes with his beautiful THE COOLER co-star MARIA BELLO. The 54-year-old FARGO star admits he was terrified...

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Kingston Retracts Er Blasting

9th June 2004

Axed ER star ALEX KINGSTON has accused the British press of misinterpreting her sarcastic suggestion she was cut from the medical drama because she's too old. The British actress maintains the hit American series...

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Kingston Too Old For Er

8th June 2004

ALEX KINGSTON has been ditched from hit American TV drama ER after seven years, because she's too old. The 41-year-old British star also says producers have axed her character DR ELIZABETH CORDAY, because on...

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Clooney: 'I Slept My Way To The Top'

2nd June 2004

Actor GEORGE CLOONEY has confessed the secret to his success in Hollywood - he "slept his way to the top". The Tinseltown heart-throb found fame late - before he landed a role in TV...

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Clooney Gets The Best Room

11th May 2004

Hollywood star GEORGE CLOONEY got one over on his OCEAN'S TWELVE co-stars while filming the thriller in The Netherlands - by bagging the best hotel suite. The former ER hunk joins BRAD PITT, CATHERINE...

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Shane Hits A High Note On Er

21st April 2004

THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN star SHANE WEST is to combine his love of acting and making music later this year (04) when he plays a rocking doctor on medical show ER. The actor...

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Wyle Prioritises Fatherhood

14th April 2004

ER actor NOAH WYLE was so enamoured with fatherhood after the birth of his son in 2002, he put his career on hold to devote time to his family. Wyle - who earns $1.8...

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Clooney Dumped For Not Showing Allen Enough 'Respect'

28th March 2004

LATEST: GEORGE CLOONEY was dumped by ex-girlfriend KRISTA ALLEN - because she felt she wasn't getting enough "respect" from the Hollywood hunk, says her representative. The pair met two years ago (02) during the...

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Stressed Branch Breaks Out In Hives

28th March 2004

Rocker MICHELLE BRANCH is under so much pressure to complete her upcoming third album, she recently suffered a severe case of hives. The EVERYWHERE singer admits she's been working so hard on her summer...

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Priestley Finds Morgues Relaxing

25th March 2004

Actor JASON PRIESTLEY loves shooting scenes for his new TV series TRU CALLING in a morgue - because he finds it to be a very relaxing environment. The former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star appears...

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Prince's Religious Devotion Stop Sexy Songs

17th March 2004

PRINCE refused to sing risque songs CREAM and SEXY MOTHERF***ER at his ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME induction on Monday (15MAR04) - because of his new found religion. The flamboyant singer has embraced...

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Moby Blasts Jackson Breast Hysteria

6th February 2004

Dance star MOBY has blasted the American public and media for over-reacting about JANET JACKSON's breast exposure at Sunday's (01FEB04) SUPER BOWL halftime show. The sexy singer exposed her left breast after JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE...

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Er Boss Fumes After Forced To Axe Breast Shot

5th February 2004

Hit medical drama ER have axed a scene featuring an elderly woman's bust following the outrage sparked by JANET JACKSON's SUPER BOWL breast exposure. The sexy singer caused a nationwide scandal when she revealed...

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Nagra: Er Leaves Little Time For Heartbreak

3rd February 2004

British actress PARMINDER NAGRA is finding life on the set of American medical drama ER hard work - but is grateful the long hours distract her from thinking about her ex-boyfriend. The 28-year-old star...

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Adams Injury More Serious Than First Thought

28th January 2004

Rocker RYAN ADAMS could never play the guitar again, after falling off stage and breaking his wrist last Thursday night (22JAN04). Doctors have told the NEW YORK, NEW YORK star he could lose 20...

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Er Still Missing Clooney

22nd January 2004

The cast of hit American medical drama ER are still missing GEORGE CLOONEY, five years after he left the show to conquer Hollywood. The hunky actor was the face of the top-rating series...

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Friends Rocked By Drugs Scandal

21st January 2004

The cast and crew of hit sitcom FRIENDS have been stunned by the arrest of two drug dealers on the programme's set this week (ends25JAN04). The two men - RICARDO JACOB, 46, and WILMAN...

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Er Newcomer Seeks Brit Advice

12th January 2004

ER newcomer PARMINDER NAGRA sought advice from fellow Briton ALEX KINGSTON after joining the hit medical series. The 28-year-old star joined the American show last year (03) after TV producers spotted her in her...

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Sir Alan Bates Dies

28th December 2003

British actor SIR ALAN BATES has lost his long battle with cancer at the age of 69. The Derbyshire-born star, who was nominated for an OSCAR for his performance in THE FIXER, passed...

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Mekhi Phifer's Christmas Hospital Dash

24th December 2003

8 MILE star MEKHI PHIFER's Christmas celebrations suffered an early setback this month (DEC03) - because his four-year-old son OMI got a pebble stuck in his ear. The actor, who now stars in medical...

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Er Star Receives Gay Award

3rd November 2003

ER star LAURA INNES has been honoured with this year's (03) Artistry Award from a gay rights organisation, for her portrayal of a gay character on hit medical drama ER. Innes plays DR KERRY...

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Clooney Won't Play To Type

14th October 2003

Hunky actor GEORGE CLOONEY is keeping his roles as varied as possible - so he has no onscreen "self" to protect. The former ER hunk has played a wide variety of roles in recent...

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Parminder Nagra Warmly Received On Er

25th September 2003

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star PARMINDER NAGRA is winning rave reviews in America for her debut in hit TV show ER. The British beauty caught the eye of casting directors following the success of...

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Nagra's Curry Delight

22nd September 2003

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star PARMINDER NAGRA is settling into life in Los Angeles, after hunting out restaurants which serve decent Indian curries. The British-born actress, who moved to Tinseltown this year (03) after...

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Kingston Helps Nagra Settle In To Er

12th September 2003

Kind-hearted ALEX KINGSTON's friendship with new ER girl PARMINDER NAGRA has helped her fellow Brit settle into life in America. The actress has been able to give the BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star the...

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Robert Rodriguez Cast 'Man's Man' Clooney

1st September 2003

Movie director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ immediately cast GEORGE CLOONEY as a psychotic, after seeing him sulk on an American TV chat show. The filmmaker was casting for cult flick FROM DUSK TILL DAWN when George...

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