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Netflix Shoots Its Other Foot

19th September 2011

Those square red envelopes that have long identified Netflix DVD deliveries will soon be replaced by ones bearing the logo "Qwikster," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said on Sunday as he posted a public apology about...

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Dannii Minogue's Changing Style

4th November 2010

Dannii Minogue's style has changed since becoming a mother.The Australian beauty - who gave birth to son Ethan in July - admits she is surprised to be suddenly more drawn to wearing garments that she...

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Anti-indecency Group Under Fire

25th October 2010

The Parents Television Council, which for years has spearheaded protests against allegedly indecent television programming, has found itself, in the words of the New York Times , "damaged, defanged by court challenges to the FCC's...

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Netflix Comes To Canada -- Streaming Video Only

22nd September 2010

Netflix announced today (Wednesday) that it is launching its online video-rental service in Canada, but there'll be no red envelopes piling up at Canadian post offices. Netflix said that its library of thousands of movies...

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