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A Week In Movies: Argo Keeps On Coming, Spring Breakers Looks Unhinged And Carell, Buscemi And Carrey Appear In Incredible Burt Wonderstone Trailer

By Staff Writer | 1st February 2013

PGA's And SAG Awards Both Favour Affleck While Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley Benson Spring Break And Lindsay Lohan's The Canyons Bombs OutThe Oscar race was thrown into a spin last weekend by two...

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New Beautiful Creatures Preview Dissects Fate And Our Control Over It (Trailer)

By Contributor | 28th January 2013

The latest trailer for fantasy film Beautiful Creatures offers an insight into the narrative's tale of fate and how much of it can be controlled. The story focuses on a young witch - they use...

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Emma Watson Praises Beautiful Emma Thompson

7th January 2013

Emma Watson thinks Emma Thompson is one of the most beautiful people she has ever met.The 'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' actress thinks her 'Harry Potter' co-star is a ''lovely'' person and believes that beauty...

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Stars To Serve At London Restaurant For Charity

30th November 2012

Emma Thompson, Sir Derek Jacobi and Imelda Staunton are among the stars who will take on the roles of waiters, bar staff and cloakroom attendants at a famous London restaurant to raise money for charity.Guests...

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Johnny Depp To Star In Transcendence?

25th October 2012

Johnny Depp is in talks to star in 'Transcendence'.The 'Dark Shadows' actor could play the lead in Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister's directorial debut, which is being described as a sci-fi thriller about a man who...

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Photos Of Tom Hanks 'Wasted' Flood The Internet

29th August 2012

A series of photos depicting Tom Hanks 'wasted' have gone viral, reports The Daily Mail. The photos also feature a 'wasted' accomplice.It's not what it seems though; the photos were completely and utterly staged. Hanks...

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Will Smith's Annie Musical To Shoot In Spring

19th August 2012

Will Smith and Jay Z's Annie movie musical is taking shape after a writer was reportedly drafted in to revamp Emma Thompson's first draft - the movie is set to start filming in the spring...

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Kate Winslet Given Penthouse By Mendes

16th August 2012

Kate Winslet has been given a New York Penthouse by her ex-husband. 'The Reader' actress' former spouse, director Sam Mendes, has transferred his half share of the $4.9 million duplex Penthouse in the city's Chelsea...

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Who Will Pen 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie? We Look At The Runners And Riders

8th August 2012

Fifty Shades Fever Continues! Hollywood's screenwriters will be eyeing up the lucrative adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey and four of them will be meeting with studio bosses to put their case forward to show...

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Screenwriter Drafted In To Revamp Emma Thompson's Annie Script

27th July 2012

The woman who adapted The Devil Wears Prada for the big screen has been commissioned to revamp Emma Thompson's first draft for Jay Z and Will Smith's Annie musical.According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer Aline...

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Kate Winslet Says She's No Diva On Set

2nd July 2012

Kate Winslet says she's no diva on set.The 'Titanic' actress is critical of the way some young actors behave behind the scenes on films, and has revealed she tries to set a good example by...

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Pixar's 'Brave' Released In Us This Weekend

23rd June 2012

The latest romp from animation heroes Pixar, 'Brave', will have its first official release this weekend over in the United States, with the arrow-slinging adventure not set to hit our shores until August this year.To...

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'Brave': Can Pixar's New Adventure Top The Box Office?

22nd June 2012

Pixar seem to have worked their magic once more with the release of their latest animated adventure, Brave. Although a few of the US media's biggest outlets have given it a thumbs-down, it's largely secured...

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Pixar Unveils 'Brave' After Six Years Of Hard Work

18th June 2012

It's been six years in the making, but 'Brave', Pixar's new potential gem of a movie is finally ready after a laborious process that saw a change in director from Brenda Chapman - who conceived...

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Christopher Nolan To Produce Wally Pfister's Directorial Debut

14th June 2012

Christopher Nolan will executive produce Wally Pfister's directorial debut.'The Dark Knight Rises' director and his producing partner Emma Thompson have confirmed they will be working on the Oscar-winning cinematographer's first film as director, an unnamed...

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Tornado Warning Halts Filming On Emma Thompson Movie

31st May 2012

Filming on Emma Thompson and Viola Davis' new movie has ground to a halt on location in Louisiana after local officials issued a tornado warning on Thursday (31May12).The actresses are shooting supernatural drama Beautiful Creatures...

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Josh Brolin Shares Special Chemistry With Will Smith

28th May 2012

Josh Brolin says he had a special chemistry with Will Smith.The 'No Country For Old Men' actor has revealed the natural chemistry and banter he shared with his 'Men In Black 3' comedy partner was...

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Emma Thompson Gave Alice Eve Tips For New Men In Black Movie

28th May 2012

Emma Thompson ensured Alice Eve's portrayal of her Men In Black character was spot-on in the movie's new sequel by inviting the emerging actress to her home for a meeting.The Sex and the City 2...

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Barry Sonnenfeld 'Can't Wait' For Men In Black 4

17th May 2012

Barry Sonnenfeld ''can't wait'' to do 'Men In Black 4'.The director of the film franchise has dropped his strongest hint yet that there will be a fourth movie in the series, which he believes has...

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Nicole Scherzinger Pleased For New X Factor Judges

16th May 2012

Nicole Scherzinger is ''pleased'' for new 'X Factor' judges Demi Lovato and Britney Spears.The 33-year-old singer was axed from the panel of the US show alongside Paula Abdul after just one series, but she insists...

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Adopts English Accent From Emma Thompson

16th May 2012

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has confessed the English accent she turns on for film roles is a perfect imitation of her Nanny Mcphee co-star Emma Thompson.The Secretary star has often had to grasp a foreign accent...

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Love Actually Sequel Wanted By Universal

14th May 2012

Universal Pictures president Eddie Cunningham wants a 'Love Actually' sequel.The movie boss admits he would love to ''green light'' a follow-up to the 2003 Richard Curtis-directed romantic comedy - starring Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and...

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Tom Hanks To Play Walt Disney

11th April 2012

Tom Hanks is to play Walt Disney in a new movie.The 'Forrest Gump' actor has entered talks to appear in 'Saving Mr. Banks' - a film exploring the making of 'Mary Poppins' - as the...

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Emma Thompson To Reprise Her Oscar Nominated Role Of Peirce

4th April 2012

Emma Thompson is set to return to the big screen as the lawyer who earned her an Oscar nomination in 1994.The Brit scored a Best Supporting Actress nod for her portrayal of attorney Gareth Peirce...

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Jim Sturgess Set For Maleficent

28th March 2012

Jim Sturgess wants to appear in 'Maleficent'.The 'One Day' actor is reportedly keen to take on the role of Diaval - a love interest for the titular villainous fairy, who will be played by Angelina...

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Colin Firth And Emma Thompson Call For Refugee Pledge

16th March 2012

Oscar-winning Hollywood stars Colin Firth and Emma Thompson are backing a campaign to make the U.K. a safe haven for refugees.The British stars have signed up to a petition calling for Prime Minister David Cameron's...

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Jeremy Irons To Join Cast Of Beautiful Creatures

14th March 2012

Jeremy Irons is in final negotiations to join the cast of 'Beautiful Creatures'. The 63-year-old actor will join a star studded ensemble including Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum and Thomas Mann in the supernatural...

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Rossum In Talks To Play Movie Witch

6th March 2012

Phantom Of The Opera star Emmy Rossum is in talks to join Emma Thompson and Viola Davis among the supporting cast of magical new drama Beautiful Creatures.Rossum is slated to play a witch in the...

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Men In Black 3 Trailer: Can You Spot Lady Gaga?

5th March 2012

The third film in the Men in Black franchise is due for release in May 2012 and a trailer uploaded onto YouTube today reveals that the regular stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are...

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Lady Gaga Has Men In Black Role

28th February 2012

Lady Gaga has a cameo role in 'Men In Black 3'. Will Smith - who reprises the role of Agent J in the comedy sci-fi movie - has confirmed the 'Marry The Night' singer is...

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