Eminem Walks Out Of Mtv Awards After Bruno Prank

EMINEM stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (31May09) after outrageous funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN literally landed in his lap.
The rapper had just performed a medley of new hits and was sitting in the audience when the daring Brit - as his Austrian fashion expert character Bruno - flew overhead in a dove outfit, chanting, "Ich bin Bruno. Ich bin dove of peace."
Cohen's outrageous alter-ego 'suffered' an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction - baring his naked backside, he landed upside down on rapper Eminem's lap.
The Stan hitmaker screamed, "Are you serious? Are you f**kin' serious?" as his entourage rushed to free the rapper.
What appeared to be a joke quickly turned awkward when it seemed apparent that Eminem wasn't in on the gag.
As a suspended Cohen cracked jokes about the incident, stating, "Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?" Eminem and his entourage left their seats and walked out of the Universal Ampitheater.
Before the awards started, Cohen was stunning red carpet reporters - he turned up as Bruno, wearing a leopard skin Speedo-style swimming trunks and T-shirt ensemble, topped off with a matching Bavarian hunter's hat.


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I think what Bruno did to Eminem on the Awards’ show Sunday night was horrible! Has Marshall Mathers not suffered enough between family drama, drug problems, and last but not least losing his best friend three years ago? Talk about kicking a man when he’s down? And during his first major appearance in public since his withdraw from the mainstream 3-4 years ago? I’m sorry, but Sacha Baron Cohen, you are AN ASSHOLE, and I’ll never ever pay to see any movie that you’re in (and many of my friends/family are with me on that)! And what did Mr. Mathers do to you, Mister No-Talent Freak Show? And I realize that some people might consider Bruno’s stunt as payback for all the times that Eminem has cracked on and parodied various celebrities in his videos and in his songs. However, Eminem keeps all of his humor where it belongs—in the land of make believe in a studio or on a stage somewhere in Hollywood! Hence, the word: PARODY!Hello—like Marshall Mathers would ever actually walk up to Amy Winehouse and start tongue flogging her in public or on an awards’ show! Think about it. And EXCUSE ME, but what is all this bullsh*t about wardrobe malfunctions? People in Hollywood spend more on their clothes and costumes for awards’ shows that many people make in a year, so, the whole RUSE of the fall-apart-outfit is not quite credible, and it’s getting a little old, thank you Ms. Jackson and Bruno, the BUTT CLOWN! And it was more than obvious that Bruno was targeting Eminem, and if you hadn’t noticed, Bruno, Mr. Hack on the Trapeze, Eminem is heterosexual, so you’ll have to get your gay jollies elsewhere!And I realize that this type of humor is geared toward the younger MTV crowd. However, my son, who is 17, didn’t think Bruno’s exploits were the least bit funny either, and he walked out of the room and didn’t watch the rest of the show. And neither did I.I realize an MTV awards’ show is NOT the Oscars, but what happened to the good old days when an awards’ show was about watching talented musicians and such perform and lauding the hard work and achievements of actors and musicians and all the many technical people involved in making movies and music and the like by just AWARDING them with trophies? When did that cease to be entertainment in favor of humiliating an international celebrity like Eminem on LIVE TV? And did the producers of MTV give any thought to the fact that those of us who are over 35 and still watch MTV occasionally (when they’re not showing STUPID reality shows)—that we’re the ones who can still afford to buy $3,000 TVs and expensive SUV’s even in this down economy, and, perhaps, if we stop watching your bottom-feeding humorless bullsh*t—that you might lose a few of your high ticket sponsors??So, do us all a favor—keep the trapeze acts where they belong—in the F—ING CIRCUS with all the other goats and trained seals!Thanks for ruining the show, Bruno...I wish you a slow and painful death in show business!Lynne LoganColumbus, OH
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5 years 4 months ago
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