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Belle And Sebastian Musician's Side-project 'God Help The Girl' Is Translated To Film [Trailer]

By Holly Williams | 16th August 2014

Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian presents his directorial debut with music drama 'God Help The Girl', starring 'Pompeii' star Emily Browning as an emotionally complicated budding young singer-songwriter.Olly Alexander & Hannah Murray both appeared...

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Robin Williams To Be Immortalised In Video Game?

15th August 2014

Robin Williams' fans want him to be immortalised in the video game 'The Legend of Zelda'. The Mrs. Doubtfire actor - who committed suicide earlier this week - was such a big fan of the...

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Demi Lovato: Selena Gomez And I Have Grown Apart

15th August 2014

Demi Lovato admits she has ''grown apart'' from Selena Gomez. The 'Heart Attack' hitmaker and the 22-year-old star were rumoured to have fallen out after Demi unfollowed her on Twitter last month, and she has...

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Tom Hardy And Emily Browning On Set For 'Legend' [Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 16th July 2014

Tom Hardy and Emily Browning were hard at work in the torrential London Rain this week filming “Legend” - the story of the identical Kray Twins, two gangsters who terrorized London in the 1950s...

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Adewale Akinnuoye-agbaje Went To Boot Camp

5th May 2014

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje did an intense four-week boot camp to prepare for 'Pompeii'.The actor, who stars alongside 'Games of Thrones' star Kit Harington and 'Sleeping Beauty' star Emily Browning in the forthcoming film, was dedicated to...

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Like Non-stop And Cuban Fury, 'Pompeii' Is Pure Guilty Pleasure Cinema

By Rich Cline | 2nd May 2014

The release of ancient-Rome disaster epic Pompeii fills an important place in cinema this year: the guilty pleasure. What would moviegoing be like without those films that no one wants to admit that they enjoyed...

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Out This Weekend: 'Pompeii' Divides The Critics

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th February 2014

As you can probably tell by the title, Pompeii is set in the Roman city of Pompeii in the year AD 79. It tells the story of Milo, played by Kit Harington of Game of...

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Emily Browning 'Envious' Of Pompeii Co-stars

17th December 2013

Emily Browning was ''envious'' of her co-stars' action scenes in 'Pompeii'.The 25-year-old actress, who shot to fame with a lead role in Zack Snyder's action blockbuster 'Sucker Punch', admits she struggled to watch leading men...

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Early Look At 'Pompeii' 2014 Movie, Starring Kit Harington [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 10th December 2013

The trailer has been released for 2014 historical drama Pompeii, giving a glimpse into the volcanic action and rippling Roman fight scenes we should expect next February.Kit Harington Plays Milo, A Slave-Turned-Gladiator, In 'Pompeii.'Set before,...

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A Week In Movies: Slavery Drama Wins In Toronto, Gordon-levitt Makes Filmmaking Debut, Diana Hits UK

By Rich Cline | 20th September 2013

As the Toronto Film Festival wrapped up earlier this week, 12 Years a Slave, the new film from Steve McQueen (Shame), took home the top prize, which makes it the frontrunner for Oscar nominations. It...

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Downton Abbey Star Dan Stevens' Film Summer In February 'Dull'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 14th June 2013

Summer in February, the romantic drama starring Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens, Mamma Mia's Dominic Cooper and Sucker Punch's Emily Browning has received less than favourable reviews from critics following its release yesterday. The film is...

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Keifer Sutherland To Star In Pompeii

21st March 2013

Keifer Sutherland is to star in 'Pompeii'.The '24' actor is reportedly in final talks to portray a roman senator, the villain in Paul WS Anderson's forthcoming 3D action adventure movie.'Pompeii' sees 'Game Of Thrones' actor...

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Emily Browning Splits From Jeremy Irons' Son

3rd August 2012

Australian actress Emily Browning has ended her relationship with Jeremy Irons' son Max, according to a U.K. report.The Sucker Punch star started dating the British hunk last May (11) after meeting him in Los Angeles,...

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Julianne Moore To Star In Carrie

17th April 2012

Julianne Moore is to join the cast of the 'Carrie' remake.'Kick-Ass' actress Chloe Moretz is already on board to portray the titular lead character - a bullied schoolgirl who discovers she has psychic powers and...

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Emily Browning's Panic Over Sleeping Beauty Medical Scenes

24th October 2011

Australian actress Emily Browning was so "squeamish" filming medical scenes for erotic thriller Sleeping Beauty, she feared she would pass out on set.Browning plays Lucy, a young college student who joins a high-class prostitution service,...

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Emily Browning's Beauty Attack

21st October 2011

Emily Browning had a "panic attack" when she read the 'Sleeping Beauty' script.The Australian actress admits her new movie, in which she plays Lucy - a student drawn into a hidden world of debauchery -...

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Fascinating Fact 11481

20th May 2011

Aussie actress Emily Browning is dating Jeremy Irons' son Max.

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Emily Browning 'Brave' In Films

13th May 2011

Actress Emily Browning loves tackling saucy big screen roles because in real life she is "not particularly brave".Browning donned a series of revealing outfits to play a girl called Baby Doll in recent fantasy thriller...

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Emily Browning Meditated During Shocking Sleeping Beauty Scenes

13th May 2011

Former child star Emily Browning forced herself to meditate during shocking scenes in the upcoming adult adaption of Sleeping Beauty in a bid to shut out the horror.The Aussie star plays the dozing princess in...

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Vanessa Hudgens Reacts To 'White Substance' Allegations

20th April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens, the American movie star who was photographed licking a "white substance" off her finger at the Coachella Music Festival, has reacted to sources that claimed she was taking drugs, reports E! Online. The...

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The Things They Say 21083

5th April 2011

"I just remember the first night, getting home, calling my mum, crying, like, 'I can't do this!' Like throwing up a few times the first week... By the third week it was a total turnaround.......

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Sucker Punch Stars Celebrated Emily Browning's Birthday With All-night Party

5th April 2011

Aussie actress Emily Browning will never forget turning 21 thanks to her Sucker Punch co-stars and the night they planned for her.The actresses all became firm friends on the set and when Browning turned 21,...

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Emily Browning Defends 'Sexist' Sucker Punch

1st April 2011

Actress Emily Browning is fuming after her new movie Sucker Punch was labelled "sexist" in its portrayal of women, as she's adamant the story shows "girls breaking free".The new Zack Snyder movie stars Browning as...

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Oscar Isaac Feared Gym Order From Madonna

31st March 2011

Oscar Isaac feared Madonna would send him to exercise boot camp to prepare for his sex scenes in 'W.E.'.The actor plays the part of bodyguard Evgeni in the new movie - a two-tier tale about...

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Aussie Child Star Plays Naked Sleeping Beauty Prostitute

29th March 2011

Former child star Emily Browning is baring all at 22 for a very adult re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.The Aussie star, who made her name as a teen opposite Jim Carrey in Lemony Snicket's...

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Vanessa Hudgens Parties At Nylon Event

26th March 2011

Vanessa Hudgens, star of High School Musical, was one of the many celebrities in attendance at the 12th Anniversary of fashion magazine Nylon in Hollywood last night. Fresh from the World Premiere of ZAC SNYDER's...

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Vanessa Hudgens Wants Fresh Start With Sucker Punch

26th March 2011

Vanessa Hudgens hopes her role in 'Sucker Punch' will help her put her 'High School Musical' past behind her.The 22-year-old actress plays Blondie in the new asylum-set fantasy action film and she is confident the...

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Abbie Cornish Not Intimidated By Big Budgets

25th March 2011

Abbie Cornish says she isn't intimidated when working on movies with big budgets.Abbie Cornish, the Australian actress who is currently starring in the fantasy-adventure 'Sucker Punch', says working on independent movies and $100 million blockbusters...

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Vanessa Hudgens Gushes About Sucker Punch Director

25th March 2011

Vanessa Hudgens says 'Sucker Punch' filmmaker Zack Synder is an "amazing director".Vanessa Hudgens, the American actress who plays the street smart 'Blondie' in the fantasy-adventure 'Sucker Punch', says she trusted the movie's director Zack Synder...

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Vanessa Hudgens Dazzles At Sucker Punch Premiere

25th March 2011

Vanessa Hudgens stole the show at Wednesday's 'Sucker Punch' premiere in Los Angeles (23rd March 2011).Vanessa Hudgens, the American actress and star of the forthcoming fantasy-adventure film 'Sucker Punch', wowed fans at the movie's Los...

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