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Barbra Streisand Makes Chart History With New Album

By Hannah Woodhead | 28th September 2014

It's not easy to be a pioneer in music nowadays, but Barbra Streisand seems to have managed it with the release of her thirty-sixth album 'Partners'. The record has debuted at the top spot on...

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Walking In Memphis! Check Out The History Of This Tennessee City From Budweiser Made In America

By Holly Williams | 12th August 2014

Budweiser Made in America is getting closer all the time as we explore the nation's most musically cultured cities. Now we hit Memphis, whose famous faces include everyone from Elvis Presley to Justin Timberlake.Memphis, Tennessee...

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Pharrell's Big Grammys Hat On Ebay: Other Celeb Memorabilia Auctioned Off

By Lauren James | 21st February 2014

Pharrell Williams is auctioning off the headline-grabbing Vivienne Westwood buffalo hat that he wore to the recent Grammy awards. As soon as the singer stepped out on to the red carpet wearing the oversized, brown,...

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Katy Perry Isn't The Only Celebrity Who Believes In Aliens: 5 More Ufo-obsessed Celebs

By Joe Wilde | 22nd January 2014

Katy Perry appeared as the cover girl for the February issue of GQ magazine, where amongst other things, she revealed that she genuinely believes in extraterrestrial beings and that we are not alone. She also...

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New Elvis Presley Exhibit Put On Display At Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

By Joe Wilde | 1st December 2013

Elvis Presley continues to be remembered and celebrated long after his death, and on Friday, 29 November, the King of Rock & Roll was honoured yet again at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

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Rihanna Makes UK Chart History As Eminem Collaboration Storms To The No. 1 Spot

By Joe Wilde | 4th November 2013

Rihanna made chart history this weekend when her latest collaborative effort with rapper Eminem entered the chart at number one, meaning she's hit the top spot for seven years running, at some point or another....

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Forget The Elvis Duet, The Susan Boyle Movie Is On The Way!

By Michael West | 30th October 2013

Fresh after news that Susan Boyle will be the first British artist duet with Elvis Prelsey, we've also learned that the big-screen movie adaptation of the singer's life is finally in development.The singer, who became...

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Susan Boyle And Elvis Presley To 'Duet' - Christmas Number 1 For The Unlikely Pair?

By Jack de Aguilar | 29th October 2013

Don’t ask how, but Susan Boyle is recording a Christmas single with Elvis Presley. The Scottish singer looks as bemused as anyone else, and what’s worse, is that no one seems to be explaining what...

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Michael Jackson Named Top Earning Celebrity Dead Or Alive

By Joe Wilde | 24th October 2013

In it's most recent list of top celebrity earners, Forbes has named Michael Jackson as the highest earning dead celebrity of the last year. With his estate earning an estimated $160 million between October 2012...

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Susan Boyle To Record 'Duet' With Elvis Presley For Christmas Album

By Joe Wilde | 9th September 2013

Susan Boyle has already lived out her life-long ambitions by performing alongside the likes of Elaine Paige and Donny Osmond since she was catapulted to stardom through her performance on Britain's Got Talent, and now...

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John Lennon's Jacket Auctioned For £7000: What Weird Celeb Items Have Been Sold?

By Lauren James | 23rd August 2013

The news has experienced a bit of a John Lennon frenzy in the past few days. The late Beatles guitarist has made headlines - or at least relics of him have - as news that...

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Kristen Stewart Nurses Her Broken Heart & Suffers Prankster Taunts

By Lauren James | 10th July 2013

It's safe to say that actress Kristen Stewart is going through a pretty emotionally troublesome time, having split with her long-term, on/off boyfriend and fellow Twilight co-star Rob Pattinson in May only to now hear...

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Michael Jackson's Doctor Details Painkiller Addiction And Aeg's Knowledge Of Drug Problems

By Joe Wilde | 9th July 2013

Michael Jackson was addicted to prescription drugs and had been for well over a decade before his eventual death in 2009 - that's what his one-time doctor, Dr. Stuart Finklestein, told a courtroom via a...

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What A Hound Dog! Is Robert Pattinson Dating Elvis' Granddaughter?

By Lauren James | 3rd July 2013

The actor who played Edward Cullen and the target of many a frenzied tweenage fan melt-down, Robert Pattinson, is set to be back in the game; only weeks after his split with Twilight co-star and...

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Beginning Of The End? One Direction Sign Individual Publishing Deals

By Michael West | 7th June 2013

Ah, we was wondering when this was going to happen. One Direction have added a couple more million to their bank accounts, though this time they're thinking for themselves. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan,...

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Paul Mccartney Leaves Personalized Guitar Pick At Elvis Presley's Grave

By Michael West | 28th May 2013

Paul McCartney visited the grave of Elvis Presley at Graceland over the weekend, leaving the legendary musician a personalized guitar pick so he "can play guitar in heaven." McCartney paid tribute to the American musician...

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Sony Hackers Escape Jail After Leaking Michael Jackson Tracks

By Joe Wilde | 12th January 2013

Two men, who hacked Sony Entertainment's servers and downloaded thousands of songs, including some unreleased material from Michael Jackson, have escaped jail time today (Jan 12) after a court hearing in Leicester, UK.The two men,...

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Bill O'reilly Not Taken In By The Psy Hype

By Joe Wilde | 30th November 2012

On last night's (Nov 29) edition of The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly distanced himself from the masses and admitted that he is in no way a fan of Korean singer Psy's massive YouTube hit...

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Elizabeth Taylor Queen Of Posthumous Celeb Earnings, Toppling King-of-pop Michael Jackson From The Top Spot

By Lorna Greville  | 30th October 2012

After her death last year aged 79, just two years after her great friend Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor has become the world's highest grossing dead celebrity, according to Forbes. This result sees the growth of...

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Lil Wayne Overtakes Elvis Presley To Have The Most Billboard Hot 100 Entries Of All Time

By Contributor | 27th September 2012

Lil Wayne has been given an extra bonus present to help give him more reason to celebrate his 30th birthday on Thursday (September 27th) - he's stolen Elvis Presley's crown by scoring the most Billboard...

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Bigger Than Elvis! Lil' Wayne Scores More Billboard Entries Than The King

By Hayley Avron | 27th September 2012

Hip-hop star Lil’ Wayne can officially claim to be better than the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley! Well, in one sense, he can. Lil Wayne is now the male artist with the most...

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Andy Williams Songs Were Legendary, But His Television Career Deserves Respect

By Michael West | 27th September 2012

Andy Williams songs will be played on record players across the globe today, after the effortlessly smooth crooner – best known for his track ‘Moon River’ – died on Wednesday, aged 84. Williams soothing voice,...

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Cassandra Peterson Claims Sex With Tom Jones Left Her Hospitalized

By Steven Williams | 27th August 2005

Cassandra Peterson admits that losing her virginity to Tom Jones was a little more painful than she expected, and left her needing medical assistance. No matter what Jones sings, we have to say that's certainly...

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