Bruce Springsteen - Elton John And Neil Young Will Honour Bruce Springsteen At Gala

Bruce Springsteen's Musicares Foundation gala looks set to be a star-studded affair as Sir Elton John, Neil Young and Sting are among the acts who have signed up to pay tribute to The Boss.

The Born to Run hitmaker has been named the charitable organisation's Person of the Year in recognition of his glittering career and tireless charity work, and he will be the guest of honour at the annual event in Los Angeles next month (Feb13).

Mumford & Sons, John Legend, Tom Morello, Patti Smith, Alabama Shakes and married singers Tim MCGraw and Faith Hill are also on the bill for the concert at the L.A. Convention Centre.

The show will be hosted by Jon Stewart. MusiCares provides help and support for musicians in times of financial or medical need.


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