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Rob Lowe Had On Set Fight With Tom Cruise

16th May 2011

Rob Lowe once had a fight with Tom Cruise on a film set. The 'West Wing' star - who was a member of the acting 'Brat Pack' in the 1980s - was rehearsing a fight...

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Katy Perry Is To Guest Star In Simpsons

27th September 2010

Katy Perry is to guest star in 'The Simpsons'.The pop star - whose planned appearance on children's TV show 'Sesame Street' was axed after complaints it was too sexy - will appear with the residents...

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Katy Perry Mocks Street Axe On Snl

27th September 2010

Katy Perry has mocked her 'Sesame Street' axing by appearing in a breast-baring Elmo T-shirt on 'Saturday Night Live'.The pop star - whose segment for the children's TV show was cut when parents complained the...

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Katy Perry Tweets About Street

24th September 2010

Katy Perry is surprised her appearance on 'Sesame Street' has been axed.The pop star had filmed a segment for the children's TV show in which she performed a modified version of her track 'Hot N...

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Katy Perry Too Sexy For Street

23rd September 2010

Katy Perry's 'Sesame Street' appearance has been axed because her boobs are too big. The pop beauty recently filmed an appearance on the long-running children's show in which she performs her song 'Hot N' Cold'...

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St. Elmo's Fire Reignited For The Small Screen

14th August 2009

ST. ELMO'S FIRE has been reignited - TV bosses have signed a deal to adapt the Brat Pack movie classic into a small screen series.The original 1985 picture followed the lives of seven pals as...

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The Things They Say 10994

31st January 2009

"Of all the highlights in my career, I dont know of one more sentimental than getting to walk through Sesame Street. When you make contact with those big beautiful eyes, youre done. Five years old...

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Fascinating Fact 4096

15th October 2007

ST. ELMO'S FIRE star MARE WINNINGHAM, a Jewish convert, has recorded the Israeli National Anthem HATIKVA along with tunes titled OH MOSES, A CONVERT JIG and WHAT WOULD DAVID DO? as tracks on her new...

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Sesame Street To Promote Racial Tolerance

11th April 2006

Enduring US kids TV show SESAME STREET is being exported to former warzone Kosovo in a bid to promote racial diversity. In 26 special episodes, broadcast in Serbian and Albanian languages, ELMO, COOKIE MONSTER and...

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Mortimer's Foul-mouthed Son

16th December 2005

British actress EMILY MORTIMER is disturbed by her son's liberal use of foul language - because he's only two years old. The LOVELY AND AMAZING star's tot SAM, who celebrated his second birthday on...

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Fascinating Fact 642

8th December 2005

R+B sensation ALICIA KEYS will guest on the 30 December (05) episode of long-running children's show SESAME STREET in America, during which she'll perform a reworked version of her hit FALLIN' with beloved puppet ELMO....

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Julianne Thrilled To Visit Sesame Street

15th September 2004

Movie star JULIANNE MOORE turned her recent visit to SESAME STREET into a family affair - by insisting her daughter LIV have a starring role in the show. The actress admits she's been a...

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Brandy's Elmo Devotion

13th July 2004

Singer BRANDY has unveiled herself as lifelong ELMO fan. The former MOESHA star admits the popular SESAME STREET character has been an idol of hers since she was a little girl and now her...

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Finding Nemo And Lavigne Honoured By Media Group

26th January 2004

Hit movie FINDING NEMO, singer AVRIL LAVIGNE and ELMO of SESAME STREET have all been honoured by a media group for excellence in family entertainment. COMMON SENSE MEDIA culled 18,000 nominations from parents, teachers,...

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