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Ellen Burstyn To Make Directorial Debut

27th August 2014

Actress Ellen Burstyn is set to make her directorial debut with a film inspired by the events in the life of manager/producer Danny Sherman.The Exorcist star will headline and direct the film, titled Bathing Flo....

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Susan Sarandon Plays Small Town Cop In Murder Mystery 'The Calling' [Trailer]

By Holly Williams | 13th August 2014

Susan Sarandon has her hands full as Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef in eerie serial murder mystery flick 'The Calling' out later this year. It feels like a classic killer thriller, but can it live up...

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Fascinating Fact: 4259185

25th June 2014

Actors Annette Bening, Ellen Burstyn, Lucy Liu, John Lithgow and Nathan Lane and director Oliver Stone were among the stars in the audience for Kenneth Branagh's final Macbeth performance at New York's Park Avenue Armory...

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400 Mourners Attend Philip Seymour Hoffman's Funeral

7th February 2014

Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore were among the mourners at Philip Seymour Hoffman's funeral in New York City today (07.02.14).Approximately 400 of the late actor's friends and family members, including his mother, Marilyn...

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Harrison Ford Joins Age Of Adaline

17th January 2014

Harrison Ford has been cast in 'The Age of Adaline'.The veteran actor will star alongside 'Gossip Girl' beauty Blake Lively and Ellen Burstyn in the new romantic drama.The film tells the tale of a young...

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Blake Lively Returns To The Big Screen As Katherine Heigl's Replacement

18th October 2013

Actress Blake Lively has stepped in to replace Katherine Heigl in Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn's new film The Age Of Adaline.The former Gossip Girl star will portray a global traveller who stops ageing after a...

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Blake Lively Set For The Age Of Adalin

17th October 2013

Blake Lively has been cast in 'The Age of Adalin'.The 'Gossip Girl' actress will star opposite Ellen Burstyn in the romantic drama helmed by Lee Toland Krieger, taking over the lead role from Katherine Heigl.The...

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Sean Combs To Star In Draft Day

25th April 2013

Sean Combs is set to star in 'Draft Day'.The rapper and producer - known by his stage name of Puff Daddy - has signed up to Ivan Reitman's Kevin Costner-starring National Football League (NFL) movie,...

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Barbara Marshall To Pen Exorcism Diaries

9th April 2013

'Exorcism Diaries' has landed a screenwriter.Barbara Marshall has signed on to pen Summit Entertainment's upcoming horror movie, which is loosely based on Mark Opsasnick's book 'The Real Story Behind The Exorcist: A Study of the...

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Ellen Burstyn Struck Down With Bronchitis

14th January 2013

Oscar-winning actress Ellen Burstyn is battling a bout of bronchitis on Broadway.The Exorcist star, 80, is appearing in the Roundabout Theatre Company's revival of William Inge's 1953 play Picnic, which officially opened in New York...

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Maggie Grace Set For Broadway Bow In Picnic

19th October 2012

Former LOST star Maggie Grace and Mare Winningham are set to make their Broadway debuts opposite Sebastian Stan and Ellen Burstyn in a new stage adaptation of William Inge's Pulitzer Prize-winning play Picnic.Grace and Stan...

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Sigourney Weaver Stars In 'Political Animals': Her Best Role Ever?

11th July 2012

Sigourney Weaver is in the midst of filming 'Political Animals' in West Philadelphia. On paper, her character, Elaine Barrish Hammond may sound incredibly similar to that well-known US political figure, Hilary Clinton. Weaver insists that...

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Ellen Burstyn Shocked By Tv Drama's Bad Language

3rd July 2012

Movie veteran Ellen Burstyn had to trade expletives with writers of her new TV drama Political Animals - because she couldn't bring herself to say what they wanted her to.The actress plays the former showgirl...

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Burstyn To Play Weaver's Mum In Tv Mini-series

15th April 2012

Ellen Burstyn will play Sigourney Weaver's mother in upcoming TV mini-series Political Animals.The Alien star will play a former First Lady and current Secretary of State, who is struggling with her divorce and the fact...

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Ross & White's High School To Be Demolished

11th February 2011

The Detroit, Michigan high school which once boasted DIANA ROSS, LILY TOMLIN, ELLEN BURSTYN and JACK WHITE as students is to be demolished.Cass Technical High School closed six years ago and has been left abandoned...

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Burstyn Joins Knightley For West End Debut

19th November 2010

Oscar winner ELLEN BURSTYN will make her debut in London's West End next year (11) when she joins KEIRA KNIGHTLEY in THE CHILDREN'S HOUR.The Moliere classic, about a runaway student at an all-girls boarding school,...

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Demi Moore Part Of Reasonable Bunch

14th September 2010

Demi Moore has begun shooting a role in ensemble comedy 'The Reasonable Bunch'. The 'Joneses' actress stars alongside Kate Bosworth, Ellen Burstyn and Martin Landau in the Sam Levinson-directed project, according to The Hollywood Reporter....

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Tv Reviews Poliwood

2nd November 2009

Producer/director Barry Levinson takes a look at the convergence of celebrity and politics in the documentary Poliwood ,which airs tonight (Monday) on Showtime. Featured in the film is a raft of Hollywood celebrities, including Susan...

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The Things They Say 9779

7th October 2008

"I have two pictures opening on the same day in New York... I don't think in all of my 50 years I've had two pictures opening on the same day." W and THE ELEPHANT KING...

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The Things They Say 9774

6th October 2008

"That is a huge family... when that family gets together, it's a strong village." ELLEN BURSTYN, who plays BARBARA BUSH in OLIVER STONE's new GEORGE W. BUSH biopic W, on the Bush family....

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Bryce Dallas Howard In Terminator 4 Talks

2nd June 2008

Bryce Dallas Howard is in discussions to replace Charlotte Gainsbourg in McG's Terminator sequel, reports claim.Gainsbourg, who starred alongside Heath Ledger in I'm Not There, had been set to play the wife of John Connor...

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Burstyn Aged Herself To Salvage Career

12th December 2007

ELLEN BURSTYN salvaged her acting career by pretending she was older than she actually is. Movie roles dried up when the actress hit 50, so she took things into her own hands - and kickstarted...

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Ellen Burstyn Used Sex As A Meal Ticket

2nd December 2006

Oscar-winning actress ELLEN BURSTYN was once so poor she used sex as a way to get free meals. THE EXORCIST star reveals she would prostitute herself to thank admirers who took her to a fine...

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Burstyn Embraced The Homeless After Becoming One

1st December 2006

Actress ELLEN BURSTYN is finding it impossible to turn her back on homeless people after spending three days among them in 2000. The spiritual star left her home in New York without credit cards, cash...

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Burstyn Feared Death As Abusive Husband Stalked Her

1st December 2006

ELLEN BURSTYN once feared for her life on the Broadway stage when her estranged and deranged husband called out to her from the darkness of the audience. The actress had to hire security guards to...

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Burstyn Gets Personal On New Website

28th November 2006

Oscar winner ELLEN BURSTYN is set to share her life with movie fans by launching her own website and filling it with memoirs and family photos. THE EXORCIST star was so charged by the response...

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Burstyn: 'Actors Need Help'

22nd November 2006

Oscar winner ELLEN BURSTYN has slammed the state of contemporary drama, calling for actors to seek training before taking on stage and screen roles. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM actress is disgusted by falling standards...

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Burstyn Finally Comments On Emmy Nod For 14-Second Role

6th November 2006

Ellen Burstyn claims that she was utterly bewildered when she was informed early this year that she had been nominated for an Emmy for a cameo role that lasted 14 seconds. "When they told me...

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Burstyn Bemused By 14-Second Emmy Nomination

6th November 2006

Veteran actress ELLEN BURSTYN was baffled by her nomination for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy award this year (06), because she appeared on screen for a mere 14 seconds. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM...

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