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Barkin Turns Her Back On Blind Dates

14th May 2007

Actress ELLEN BARKIN dislikes friends setting her up on blind dates and refuses to have dinner with a stranger. The twice-married 53-year-old has started dating again since her divorce to billionaire Ron Perelman was finalised...

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The Things They Say 4657

14th May 2007

"What actresses say is true: Usually you're treated differently on a movie set if you're a girl. It's sexism. But I wasn't treated any differently, and I've never felt as appreciated as I did being...

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Barkin: 'What Was I Thinking Marrying Perelman?'

14th May 2007

ELLEN BARKIN insists she was "crazy" and "clueless" to have let her acting career slide when she married billionaire businessman Ron Perelman. Barkin and Perelman wed in 2000, before divorcing six years later, and the...

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The Things They Say 4652

14th May 2007

"I'm not proud of that marriage. It's certainly not the shining moment of my 53 years on this planet. It was baffling to everybody. It was weird. It wasn't at all like me." ELLEN BARKIN...

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The Things They Say 4626

8th May 2007

"I knew I wasn't conventionally pretty, with my crooked nose and squinty eyes." Movie star ELLEN BARKIN on her unique looks....

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Barkin Still Fond Of 'Spectacular' Ex Byrne

8th May 2007

Actress ELLEN BARKIN is convinced her seven-year marriage to GABRIEL BYRNE was a huge success - because they're still the best of friends. The Sea of Love star divorced the Irish actor in 1999 after...

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Barkin Sold Off 'Battle Scar' Jewellery

8th May 2007

Actress ELLEN BARKIN sold all the jewellery her ex-husband RON PERELMAN gave her because it reminded her of her miserable marriage. The actress split up from the Revlon cosmetics boss last February (06) after six...

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Barkin's 'Clueless' Decision To Wed Perelman

8th May 2007

Actress ELLEN BARKIN was "clueless" when she decided to wed Revlon billionaire RON PERELMAN. The successful actress' bank balance skyrocketed even further when she married Perelman in June 2000 - only for their union to...

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Barkin Blames Perelman For Missed Acting Opportunities

3rd May 2007

Newly-single ELLEN BARKIN has accused her ex-husband RON PERELMAN of holding back her Hollywood career. The actress has reignited her movie career since her split from the Revlon cosmetics boss in February 2006 - and...

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Barkin Urges Parents To Promote Charity At Christmas

22nd December 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN urges parents to get their children involved with local charities at Christmas - because the gift of yourself is the best you can give. The SEA OF LOVE star admits she has...

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The Things They Say 3569

12th December 2006

"I f**ked my way to the middle." ELLEN BARKIN explains the journey her career took in actor JOHN LEGUIZAMO's new autobiography PIMPS, HOS, PLAYA HATAS, AND ALL THE REST OF MY HOLLYWOOD FRIENDS: A LIFE....

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Fiennes Finds Another Older Woman In Barkin?

1st December 2006

British movie star RALPH FIENNES has found new love with actress ELLEN BARKIN, according to US reports. The 43-year-old SCHINDLER'S LIST actor, who famously dumped his wife ALEX KINGSTON for older woman FRANCESCA ANNIS, has...

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Weisz Turns Oscars Into Fashion Show

20th November 2006

RACHEL WEISZ kept Oscar waiting when she picked up her first Academy Award earlier this year (06) after taking advice from ELLEN BARKIN. The British actress was so stunned when he name was called as...

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Barkin Drenches Ex Perelman

17th November 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN made her feelings for ex-husband RON PERELMAN clear this week (15NOV06) when she drenched the billionaire with a glass of chilled water in a restaurant. The pair, who haven't met since their...

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Byrne Denounces Irish Roots

13th November 2006

GABRIEL BYRNE is turning his back on his Irish upbringing after spending the last two decades acting in the US. The Dublin-born THE USUAL SUSPECTS star, 56, considers himself an American of Irish descent, and...

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Barkin's Clooney 'Confession'

17th October 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN stunned guests at a tribute to GEORGE CLOONEY by claiming she has had sex with the movie star. Barkin, who is currently filming OCEAN'S THIRTEEN with Clooney, claims the saucy remark was...

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Barkin's Jewellery Fetches $20 Million

12th October 2006

A collection of jewellery belonging to actress ELLEN BARKIN fetched $20.3 million (GBP11.3 million) at a New York City auction on Tuesday (10OCT06). The 108 lots for sale included Barkin's wedding ring from her marriage...

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The Things They Say 2634

10th August 2006

"To be practical, I can't really keep it. I wouldn't wear it again." Actress ELLEN BARKIN explains her decision to sell 100 pieces of her jewellery at an October (06) auction, including baubles given to...

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Gyllenhaal Melted Icy Barkin By Spitting On Her

7th August 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN stunned MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL by behaving coldly to her on her birthday, but her attitude soon changed when the SECRETARY star spat at her. The younger actress admits Barkin was decidedly cool towards...

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Barkin Auctions Off Jewellery

25th July 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN is getting over her divorce from billionaire RON PERELMAN by selling over $2 million (GBP1 million) worth of diamonds and emeralds he gave her. The SEA OF LOVE star is auctioning off...

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Pacino Signs On For Ocean's Thirteen

25th April 2006

Veteran actor AL PACINO has joined the star-studded cast of OCEAN'S THIRTEEN. The Oscar-winning actor will team up with GEORGE CLOONEY, BRAD PITT, MATT DAMON and ELLEN BARKIN. Pacino will play WILLIE BANKS, the owner...

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Giuliani For President?

19th April 2006

Former New York City Mayor RUDOLPH GIULIANI will be the star guest at a fund raiser for California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER later this month (APR06). The event, which will take place at billionaire RON PERELMAN's...

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Oceans Thirteen Set In Motion

27th March 2006

SEA OF LOVE star ELLEN BARKIN has signed on as the latest leading lady for the second sequel to hit 2001 movie OCEAN'S ELEVEN. OCEAN'S THIRTEEN, a follow-up to 2004 sequel OCEAN'S TWELVE will begin...

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Stallone: 'I Didn't See Ellen Choke'

22nd March 2006

LATEST: SYLVESTER STALLONE has defended his failure to rescue choking actress ELLEN BARKIN in an Los Angeles restaurant earlier this month (MAR06) - insisting he didn't realise she was in trouble. The BIG EASY star...

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Barkin Has Near Death Experience

10th March 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN nearly choked to death in Los Angeles on Saturday night (04MAR06) before being given the Heimlich manoeuvre by a top Hollywood agent. The SEA OF LOVE star was in town for...

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Barkin 'Receives $20 Million In Divorce'

23rd February 2006

Hollywood actress ELLEN BARKIN reportedly received $20 million (GBP11.7 million) in her quickie divorce from billionaire RON PERELMAN. The Revlon boss, 62, and the SEA OF LOVE star, 51, reportedly ended their marriage on...

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Perelman And Barkin 'Split'?

20th January 2006

Actress ELLEN BARKIN and Revlon boss RON PERELMAN have reportedly split after five years of marriage. The New York Post reports the billionaire tycoon, 62, served the 51-year-old film star divorce papers at their...

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Downey Jr Reveals Reason For Moving Wedding

1st September 2005

ROBERT DOWNEY JR claims he moved his wedding from the New York estate of RON PERLMAN and ELLEN BARKIN at the last minute because the couple gave him "somewhat less" than their best wishes....

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Downey Jr Weds Levin

28th August 2005

Hollywood star ROBERT DOWNEY JR married his film producer girlfriend SUSAN LEVIN at a secret New York location late last night (27AUG05). The happy couple have been dating since 2002 and exchanged nuptials in...

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Downey Jr Moves His Wedding

27th August 2005

Movie star ROBERT DOWNEY JR has reportedly scrapped plans to stage his Sunday (28AUG05) wedding at pal ELLEN BARKIN's upstate New York estate, fearing it will become a press event. But the actor is...

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