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Elizabeth Reaser: 'Secret Twilight Flash Mob Was Amazing'

7th November 2012

Twilight star Elizabeth Reaser has opened up about the dance sequence the movie vampires choreographed as a treat for director...

The Things They Say: 3359514

6th November 2012

"I'm obsessed with Liam Neeson... I once sat behind him in a theatre in New York. I was seeing this...

Charlize Theron Given Rude Baby Book

1st July 2012

Charlize Theron received nine copies of baby book 'Go the F**k to Sleep' when she became a mother.The Oscar-winning actress...

Comic-con Hosts The Cast Of 'Twilight'

22nd July 2011

COMIC-CON, the world's biggest convention for comic books and sci-fi/fantasy film and TV, had to weather a press-storm on Thursday,...

Fascinating Fact 11648

17th June 2011

Twilight actress Elizabeth Reaser is dating The Art of Getting By writer/director Gavin Wiesen after starring in his movie.

Fascinating Fact 9602

2nd July 2010

TWILIGHT stars PETER FACINELLI and ELIZABETH REASER had U.S. TV audiences cheering on Thursday night (01Jul10) when the castmates participated...

Fascinating Fact 9576

30th June 2010

TWILIGHT star ELIZABETH REASER's mother owns U.S. basketball team the Detroit Pistons. Her mother married late Pistons owner Bill Davidson...

Twilight Mum: 'I Want To Get A Tan'

29th June 2010

TWILIGHT star ELIZABETH REASER is hoping to take the summer off and get a tan - because she's sick of...

Ex-list Exed Out

28th October 2008

The Ex-List will become the ex-CBS program on Friday after its ratings deteriorated further last week week as only 5.3...