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Hurley: 'I Would Have Had Five Kids With Grant'

16th June 2008

ELIZABETH HURLEY is convinced she would be a mother of five if she had continued her romance with HUGH GRANT - because the pair met when they were just 21. Hurley, 43, and Grant, 47,...

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Celebrities Raise $50 Million For Kid's Charity

7th June 2008

British stars LIZ HURLEY, TRUDIE STYLER and BOB GELDOF helped raise $50 million (GBP25 million) for a children's charity at a lavish dinner in London on Thursday (06Jun08). The annual Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)...

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Hurley Does Business In Bed

5th June 2008

British model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY loves keeping up to date with the latest sales figures of her swimwear range - even when she's in bed with husband ARUN NAYAR. The 42-year-old beauty confesses she is so...

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The Things They Say 8487

3rd June 2008

"It's in my laundry room in a big cardboard box with a straw and I have to swaddle it, like a baby, lie it backwards and feed it with a bottle. It's absolutely divine." British...

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Damages For Hugh Grant And Liz Hurley Over Tabloid Snaps

15th May 2008

Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley and her husband Arun Nayar have been awarded 58,000 in damages after photographs of them were published in Sunday newspapers.The covert pictures had been taken as the group were holidaying at...

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Grant + Hurley Win Cash Payout Over Holiday Snaps

15th May 2008

Actor HUGH GRANT and his ex-girlfriend ELIZABETH HURLEY have won $116,000 (GBP58,000) in damages for invasion of privacy, after they were photographed on holiday in a private resort in the Maldives. Grant, model Hurley and...

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The Things They Say 8131

26th April 2008

"I'd secretly like twins." British model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY plans on expanding her family by having kids with husband ARUN NAYAR....

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Hurley Retouches Holiday Pictures

21st April 2008

ELIZABETH HURLEY has confessed the secrets behind her trim figure - she is a fan of airbrushing. The model-turned-actress loves to make herself more slender in photographs - and even adjusts her family holiday snaps....

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Hurley + Elton Spark Pregnancy Rumours

18th April 2008

ELIZABETH HURLEY has sparked rumours she's pregnant with her second child after trying to cover up "a little bump" at a Breast Cancer Research Foundation event in New York last week (08Apr08). Fellow Hottest Pink...

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The Things They Say 7766

28th March 2008

"On my honeymoon we only took about three frames because we had a marathon of photography at our week-long wedding in India and couldn't bear to take another shot. Of course, I regret it now."...

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Crow Dating Bing?

19th March 2008

Singer SHERYL CROW has reportedly found love with ELIZABETH HURLEY's ex-boyfriend, movie producer STEVE BING. The pair has been dating in secret after being introduced by mutual pal Jennifer Aniston last year (07). A source...

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Hurley Quit Movies For Son

4th March 2008

ELIZABETH HURLEY has quit making movies to spend more time at home with her son DAMIAN. The model-turned-actress hasn't taken a role in a film since 2004's Method - but only because she's too busy...

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Hurley + Nayar Settle Dispute With Ex-maid

20th February 2008

British model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY and her husband ARUN NAYAR have settled an unfair dismissal lawsuit filed against them by their former maid, who claimed she was paid just $2.40 (GBP1.20) an hour. Violet D'Souza, who...

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Hurley Fails To Deliver Church Donation

17th January 2008

British model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY has further angered parishioners by failing to deliver the custom-made kneelers she offered as payment to the church in which she was wed. Hurley and husband Arun Nayer infuriated churchgoers last...

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Hurley Sets Sights On Cooking Show

26th November 2007

British model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY is planning an alternative career - as a TV celebrity chef. The British 42-year-old - whose CV includes actress, model, film producer, bikini designer and businesswoman - now has her sights...

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Hurley Infuriates Churchgoers

17th October 2007

British model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY has angered parishioners by refusing to donate money to a local church's repair fund. According to church-goers at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, England, Hurley and husband Arun Nayer made an informal...

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Hurley: 'My Son Wants Me To Move To India'

11th October 2007

ELIZABETH HURLEY is keeping her son DAMIAN in Britain against his will - the five year old is desperate to move to India. The tot has fallen in love with his stepfather Arun Nayar's homeland,...

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Hurley To Design For Breast Cancer Sufferers

10th October 2007

Model-turned-fashion designer ELIZABETH HURLEY is creating a range of swimwear for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery. The disease is a cause close to Hurley's heart after her maternal grandmother died from breast cancer,...

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Pitt Pledges $5 Million To Build More New Orleans Homes

27th September 2007

BRAD PITT has teamed up with LIZ HURLEY's ex, philanthropist STEVE BING, to pledge $5 million (GBP2.5 million) for a new New Orleans, Louisiana green housing project. The pair's cash will help build 150 new...

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The Things They Say 5599

14th September 2007

"I was stared at and bugged by too many of (the assistants) and felt so uncomfortable. I left the shop only half done." Actress ELIZABETH HURLEY is considering hiring a personal shopper after a recent...

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Newton Blames Hurley For Fame Hungry Celebrities

10th July 2007

Actress THANDIE NEWTON has blamed ELIZABETH HURLEY's show-stopping red carpet appearance in 1994 for the rise in fame seeking celebrities. Hurley became an instant star when she accompanied then-boyfriend Hugh Grant to the U.K. premiere...

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Hurley Slammed For Using Son As Bikini Model

1st July 2007

British model ELIZABETH HURLEY has come under fire for allegedly dressing her son as a female and posting it on her website to promote a new children's beachwear line. Pictures of five-year-old Damian, whose father...

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The Things They Say 4727

23rd May 2007

"We got lots of cows, sheep, cockerels. Which was just what we wanted." Newlywed ELIZABETH HURLEY reveals some surprise wedding gifts she shared with ARUN NAYAR at their nuptials in March (07)....

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Hurley Fails To Pay Vicar For Wedding

22nd May 2007

ELIZABETH HURLEY's marriage to ARUN NAYER has been marred by an embarrassing oversight - the pair reportedly forgot to pay the vicar who conducted their GBP3 million ($6 million) wedding. The British model/actress, 41, wed...

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Hurley Axed From Ad Campaign

20th May 2007

Model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY has been dropped as the face of American clothing company Jordache - in favour of supermodel HEIDI KLUM. The British beauty began advertising for the designers last year (06), but has lost...

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The Things They Say 4582

2nd May 2007

"I'd probably eat more cheese and ham sandwiches and have a few more packets of crisps and KitKats." ELIZABETH HURLEY considers the advantages of quitting modelling....

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Hurley Considers More Children

30th April 2007

Newly-married ELIZABETH HURLEY is keen to extend her family and have another baby. The Bedazzled star - who married Indian businessman Arun Nayar last month (MAR07) - wants a playmate for five-year-old son Damien as...

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Hurley Spends Honeymoon Working

30th April 2007

Newlywed ELIZABETH HURLEY made time on her honeymoon to work on her career. Hurley, who was holidaying in the Seychelles with new husband Arun Nayar earlier this year (06), set aside certain parts of the...

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Nayar's Father Speaks Out Against Hurley Wedding

11th April 2007

LATEST: ELIZABETH HURLEY's father-in-law will testify in court against the actress/model on charges of mocking Hinduism during her wedding to ARUN NAYAR. The newlyweds could face three years in jail after being accused of breaching...

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Liz Hurley 'Facing Jail'

10th April 2007

Elizabeth Hurley and her new husband Arun Nayar could be facing jail after being accused of breaking Hindu customs during their wedding ceremony.It is reported that Arun's father Vinod is willing to testify against the...

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