Elizabeth Harnois says Tom Ford is a very hands-on designer.

The 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' actress - who plays Morgan Brody in the popular crime drama - had a cameo role in the designer's 2009 directorial debut and was amazed by how involved he was and his attention to detail when it came to costumes.

Elizabeth exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I am such a fan of his fashion and he's such an aestheticist. The casting director who knew me brought me in to meet him as he knew I was a Tom Ford fan.

''I didn't think I was going to have much interaction with him. He's so involved in every detail of that film, from head to toe.

''He came and tied my scarf on my head for me, and told me that I was beautiful - and I don't think I've received a better compliment. I want someone like him to say that - he knows what looks good!''

The 33-year-old star also revealed she likes to keep things simple when she's off-camera and prefers to stick to neutral colours and classic cuts.

She explained: ''My personal style is very influenced by when I was in New York. I wear a lot of basics, black white and grey. I'm very attracted to those things, usually very classic cuts.

''I would say my style is timeless and sort of classic and usually comfortable, but I do like to get dolled up every now and then too!''

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