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Cuthbert's Ex Denies Prostitute Link

1st April 2008

ELISHA CUTHBERT's sportsman ex-boyfriend SEAN AVERY has blasted reports connecting him to the prostitution scandal that brought down New York Governor ELIOT SPITZER. The 27-year-old New York Rangers ice hockey star is one of 2,000...

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Hilton: 'I'm Not A Lesbian'

4th February 2008

Socialite PARIS HILTON has denied rumours she is a lesbian after kissing actress ELISHA CUTHBERT in a New York club. According to, Hilton and the 24 star were "all over each other and making...

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Lohan Film Leads Razzie Noms

22nd January 2008

Lindsay Lohan's I Know Who Killed Me has topped the list for this year's Razzie awards, which honour the worst films of the year.The troubled starlet plays two possibly-linked characters in the thriller which received...

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Cuthbert's Exes Crash Party

29th August 2007

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT had an awkward time at a summer beach party at the weekend (26Aug07) - two of her ex-boyfriends showed up. Hockey star Sean Avery, who the 24 star recently dumped, and Justin...

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Cuthbert Splits From Hockey Beau

28th August 2007

Former 24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT has split from her ice hockey player boyfriend SEAN AVERY, according to media reports. The couple started dating in 2005 after the blonde actress ended her engagement to Trace Ayala...

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Movie Reviews: Captivity

13th July 2007

When Captivity was screened for critics in London last month, it received the kind of sneering reviews that producers probably expected would be repeated in the U.S. For example, Rocco Landesman wrote in the Sunday...

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The Things They Say 5162

13th July 2007

"There was a scene where I'm being fed body parts, which were actually cottage cheese mixed with red colour. It was so bizarre." 24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT on the reality of shooting gory scenes in...

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Cuthbert Almost Dies In New York Road Accident

12th July 2007

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT was almost killed during a recent visit to New York City, when she walked into oncoming traffic on a busy road without looking. The 24 star was hit by a car and...

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Cuthbert Wants Bigger Role In 24 Movie

12th July 2007

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT is backing plans for a film version of the hit TV show 24, but only if her character plays a bigger part. The Canadian actress currently plays Kim Bauer, daughter of Kiefer...

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Cuthbert Thanks Luck For Success

9th July 2007

TV beauty ELISHA CUTHBERT was stunned to land the role of the feisty Kim Bauer in 24 - because she'd only just arrived in Hollywood. Cuthbert was fresh off the bus from her hometown of...

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The Things They Say 5089

5th July 2007

"She has miniature cats. She has cats with mini legs. They're like pygmy cats - real-size body... They're like low to the floor, really cool. I don't know where she gets them." Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT...

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Cuthbert's Flight Superstitions

5th July 2007

24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT is so terrified of flying she has developed a series of quirky superstitions to calm her nerves before take off. The actress admits she used to suffer minor panic attacks on...

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Cuthbert + Allen Land Comedy Roles

28th June 2007

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT has been lined up to star in a new comedy alongside funnyman TIM ALLEN. The 24 star - who is currently promoting her new movie Captivity - says her next film project...

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Cuthbert Blames Britney For Short Cut

7th May 2007

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT was forced to rethink her latest choice of hairstyle, after the shaven head look became associated with pop star BRITNEY SPEARS. The House Of Wax star originally wanted to have her blonde...

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Alba Tops Sexiest Woman In The World List

26th April 2007

Actress JESSICA ALBA is the sexiest woman in the world, according to a new poll. The Sin City star beat EVA LONGORIA, ANGELINA JOLIE and SCARLETT JOHANSSON to the top spot. Keira Knightley dropped out...

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Film Bosses Slap Marketing Restrictions On Captivity Producers

2nd April 2007

LATEST: Officials at the Motion Picture Association of America have slapped strict sanctions on upcoming marketing plans for horror movie CAPTIVITY after disturbing billboards erected in New York and Los Angeles prompted parents to complain....

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Captivity Posters Come Down After Complaints

21st March 2007

Disturbing new posters advertising horror movie CAPTIVITY are to be taken down from billboards in Los Angeles and New York following a string of complaints. Production house After Dark Films and officials at the Motion...

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Studio Yanks Gruesome Billboards

20th March 2007

After what appeared to be a marketing campaign gone haywire, advertising for the upcoming movie Captivity will reportedly be removed today (Tuesday), following public complaints. The ads show a panel of photographs of actress Elisha...

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Diaz Comforts Cuthbert Over Timberlake Song

1st March 2007

24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT is furious with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE for writing a disparaging song about her - and she's letting new pal and the pop star's ex, CAMERON DIAZ, know all about it. The song...

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Cuthbert Battles Emotions Playing Sex Abuse Victim

15th August 2006

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT became so emotionally involved when shooting scenes for her new movie THE QUIET, in which she plays a sexual abuse victim, she walked off set. Cuthbert, best known for her role in...

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Timberlake Puts Music First

11th August 2006

Multi-talented JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE insists his music career comes first, despite his blossoming sideline in acting, his restaurant business and new fashion line. The superstar most recently teamed up with pal TRACE AYALA - former fiance...

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Cuthbert's Ideal 24 Hours Would Be Dull

24th July 2006

24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT is convinced a reality show focusing on 24 hours in her life would be a flop - because her perfect day would be totally dull. The Canadian actress insists her ideal...

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Cuthbert Keeps Her Clothes On

23rd July 2006

Sexy movie star ELISHA CUTHBERT has laughed off reports she's being courted to pose nude in Playboy, insisting she is too modest to bare all. The actress states she'll only strip on camera if it's...

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Canadian Cuthbert Relieved She Wasn't Asked To Go French

22nd July 2006

24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT is relieved she wasn't expected to dub her character in the hit drama for its new French-Canadian audience - because she insists she would have "butchered" the language. The actress was...

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Cuthbert Thrilled With 24 Game

24th April 2006

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT is delighted her 24 character has been transformed from a "nuisance" into a tough street-fighter in the new Playstation 2 computer game, based on the show. Cuthbert plays KIEFER SUTHERLAND's tiresome daughter...

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Cuthbert Plans To Show Her Art

16th April 2006

24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT is painting up a storm in an effort to exhibit her art for the first time. The Canadian actress usually gives her artwork away to friends but they've all urged her...

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Cuthbert: 'Give My Character A Chance'

6th March 2006

Actress ELISHA CUTHBERT is facing the critics on her return to cult TV series 24, after fans of the show previously became tired of her character's unrealistic storylines. The 23-year-old star, who returns to US...

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Fascinating Fact 1117

3rd March 2006

24 star ELISHA CUTHBERT will play a quadriplegic in WILLIAM H MACY's new movie HE WAS A QUIET MAN.

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The Things They Say 1427

26th February 2006

"ELISHA CUTHBERT? That might do it. No not really. Everything I want would be too supernatural really." GRAHAM COXON admits it would take a lot to tempt him back to BLUR....

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Fascinating Fact 698

22nd December 2005

Former 24 regular ELISHA CUTHBERT writes an ice hockey blog on North America's National Hockey League official website

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