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Rza's Feature Directorial Debut Lands Major Universal Deal

11th May 2010

Rapper RZA's directorial debut is heading to cinemas - his martial arts project with actor/filmmaker ELI ROTH has been picked up by studio bosses at Universal.The Wu-Tang Clan star, real name Robert Diggs, has been...

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Roth & Geldof Go Public At Coachella

19th April 2010

Actor/director ELI ROTH went public with his romance with British socialite PEACHES GELDOF this weekend (16-18Apr10) by openly kissing at California's Coachella Music & Arts Festival.The Inglorious Basterds star was first linked to the 20-year-old...

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Roth Rages Over Geldof Scandal

4th April 2010

Actor/director ELI ROTH has come to the defence of his rumoured girlfriend PEACHES GELDOF following her nude picture scandal - he's accused the man who posted the images online of damaging the socialite's career with...

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Roth Urges Seaworld Bosses To Release Performing Mammals

22nd March 2010

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS star ELI ROTH is taking aim at the owners of San Diego, California's SeaWorld, calling for them to move their captive mammals from the "Auschwitz for Orcas" to wildlife sanctuaries at sea.In a...

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Geldof Dating Roth?

9th March 2010

British socialite PEACHES GELDOF has sparked rumours she's dating actor/director ELI ROTH - after the pair was photographed holding hands at an Academy Awards afterparty.The 20-year-old daughter of Bob Geldof was pictured on the red...

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Roth: 'Rza's Kung Fu Film Will Be The First Of Many'

18th January 2010

Rapper RZA's new kung-fu film looks set to become a major movie franchise - if producer ELI ROTH has his way.The filmmaker and Inglourious Basterds star has teamed up with the Wu-Tang Clan star, real...

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Roth Laughs Off Deadly Urchin Attack

10th January 2010

Moviemaker and actor ELI ROTH is making light of his near-death experience on holiday in Mexico, insisting deadly sea urchins had every right to sting him after he clambered onto their rock.The Inglourious Basterds star...

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Roth Stung By Deadly Sea Urchins

6th January 2010

Actor-director ELI ROTH was left in agony during a festive vacation to Mexico - after he was engulfed in waves while kayaking and then stung 200 times by sea urchins.The Inglourious Basterds star was one...

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Roth Was A Sex Worker

9th December 2009

ELI ROTH paid his way through film school with a job as an online sex worker.The Hostel director and star of Inglourious Basterds was paid by porn giant Penthouse to titillate men on the internet...

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Roth Calls For A Basterds Prequel

11th November 2009

ELI ROTH can't wait to get started on an INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS prequel - because he's already shot a scene with CLORIS LEACHMAN that he hopes will be included.The actor/director reveals Quentin Tarantino left a lot...

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The Things They Say 13105

7th August 2009

"It's not the first time I have acted before - I had been in a film with BRAD PITT for 10 minutes, called MEET JOE BLACK, where I was working as a stand-in on the...

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Tarantino's Nazis Give Roth's Jewish Parents A Rousing Welcome

6th August 2009

ELI ROTH's parents were in for a big surprise when they visited their son on the set of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS in Berlin, Germany - director QUENTIN TARANTINO had his HITLER sing Happy Birthday to them.The...

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Roth 'Not Involved' In Hostel Iii

14th July 2009

Director ELI ROTH has ruled out making another installment of horror franchise HOSTEL - instead he's inviting other filmmakers to pick up where he left off.The filmmaker scored a box office hit in 2005 when...

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Roth 'Walks Away' From King's Cell Adaptation

13th July 2009

Actor/director ELI ROTH has ditched plans to adapt author STEPHEN KING's thriller CELL for the big screen.The moviemaker had been linked to the project, about an artist who struggles to reconnect with his son after...

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Pitt's Hygiene Tip For Co-star

2nd June 2009

BRAD PITT was so sick of standing next to stinky co-star ELI ROTH on the set of their new movie INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - he forced him to wash with baby wipes.The pair play soldiers hunting...

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Roth And Doom's Brush With Death On Tarantino Shoot

25th May 2009

Actors ELI ROTH and OMAR DOOM escaped with their lives on the set of QUENTIN TARANTINO's new war movie INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, when a fire stunt went wrong and almost burned them alive. The stars had to...

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The Things They Say 12332

22nd May 2009

"Being Jewish, this is definitely for me like Kosher porn. It's something I fantasised about since I was a very young child." Moviemaker ELI ROTH on playing a Nazi hunter in QUENTIN TARANTINO's new war...

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Rza Directing First Movie

21st July 2008

Rapper RZA is to step behind the camera and make his directorial debut - with the help of filmmaker pal ELI ROTH RZA got his first taste of Hollywood when he teamed up with Quentin...

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Lohan Rejects 'Too Old' Roth

3rd March 2008

Director ELI ROTH has vowed to "hit the botox" after LINDSAY LOHAN rejected him for being too old. The 35-year-old was stunned to find himself and a pal being checked out by the starlet and...

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Roth: 'I'm A Germaphobe'

31st October 2007

Horror filmmaker ELI ROTH avoids using public toilets - fearing he'll catch a deadly disease. The Hostel II director says his fear of germs has stemmed from childhood, but he is unable to control his...

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The Things They Say 6010

31st October 2007

"I actually like the blood stains. They are like a badge of honour." Horror filmmaker ELI ROTH wears his corn syrup and food colouring stains with pride.

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The Things They Say 5902

18th October 2007

"It really depends who I'd be killing. ... There are certain weapons that you just think, 'God, I wonder what that would do to someone's face!'" Horror director ELI ROTH on how he chooses the...

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Roth: 'I Am Furious Over Piracy'

18th October 2007

Filmmaker ELI ROTH is furious his movie HOSTEL 2 has become the most downloaded film of all time. The horror director claims that not only was it downloaded by millions of people, but in countries...

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Roth Set For Heroes Spin-off

24th September 2007

Horror director ELI ROTH has been signed up to write an episode of the new HEROES spin-off show ORIGINS. Producers are establishing a star-studded list of Hollywood's top talent to take control of the much...

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Roth Owes Hostel Success To Teen Fan

28th August 2007

Horror director ELI ROTH has a twisted teen to thank for his cult hit HOSTEL - because the film fan encouraged his rich dad to invest in the low-budget project. Roth admits he fell $700,000...

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The Things They Say 5456

28th August 2007

"I was an answer in The New York Times crossword puzzle in March and May (07)." HOSTEL director ELI ROTH is amazed by his fame....

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The Things They Say 5054

3rd July 2007

"Everybody says that I'm different on the days we're shooting the gore - that I'm just extra happy." Hostel director ELI ROTH enjoys filming graphic scenes in his horror movies....

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Roth Defends 'Homophobic' Language

2nd July 2007

Director ELI ROTH has dismissed criticism he's homophobic for using gay slurs in his movies, although he admits he strives to make his films as unpolitically correct as possible. The Hostel filmmaker insists his characters...

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Arnett: 'Grindhouse Flopped Because Critics Attacked Weinstein'

19th June 2007

Funnyman WILL ARNETT blames the media for ruining movie double bill GRINDHOUSE's chances of becoming a hit - because critics simply wanted to slaughter producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN. The actor, who provides the voiceover for ELI...

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The Things They Say 4827

4th June 2007

"If you're going to see a movie like Cheaper By The Dozen at the end you're supposed to feel good. The point of a horror movie is you're supposed to feel terrible." Hostel director ELI...

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