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Marilyn Manson Offers Explanation For That Leaked Lana Del Rey Video

By Stephanie Chase | 13th December 2014

Last month a controversial NSFW video leaked online, directed by Eli Roth, which depicted singer Lana Del Rey being raped. The footage was said to have been shot for a Marilyn Manson music video, however...

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Lorenza Izzo Posts Marriage Joy Shot Online After Becoming Mrs Eli Roth

10th November 2014

Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo has shared her marital joy with followers on after exchanging vows with moviemaker Eli Roth in Zapallar on Saturday (08Nov14).The 22 year old, who is exactly 20 years younger than...

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Eli Roth Marries In Chile

10th November 2014

Horror movie director Eli Roth has married his fiancee in Chile.The Hostel moviemaker exchanged vows with Lorenza Izzo on Saturday (08Nov14) in a ceremony on a beach in Zapallar, in the bride's native country....

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Poster For Eli Roth Film Banned In Italy

6th November 2014

The poster for moviemaker Eli Roth's new film Clown has been banned in Italy.Censors have decided the image of a menacing, scarred and bloodied clown and the tagline "No child is safe" is too much...

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Louise Linton Cast In Cabin Fever: Reboot

22nd October 2014

Louise Linton has been cast to appear in new horror-comedy 'Cabin Fever: Reboot'.The new film is being helmed by producer Eli Roth, who is perhaps best known for appearing alongside Brad Pitt in the 2009...

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Quentin Tarantino & Eli Roth To Judge Six Second Horror Film Contest

20th October 2014

Horror film fans have been given the chance to pitch their ideas for the next shocker blockbuster directly to Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth as part of a new Halloween-related online contest.Devotees of spooky films...

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Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove To End After Third Season

3rd September 2014

Filmmaker Eli Roth's horror series Hemlock Grove has been renewed for a third and final season.Netflix bosses announced on Tuesday (02Sep14) that the thriller's last 10 episodes will premiere sometime in 2015. Roth showed...

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Eli Roth To Wed In Chile

27th August 2014

Actor/director Eli Roth is to wed his fiancee Lorenza Izzo in her native Chile in October (14).The couple will exchange vows in Santiago, according to sources. Izzo stars in Roth's new cannibal movie The...

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Trailer For Eli Roth's New Horror 'The Green Inferno' Depicts Cannibal Tribe [Trailer]

By Nick Hill | 19th May 2014

Over a year ago, Eli Roth debuted his latest horror flick 'The Green Inferno' at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, but film fans only recently got a chance to see the...

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Star Tributes For Harold Ramis Flood

24th February 2014

Hollywood stars Jon Favreau, Seth Macfarlane, Elijah Wood and Eli Roth are among the celebrities leading the tributes to Harold Ramis following his death on Monday (24Feb14).The actor, writer and director, best known for his...

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The Things They Tweet: 3739596

28th June 2013

"World War Z is a masterpiece. I haven't been that tense in a movie in a long, long, long time. Worth every penny they spent making it." Actor/director Eli Roth is a big fan of...

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The Things They Tweet: 3733299

25th June 2013

"Happy Birthday to the beautiful mindy kaling, one of my favorite people on the planet. Please thank your parents for me for making you." Actor/director Eli Roth sent his best wishes to his actress pal...

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Steven Spielberg On The Future Of The Film Industry: An 'Implosion Is Due'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 14th June 2013

Steven Spielberg talks about the difficulties of showing anything other than big budget, mainstream films in the cinema. He was addressing film students at the opening of the University of South California's School of Cinematic...

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Eli Roth Opens Up About Painful Octopus Bite

2nd May 2013

Director Eli Roth faced a race against time to climb out of the ocean after he was bitten by an octopus in Hawaii - because sharks were circling the scene after picking up the smell...

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Eli Roth's Rowdy Birthday Bash With Marilyn Manson

2nd May 2013

Director Eli Roth had a 41st birthday to remember after he and his pal Marilyn Manson were kicked out of a Los Angeles restaurant for attacking a pinata with a baseball bat.The Hostel filmmaker celebrated...

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Eli Roth Bitten By Octopus

26th April 2013

Moviemaker Eli Roth is sporting a bandaged finger after he was bitten by an octopus during a break in Hawaii.The Inglourious Basterds star was previously forced to undergo surgery after he was stung by deadly...

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Eli Roth's 'Hemlock Grove' Devoured By Fans As The First Season Hits Netflix

By Holly Williams | 23rd April 2013

Landon Liboiron, Freya Tingley, Penelope Mitchell and Bill Skarsgard - Hemlock Grove actors at Toronto premiere'Hemlock Grove', the new supernatural horror series from Eli Roth, has been announced by Netflix to have had more viewers...

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Eli Roth Set For Horror Movie Honour

3rd April 2013

Director Eli Roth is set to be honoured with a special award in recognition of his contribution to the horror genre.The Cabin Fever moviemaker will be presented with the Visionary Award at the inaugural Stanley...

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The Things They Tweet: 3578272

27th March 2013

"Happy 50th Quentin! Here's to another 50 years of happy memories!!!" Actor/filmmaker Eli Roth celebrates his director pal Quentin Tarantino's milestone birthday.

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The Last Exorcism Ii – Review Roundup, Eli Roth And Ashley Bell’S Stress Fracture

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st March 2013

Considering the prequel was called The Last Exorcism, no one really saw The Last Exorcism II coming. But that hasn’t diminished the excitement surrounding Daniel Stamm’s possession horror, which hits cinemas tonight (March, 1).If the...

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Eli Roth Based Cabin Fever On Own Horrific Skin Infection

26th February 2013

Director Eli Roth based his hit thriller Cabin Fever on his own experience with a horrific bacterial infection that ate away at a third of the skin on his face.The 2002 horror movie follows a...

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Eli Roth Pays Tribute To Late Producer Lloyd Phillips

28th January 2013

Actor/director Eli Roth has paid tribute to Hollywood producer Lloyd Phillips, who died on Saturday (26Jan13) at the age of 63.Phillips passed away after suffering a heart attack in Malibu, California, after recently wrapping up...

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Spine-twisting Horror Sequel - The Last Exorcism Part Ii (Trailer)

By Hayley Avron | 11th January 2013

If you’re going to call a movie ‘The Last Exorcism,’ you should probably resign yourself that you can’t really make a sequel to it, containing an exorcism. Except, apparently, these guys just did. The Last...

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A Hint Of Gore: Eli Roth’S Aftershock Trailer!

By Hayley Avron | 3rd January 2013

Aftershock is the new movie written by Eli Roth – best known as the guy behind Hostel, Grindhouse and The Last Exorcism – and we reckon there’s going to be a whole bunch of gore...

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Hot Tickets! This Weekend's Us Cinema Releases: Flight, Wreck It Ralph, The Man With The Iron Fists, Vamps

By Hayley Avron | 2nd November 2012

All eyes are on Flight and Wreck It Ralph this weekend as the main contenders for box office glory. Denzel Washington’s performance in Flight has already sparked whispers of an Oscar nomination from insiders, something...

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Fascinating Fact: 3352442

1st November 2012

Snoop Dogg turned the set of his new reggae video La La La into a kid-friendly costume party by inviting children to dress up as their favourite animals. The rapper himself, under his new moniker...

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Eli Roth Hires Natives From The Amazon For New Thriller

25th October 2012

Director Eli Roth hired extras living in a remote part of the Amazon for his new thriller The Green Inferno - and he's paying them for their time by buying a boat.The Hostel filmmaker was...

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Eli Roth: 'Quentin Tarantino Saved Me From Roofie Experience'

23rd August 2012

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino once saved actor/director Eli Roth from danger after he was drugged by two women he met at a Las Vegas nightclub.Roth was partying with his pal Tarantino and Wu-Tang Clan rapper Rza...

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Russell Crowe To Make Directorial Debut

24th July 2012

Russell Crowe is set to make his directorial debut in a Bill Hicks biopic. The 48-year-old star - who has made big screen appearances in 'The Insider', 'Gladiator' and 'A Beautiful Mind' - is stepping...

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Rza's Movie Debut 'The Man With The Iron Fists' Set For November

13th July 2012

Hip-hop legend Rza is making a foray into the world of movie directing and made an appearance at Comic-Con this week to talk about 'The Man with the Iron Fists'. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed...

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