Last time we saw Elektra Natchios on the small screen, she had sacrificed herself to save the life of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil from The Hand. At that point, fans across the globe groaned as they thought one of their favourite characters was headed out of the door. Good news then came when it was confirmed the character would be revived for upcoming collaborative series 'The Defenders', with Elodie Yung making her return to the role.

Elodie Yung will return as Elektra in 'The Defenders'Elodie Yung will return as Elektra in 'The Defenders'

The romantic connection we saw between Matt and Elektra in the second season of 'Daredevil' was one of the biggest threads running throughout the entire series, so to see how that plays into 'The Defenders' - when Elektra will be brought back as a villainous, rampaging killing machine - will be extremely interesting.

Speaking earlier this week with Cinema Blend about how her role as Elektra may differ to that which we saw throughout 'Daredevil' season 2, the actress said of her comeback: “It was a great idea. I think they got really inspired by the comics. Elektra dies and comes back in a new outfit, and she’s changed. It was a really cool and interesting thing to have Elektra again, just being a completely new character. Almost, because she doesn’t remember anything. And so exploring kind of a new character was exciting for me. So this is where we start. And then Alexandra takes over this new Elektra and forges her the way she wants her to be, if that makes sense. So that’s the start.”

Throughout Marvel comic book history, Elektra has flitted between being a friend and adversary to Daredevil, so to see that trend continuing in the Marvel Television Universe is certainly going to please a lot of fans. Having earned her redemption the last time we saw her, could Elektra be doing away with all of that hard work when she makes her comeback?

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'The Defenders' debuts on Netflix on August 18. 'Daredevil' seasons 1-2 are available now.