Elbow are pleased their Olympic theme makes people cry.

The band's 'First Steps' is being used to soundtrack the BBC's coverage of the London Games and singer Guy Garvey thinks the music will be even more emotive once set to images from the sporting event.

He said: ''Several people listening to it have been moved to tears, and that's just the music on its own. So when you put the images of what those people are going to be doing out there, there won't be a dry eye in the house, hopefully.''

Guy wanted the track to reflect the face sport has both winners and losers and thinks the music can be ''broken down'' to soundtrack any specific part of the Olympics.

Describing how he pitched the song, Guy told Q magazine: ''I said it would be anthemic and uplifting, but it would be considerate of losing as well as winning, it would have a melancholic theme as well as a triumphant theme, because there's more losers than winners at the games.

''I said it would have a strong five note fanfare, and lots of different parts which could be broken down to be used over all elements of the footage.''

The song will be used by the BBC in all facets of the coverage of the games, which run from July 27 to August 12.