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Disney Planning Live Action Dumbo Movie

9th July 2014

Disney is planning to release a live action 'Dumbo' movie.The company has started work on a new version of the touching animated film about a baby circus elephant who learns how to fly with his...

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Steven Spielberg Ordered Megan Fox's Firing

20th June 2011

Steven Spielberg ordered Megan Fox to be fired from 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon '. The film's producer - who is Jewish - was outraged when the actress gave an interview saying director Michael Bay...

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Fascinating Fact 7254

27th April 2009

Director DAVID CRONENBERG's cult classic VIDEODROME is getting a modern remake. The 1983 sci-fi thriller will be brought into the 21st century by EHREN KRUGER, who will write and produce the new movie....

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The Ring Returns To It's Master

11th March 2004

Horror sequel THE RING 2 will be directed by the directed by the film-maker who made the original Japanese film. HIDEO NAKATA's 1998 spine-chiller RINGU was remade by Hollywood in 2002, starring OSCAR nominee...

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Commercial Murro Set For Ring 2

9th November 2003

TV advert director NOAM MURRO is poised to take the giant leap into Hollywood - he's been lined up to direct sequel remake THE RING 2. Noam - who is famed in America for...

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