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60 Minutes Delays Wallace Tribute

9th April 2012

Although it had a pre-packaged obituary ready to air in the event of Mike Wallace's death, CBS News and 60 Minutes decided to refresh it and air it next Sunday as a special edition of...

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Person To Person Revival Flops On Night No 1

9th February 2012

Person to Person, the celebrity interview show of the 1950s that saw Edward R. Murrow in a studio talking to guests in their homes, returned on Wednesday and promptly flopped. With most viewers unaware of...

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Cbs News "We Invented Original Reporting"

12th August 2011

It's almost enough to raise the ghosts of David Brinkley and Peter Jennings from their graves -- a new 30-second promo airing on CBS that ends with an announcer remarking, "It's not like we invented...

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Murrow Honoured With Plaque

16th February 2006

Late American journalist EDWARD R MURROW, whose life is the subject of GEORGE CLOONEY's new film, has been honoured with a plaque outside his former London home. The accolade was attached to the door...

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Cinema For Peace Honours Good Night, And Good Luck

13th February 2006

GEORGE CLOONEY's GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK will be honoured as the Most Valuable Movie Of The Year at today's (13FEB06) charity event Cinema For Peace. Clooney's second project as a director, which he...

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Clooney's Father Endorses Newsroom Film

8th February 2006

GEORGE CLOONEY has hailed his father's praise for Oscar-nominated newsroom drama GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK as the biggest seal of approval he could receive. The 44-year-old took pride in showing his father a...

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Clooney Fought To Keep Himself Out Of New Movie

10th October 2005

GEORGE CLOONEY fought against starring in his hard-hitting new drama GOOD NIGHT, GOOD LUCK because he felt he'd ruin the film if he played revered US newsman EDWARD R MURROW. Studio bosses insisted Clooney...

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Clooney Hopes To Shine Light On 'Hard' Journalism

24th March 2005

GEORGE CLOONEY hopes his new movie GOODNIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK will prompt a renewed respect for "good hard" journalism. The Hollywood actor is directing and appearing in the film, which tells the story of...

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Downey Jr Joins Clooney Movie

15th March 2005

ROBERT DOWNEY JR is one of a host of actors who have signed up to star in GEORGE CLOONEY's latest directorial outing, GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK. RAY WISE, TATE DONOVAN, JEFF DANIELS, DAVID...

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