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The Things They Say 132

1st September 2005

"What I would really like is to be in EASTENDERS. I've got the character all worked out. I'm a mini-cab driver and I just got back from taking someone to Leicester." FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS frontman...

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Driver Plans Soap Debut After Flop Pop Career

20th May 2005

MINNIE DRIVER is considering following SIR IAN McKELLEN's example by starring in a soap opera - to cheer her up after her pop career flopped when her group THE MILO ROTH BAND were dropped by...

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Blue: Our Solo Projects Will Make The Band Better

15th October 2004

Pop band BLUE have assured fans their temporary split is not for good, insisting they're pursuing solo projects to "refresh" themselves for a reunion. The group have prompted reports they're on the verge...

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Love Hewitt Is Crazy, Says Ex-boyfriend Nicholls

14th September 2004

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT has put British actor PAUL NICHOLLS off dating actresses for life, after the pair stepped out together while making the film IF ONLY. Nicholls, best known in his native Britain for...

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Windsor's Small Screen Comeback After Illness

7th September 2004

CARRY ON actress BARBARA WINDSOR has returned to British TV soap EASTENDERS, 18 months after a debilitating virus forced her to quit the show. The British veteran, 67, shed tears when she arrived at...

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Grant's Plea To Join Eastenders

17th August 2004

Movie star HUGH GRANT's desperate quest to land a role in popular British TV soap EASTENDERS has been rebuffed by the show's bosses, who claim he's too famous. The NOTTING HILL hunk believes he...

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Mcfadden Slams Spice Girl Rumours

5th July 2004

Former ATOMIC KITTEN singer KERRY McFADDEN has slammed rumours she will replace MEL C in the reformed SPICE GIRLS line-up. The WHOLE AGAIN beauty - who is married to ex-WESTLIFE hunk BRYAN McFADDEN -...

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Bbc Goes To The Vatican

21st June 2004

THE POPE's television viewing habits are set for a boost, following the announcement of the launch of a new channel by British broadcaster the BBC in Italy and The Vatican this summer (04). The...

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Bloom Rescued From Tv Soap

17th June 2004

Film hunk ORLANDO BLOOM is delighted hit British soap opera EASTENDERS turned him down and inadvertently launched his Hollywood movie career. The LORD OF THE RINGS star was due to play butch cockney PAT...

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Blue Star For Brit Soap

4th June 2004

BLUE heart-throb ANTONY COSTA is in talks to star in British soap opera EASTENDERS. The GUILTY singer, 22, is friends with the show's leading male actor SHANE RITCHIE, who plays lovable east London pub...

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Soap Star Offers Libertine Crack Liberty

21st May 2004

LIBERTINES star PETE DOHERTY has been offered help in his current battle against drugs from a bizarre source - an aged British soap actress. The singer-songwriter was admitted to London rehabilitation clinic THE PRIORY...

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Costa Plans Tv Future

21st April 2004

BLUE singer ANTONY COSTA is already planning his career after the boyband split - he wants to become a TV actor. The star, who started out as an actor before finding fame with the...

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Mccutcheon's Dance With Oscar Celebrities

2nd March 2004

LOVE ACTUALLY actress MARTINE McCUTCHEON made a spectacle of herself at SIR ELTON JOHN's post-OSCAR party on Sunday night (29FEB04) - by drunkenly dancing into fellow guests. The former star of British soap EASTENDERS...

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Mccutcheon Glad Of Bad Press

28th November 2003

LOVE ACTUALLY star MARTINE McCUTCHEON is grateful for the bad press she got when she appeared on the London stage. The British actress was hounded by the British media during her stint as ELIZA...

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Soap Actress Leaves Crowe Cold

21st November 2003

Moody movie star RUSSELL CROWE refused to sit in a green room with one of Britain's top female soap stars - because he had no idea who she was. The temperamental Australian, 39, made...

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Mccutcheon's A-list Dreams

31st October 2003

MARTINE McCUTCHEON hopes her debut lead role in upcoming movie LOVE ACTUALLY will make her a Hollywood star, like her fellow Brit CATHERINE ZETA-JONES. The brunette - who previously appeared in British TV soap...

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Love Actually Star Prolongs Grant Kissing Scene

22nd October 2003

LOVE ACTUALLY star MARTINE McCUTCHEON loved every minute of filming the movie's central love scene - because she got to repeatedly French kiss co-star HUGH GRANT. Former EASTENDERS actress Martine relished the chance to...

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British Actor Teams Up With Eve

29th August 2003

British actor SEAN MAGUIRE has landed a leading role opposite rapper EVE in her upcoming sitcom. The former star of British soap opera EASTENDERS appeared in American show OFF CENTRE, but faded from TV...

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Madonna To Swap Hollywood For Walford?

29th August 2003

Queen of Pop MADONNA is reportedly so obsessed with a British soap opera, she has begged her husband to get her a cameo. According to British tabloid THE SUN, SNATCH director GUY RITCHIE has...

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Brad And Jen's Soap Opera Pick

19th August 2003

Hollywood superstars BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON have surprising taste in television - the pair are said to be huge fans of British soap opera EASTENDERS. The show, set in a down-at-heel area...

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Angelina Jolie Wants To Become An Eastender

19th August 2003

Hollywood A-lister ANGELINA JOLIE has confessed she wants a part in gritty British soap EASTENDERS. The glamorous OSCAR-winner - who recently set up home in Britain - believes a role in the Cockney drama...

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Hear'say Beauty: I Will Save My Marriage

30th July 2003

LATEST: Former HEAR'SAY singer KYM MARSH has insisted her floundering marriage can be saved - although husband JACK RYDER has moved out of their marital home. The I TRY beauty wed the ex-EASTENDERS actor...

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Soap Treat For George Michael

26th June 2003

Down-to-earth singer GEORGE MICHAEL had an extra special treat for his 40th birthday yesterday (25JUN03) - a surprise trip to the set of his favourite British TV soap. The FREEEK! performer is a huge...

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Maria Church Snubs Charlotte Boyfriend 'Set-up'

10th June 2003

CHARLOTTE CHURCH's mum stayed away from her daughter's debut film premiere last night (09JUN03) because she felt she was being 'set up' to meet the singer's boyfriend. MARIA CHURCH has publicly disapproved of her...

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Loach Mistake Shames Journalist

14th May 2003

British filmmaker KEN LOACH was mistaken for a soap star by a hapless journalist - and the error has won the reporter an award for stupidity. Loach, the creator of gritty dramas like SWEET...

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Furious Naomi Blasts Film Plan

21st March 2003

Feisty supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL is furious after finding out that plans are underway to turn an unofficial biography about her into a film. The stunning star will have no control over the project -...

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