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Dynamo Outed: Is This How He Pulls Off His Levitation Stunt?

By Lauren James | 27th June 2013

It was a normal overcast Sunday afternoon in London until Bradford illusionist Dynamo decide to add a little magic, appearing to levitate next to a bus with just one arm touching the double decker's roof....

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Dynamo On His 'Levitating' London Bus Stunt - "The Most Exciting Thing I've Ever Attempted"

By Elinor Cosgrave | 25th June 2013

Dynamo caused widespread excitement in London on Sunday (23rd June 2013) as he travelled past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on a bus. Dynamo is not the sort of man to take public...

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The Amazing World Of The Real Burt Wonderstones - Incredible Close Up Magic

By Holly Williams | 14th March 2013

Magic tricks are a touchy subject among most grown adults nowadays, with it being literally one of those things where you either love it or you absolutely despise it. But there have been a few...

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Hey Presto! Magician Dynamo Is First Choice For One Direction Tour

By Michael West | 25th October 2012

It looks as though One Direction want to shake up the tired old pop concert formula for their first world tour. The British boy band are reportedly hoping to have the magician Dynamo as their...

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