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Destiny's Child To Bow Out At Fashion Show

9th August 2005

The members of DESTINY'S CHILD will put on their final televised performance together on 8 September (05), when they take to the stage at the 2005 Fashion Rocks concert. In June (05), BEYONCE KNOWLES,...

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Numan Drives Cars To The Top Of New Wave Poll

28th June 2005

GARY NUMAN's 1980 hit CARS has topped a new US poll of new wave tunes. As the genre makes a comeback with the likes of THE KILLERS, FRANZ FERDINAND and THE BRAVERY, US magazine...

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The Bravery's Rock 'N' Roll Coming Of Age

15th June 2005

THE BRAVERY knew they had finally made it as rock 'n' roll stars when they were ferried to their support slot for DURAN DURAN in Birmingham, England last month (MAY05) by helicopter. The AN...

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Geldof Announces Five Live 8 Concerts

31st May 2005

LATEST: SIR BOB GELDOF has announced the LIVE 8 charity concerts will consist of eight star-studded gigs around the world - crushing speculation Edinburgh, Scotland and Washington DC will host the huge events. At...

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Le Bon Missed Out Yasmin's Nude Photo

27th May 2005

DURAN DURAN frontman SIMON LE BON still hasn't seen his model wife YASMIN's nude picture in aid of the ELTON JOHN AIDS FOUNDATION - even though the raunchy shot has caused a stir throughout the...

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Motley Crue Attack Duran Duran

20th May 2005

MOTLEY CRUE's VINCE NEIL has smashed reports of tension between band members - and blames DURAN DURAN for fuelling the rumours. The hellraising GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS singer was furious to hear the RIO stars...

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Le Bon: 'Be Cool Is Appalling'

15th May 2005

DURAN DURAN frontman SIMON LE BON has damningly branded BE COOL one of the worst films ever to hit cinema screens. The 1980s pop icon admits he is a huge fan of screen siren...

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Duran Duran Heading Back To America

7th May 2005

The members of reunited British band DURAN DURAN are returning to the shores of America for a summer (05) tour. The RIO rockers will start off their tour in Nashville, Tennessee on 15 July...

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Duran Duran In Turmoil After Taylor Quit

26th March 2005

LATEST: DURAN DURAN's reunion tour has been put to the ultimate test after guitarist ANDY TAYLOR left his bandmates to tour America without him. The rocker was forced to head back home to Britain...

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Beck Slams Sudden Eighties Obsession

23rd March 2005

BECK fails to comprehend the sudden surge of 1980s-sounding bands in the charts - because the bygone musical era is regularly labelled the worst in history. The maverick American singer admits he's always been...

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Le Bon Chose Model Wife From A Catalogue

18th March 2005

DURAN DURAN frontman SIMON LE BON fell in love with his wife YASMIN's face when he spotted her in a modelling agency's book. The RIO singer cites that moment as one of the most...

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Le Bon: 'Timberlake Presenting Award Was Finest Moment'

17th March 2005

DURAN DURAN frontman SIMON LE BON has no doubt what his proudest professional musical moment is - when JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE presented the band with an award at the BRIT AWARDS in 2004. The ORDINARY...

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Le Bon's 'Chocolate Lubricant' Disaster

17th March 2005

DURAN DURAN frontman SIMON LE BON's declaration of his love for orange Smarties took a sinister turn when he found himself bombarded by the sweet treats onstage. The ORDINARY WORLD star became the prime...

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Yasmin's Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

16th March 2005

SIMON LE BON's model wife YASMIN owes her eternally youthful appearance to her calm disposition, according to her husband. DURAN DURAN frontman Le Bon believes the model's anti-ageing secret is down to her naturally...

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Downey Jr: 'Music Career Is Impractical'

8th March 2005

Movie star ROBERT DOWNEY JR is desperate to pursue his burgeoning music career - but hasn't got enough money to cover performance and recording fees. The 39-year-old recently released an album called THE FUTURIST...

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Smashing Pumpkins Shun Reunion Tour

24th February 2005

SMASHING PUMPKINS drummer JIMMY CHAMBERLAIN has shattered hopes the DISARM band will reunite for a lucrative tour - because they've never been interested in making money. While Chamberlain understands why groups like the PIXIES...

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Geldof: 'I'm A Musician As Well'

1st February 2005

SIR BOB GELDOF has slammed allegations he only deserves his forthcoming BRIT AWARD for his charity work. The 50-year-old campaigner and former BOOMTOWN RAT is being awarded the Outstanding Contribution To Music gong...

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Duran Duran Play It Safe

28th January 2005

Veteran rockers DURAN DURAN decided to play it safe with current album ASTRONAUT - by making a conscious effort to sound contemporary while avoiding groundbreaking songs. The RIO icons were more focused on bringing...

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Duran Duran's Musical 9/11 Tribute

20th January 2005

British supergroup DURAN DURAN have credited the September 11th (01) tragedy with inspiring their last album, ASTRONAUT. The GIRLS ON FILM stars scrapped the uplifting tunes they'd penned for the disc, after watching horrific...

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Matronic Star-struck

12th January 2005

SCISSOR SISTERS star ANA MATRONIC desired DURAN DURAN heart-throb SIMON LE BON so much during his eighties' heyday, she was a quivering wreck when she finally met him in the flesh. The MARY singer...

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Duran Duran Drummer Slams Revival Bands

12th December 2004

DURAN DURAN drummer ROGER TAYLOR has slammed 80s revival bands for going on tour together. The 44-year-old WILD BOYS veteran has blasted groups including ABC and BUCKS FIZZ for cashing in by regrouping for...

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Duran Duran + Avril Ring In The New Year

2nd December 2004

DURAN DURAN and AVRIL LAVIGNE will ring in the new year (05) in style after signing up to perform at American TV network NBC's first primetime New Year's Eve (31DEC04) special. The...

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Big Honours For Kylie + Duran Duran

24th November 2004

KYLIE MINOGUE and DURAN DURAN were honoured in Barcelona, Spain, last night (23NOV04) at the 2004 PREMIOS ONDAS AWARDS. The acts were both recognised for their contributions to international pop music at the 51st...

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Duran Duran Star Takes A Break

24th November 2004

DURAN DURAN guitarist ANDY TAYLOR is suffering from exhaustion and has been forced to miss a number of live performances. The WILD BOYS musician is expected to spend the next few weeks resting to...

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Driver's 'Freakish' Musical Tastes

15th November 2004

Actress-turned-singer MINNIE DRIVER describes herself as a "freakish child" in the 1980s, because she shunned Britain's pop hits in favour of country and folk music. The British actress, who also grew up on the...

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Taylor Ejected From London Hotspot

11th November 2004

DURAN DURAN drummer ROGER TAYLOR was thrown out of a trendy London bar's backdoor after his drunken behaviour angered other drinkers and bar staff. The ASTRONAUT veteran arrived with three friends at Funky Buddha...

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Parfitt Begs: 'Don't Repeat Band Aid'

27th October 2004

STATUS QUO star RICK PARFITT has begged modern acts not to attempt a follow up of the 1984 charity single. Artists including COLDPLAY, THE DARKNESS, ROBBIE WILLIAMS and DIDO have all offered to collaborate...

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Ure Goes Back To Ethiopia

22nd October 2004

MIDGE URE has returned to Ethiopia 20 years after co-writing BAND AID's charity song DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS?, which helped raise millions for the famine-stricken country. Former ULTRAVOX star Ure was left emotionally...

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Coldplay And The Darkness Form Band Aid Iii

20th October 2004

British rockers COLDPLAY, THE DARKNESS and TRAVIS are joining forces to re-record BAND AID hit DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? in a new drive to alleviate Africa's famine crisis. The song - written by...

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Do They Know It's Christmas? To Be Released Again

15th October 2004

Legendary BAND AID charity single DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? will be remixed and released for the third time later this year (04). The song, originally sung by stars including BONO, STING, DURAN DURAN...

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