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Knoxville Wanted Johnny Cash Role

2nd September 2006

DUKES OF HAZZARD star JOHNNY KNOXVILLE is still ruing losing out on playing JOHNNY CASH in WALK THE LINE - but thinks JOAQUIN PHOENIX was the perfect choice. Knoxville admits he would have been all...

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Knoxville Attacked In Bar Brawl

25th August 2006

DUKES OF HAZZARD star JOHNNY KNOXVILLE was left shaken when he was attacked by a man at a Hollywood bar last week (18AUG06). Knoxville was drinking at dive bar Tinys KO, along with JACKASS co-stars...

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Warner Bros. Announces Huge Slate Of Direct-to-dvd Titles

22nd August 2006

Warner Bros. will produce an astounding 15 original movies a year under its Warner Premiere banner that will bypass theaters and go directly to DVD, the company announced Monday. Many of the films will be...

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Depp And Bloom Reign At Teen Choice Awards

21st August 2006

Summer swashbuckling movie PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and its stars lead the winners at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood. Sequel DEAD MAN'S CHEST scooped the Action Adventure and Summer Movie awards, JOHNNY DEPP...

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Simpson Considering Becoming A Working Girl

8th August 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON is in talks to reprise MELANIE GRIFFITH's Oscar-nominated role in 1988 movie WORKING GIRL. The DUKES OF HAZZARD beauty is looking to take her first lead role, and believes playing TESS MCGILL, the...

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Simpson And Lachey Have Awkward Reunion

17th July 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON and ex-husband NICK LACHEY had an awkward run-in at a Hollywood hot spot Friday (14JUL06), where Lachey was partying with his new girlfriend, VANESSA MINNILLO. The DUKES OF HAZZARD star found herself partying...

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Happy Gilmore Golfer Lands Boss Hogg Role

17th June 2006

HAPPY GILMORE villain CHRIS MCDONALD will replace BURT REYNOLDS as corrupt BOSS HOGG in the DUKES OF HAZZARD prequel. He'll join WILLIE NELSON and model APRIL SCOTT, who will play sexy DAISY DUKE in the...

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Simpson Recruits Sexy Pals For New Video

15th June 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON has reportedly persuaded sexy pals EVA LONGORIA, JESSICA ALBA, EVA MENDES and CARMEN ELECTRA to don rollerskates for her new music video. The promo for her new single PUBLIC AFFAIR is being shot...

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Dukes Of Hazzard Named + Shamed As Worst Tv-to-movie Adaptation

14th June 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON's DUKES OF HAZZARD movie has topped a new list of Worst-TV-to-Film Adaptations. The critically-mauled 2005 movie beat THE HONEYMOONERS and WILD WILD WEST on Us urban magazine King's new list of shame. The...

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Daisy Duke Goes Brunette Again

12th June 2006

LATEST: DAISY DUKE is going brunette again in the prequel to last year's (05) DUKES OF HAZZARD movie. Maxim model APRIL SCOTT will step into blonde JESSICA SIMPSON's cowboy boots to play the sexy country...

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Willie Nelson Returns To Hazzard County

9th June 2006

Country legend WILLIE NELSON is returning to Hazzard County to play UNCLE JESSE in the DUKES OF HAZZARD prequel. Nelson will portray the grizzled relative of BO and LUKE DUKE in California, where the second...

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Dukes Of Hazzard Fans Swarm Reunion

7th June 2006

More than 100,000 DUKES OF HAZZARD fans turned out to see a rare reunion of the TV show cast at the annual DukesFest in Tennessee over the weekend (03-04JUN06). JOHN SCHNEIDER, TOM WOPAT, CATHERINE BACH...

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Cavallari To Take Over Simpson's Role

26th May 2006

US reality TV star KRISTIN CAVALLARI is set to take over the role of DAISY DUKE from her rumoured love rival JESSICA SIMPSON in the next DUKES OF HAZZARD movie. Cavallari was rumoured to be...

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Anderson Promotes Simpson

25th April 2006

Former BAYWATCH star PAMELA ANDERSON is excited by reports JESSICA SIMPSON has been chosen to takeover her role as CJ PARKER in the forthcoming movie version of the defunct TV show. The pneumatic blonde is...

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Dukes Of Hazzard Actor Faces Driving Charges

19th March 2006

Hollywood actor TOM WOPAT, famed for playing driver LUKE DUKE in the original DUKES OF HAZZARD television series, is facing drink driving charges. The 54-year-old star, who was allegedly driving his Ford Bronco in an...

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Simpson: 'Everybody's Always Out To Get Me'

2nd March 2006

Singer JESSICA SIMPSON is convinced people are "out to get" her and has blasted the press for linking her to her DUKES OF HAZZARD co-star JOHNNY KNOXVILLE last year (05). The singer has spoken out...

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Simpson Left Uncomfortable By Lopez's Lachey Joke

12th January 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON found herself in an uncomfortable position at the People's Choice Awards on Tuesday night (10JAN06), when comedian GEORGE LOPEZ took the stage and joked about her failed marriage. The DUKES OF HAZZARD...

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Simpson In Boots Dilemma

11th January 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON faced a last-minute panic at last night's (10JAN06) 32nd annual People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles - she couldn't find the right boots. The pop star opened the show with her DUKES...

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Simpson Files For Divorce

18th December 2005

LATEST: Pop star JESSICA SIMPSON has officially filed for divorce from her husband NICK LACHEY - citing "irreconcilable differences" in their three year marriage. The DUKES OF HAZZARD beauty applied not to pay alimony...

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Ludacris Urges Simpson To Get Bottom Boost

14th December 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON needs to start taking shots to boost her buttocks, according to rapper LUDACRIS. Simpson, who recently split from her husband NICK LACHEY, made no secret of working hard on boosting her behind...

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Simpson Name Battle

30th November 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON's name is being dragged through the courts as two companies battle over cash earned from her branding rights. The DUKES OF HAZZARD actress sold the rights to her name for a staggering...

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Simpsons, Hilton And Richie Up For Razzies?

1st November 2005

Next year's (06) Golden Raspberry Awards is set to be a catfight between Hollywood's top party girls, with JESSICA and ASHLEE SIMPSON, PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE the front runners to land Worst Actress dishonours....

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Knoxville + Simpson Dispute Dukes 2 Location

15th September 2005

DUKES OF HAZZARD co-stars JOHNNY KNOXVILLE and JESSICA SIMPSON are at odds over the location of a planned sequel - she wants to shoot in London, while the JACKASS star is holding out for Australia....

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Simpson Was Scared Of Failure

2nd August 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON turned down a host of movie roles before accepting a part in the DUKES OF HAZZARD, because she was terrified of messing up. The multi-talented star was offered a number of prestigious...

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Chandrasekhar Doubted Simpson

2nd August 2005

DUKES OF HAZZARD director JAY CHANDRASEKHAR was convinced it would be a terrible idea to cast JESSICA SIMPSON in the new movie - and she almost proved him right. The filmmaker was reluctant to...

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Reynolds: 'Nelson And I Would Have Made Great Gay Lovers'

1st August 2005

DELIVERANCE star BURT REYNOLDS was so impressed with country legend WILLIE NELSON when they met, the actor's now convinced they'd have made the perfect gay couple. Reynolds and Nelson teamed up to make appearances...

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Scott Perfects Stunt Driving For Dukes Of Hazzard Film

27th July 2005

AMERICAN PIE star SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT can add stunt driver to his resume after taking a month-long crash course for new movie DUKES OF HAZZARD. The movie star plays fearless BO DUKE in the...

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Nelson + Simpson Take Dukes On The Road

21st July 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON will follow up her visit to US air force bases overseas by giving troops a sneak preview of her new movie DUKES OF HAZZARD. The pop star-turned-actress will team up with co-star...

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