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Duffy Collecting Springfield's Treasures

13th January 2011

Welsh star DUFFY is building up a collection of DUSTY SPRINGFIELD's prized possessions, gifted to her by the late singer's close friends.The Mercy hitmaker befriended a group of Springfield's pals after impressing them with her...

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The Things They Say 19780

12th January 2011

"We spend the majority of our time in bed. We enjoy time together so much we don't really have an interest in being elsewhere. At parties we end up snogging (kissing) in the corner. We...

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Duffy Reveals First Date Nerves

10th January 2011

Duffy had never been on a date until she was 24.The 'Well, Well, Well' singer - who has been in a relationship with 28-year-old rugby player Mike Phillips since September 2009 - admits she was...

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The Things They Say 19675

5th January 2011

"I always knew I'd get a record deal. Whether people really wanted what I did... Anyone can be a chef. Whether people eat your food is a different matter. No-one can answer that. Pavarotti can't...

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Duffy's Family Christmas

24th December 2010

Soul singer DUFFY is to be reunited with her mum over Christmas - the star's been so busy with work she's not seen her for six months.The Mercy hitmaker has spent much of the year...

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Duffy Opens Up About Dumping Manager

10th December 2010

Welsh soul star DUFFY cut ties with her management company earlier this year (10) because she grew sick of advisers dictating her style and marketing her as a "real" artist.The 26-year-old singer has dumped her...

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Duffy Found 'The One' On First Date

4th December 2010

Duffy knew her boyfriend was 'The One' from the first time she met him.The 'Well Well Well' singer is currently dating rugby player Mike Phillips and insists she realised on their initial date that he...

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Duffy Unchanged By Fame

25th November 2010

Duffy doesn't feel any different since she became famous.The 'Mercy' singer always thought if she achieved her dream of becoming a pop star it would change her personality, but she insists she is still the...

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Duffy Dared To Challenge Hammond

23rd November 2010

Welsh singer DUFFY won over veteran songwriter ALBERT HAMMOND after daring to "rip apart" his ideas in collaborative sessions.Hammond invited the Mercy hitmaker to join him in the studio and she snubbed invitations to the...

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Duffy Almost Quit After First Album

22nd November 2010

Welsh singer DUFFY almost quit the music industry after releasing her debut album - because life had become "so complicated" following her speedy rise to stardom.The 26 year old catapulted into the spotlight after Rockferry...

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Duffy Nearly Quit Music

22nd November 2010

Duffy considered quitting music after her debut album. The Welsh singer became a worldwide star in 2008 thanks to her debut 'Rockferry' - which globally sold 6.5 million copies - but admits she found promoting...

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Duffy Still Hurting Over Estelle Jibe

12th November 2010

Welsh singer DUFFY is still sore over ESTELLE's dismissal of her as a soul artist - but is adamant she will never "hit back" at negative comments.The American Boy hitmaker took aim at Duffy and...

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Duffy Struggled With Instant Fame

11th November 2010

Soul singer DUFFY was miserable and lonely after finding fame, insisting she was so homesick she cried herself to sleep.The Welsh star became an overnight sensation after scoring a hit with her debut track Mercy,...

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Duffy Struggled With Isolation Of Fame

11th November 2010

Duffy struggled to cope with the pressures of success.The Welsh singer became a worldwide star in 2008 thanks to her debut album 'Rockferry' - which globally sold 6.5 million copies - but admits she found...

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Duffy's Producer Bond

7th November 2010

Duffy says her current producer has become "like a dad" to her. The Welsh singer has been working with Albert Hammond - father of The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. - and said they struck...

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Solomon Burke Dies

11th October 2010

Soul singer Solomon Burke has passed away aged 70. The 'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love' singer died of natural causes yesterday (10.10.10) on a flight from Los Angeles to Holland, where he was due to...

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Fascinating Fact 9976

15th September 2010

Welsh singer DUFFY is to make her acting debut in upcoming movie PATAGONIA alongside BROTHERS AND SISTERS actor MATTHEW RHYS. Director Marc Evans reveals, "When she saw the script she fell in love with the...

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Plus-sized Marc Jacobs

9th August 2010

Marc Jacobs is to create a plus-sized clothing line.The designer will become the first top fashion label to create clothes for women above a UK Size 14 as he feels females with bigger body shapes...

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Dennis Hopper's Widow To Leave Home

4th August 2010

A petition has been filed to order the late Dennis Hopper's widow out of her home.The Hopper trust - which includes the 'Easy Rider' star's eldest daughter Marin - has submitted documents to Los Angeles...

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Body Confident Marc Jacobs

23rd July 2010

Marc Jacobs says he wasn't worried about stripping off for his latest fragrance campaign.The fashion designer appears almost naked in the adverts for his new men's scent Bang - which he co-created with fragrance firm...

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Cameron Diaz Is 'All Woman'

23rd July 2010

Cameron Diaz is tough but she is "all woman".The actress - who is rumoured to be dating New York Yankees player Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez - is happy to tackle her own stunts and mix it...

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Lydon Explains Duffy Scuffle

8th July 2010

Punk rocker JOHN LYDON has defended himself after lashing out at Welsh singer DUFFY at a 2008 awards ceremony, insisting he reacted violently after she "leapt" on him.The Mercy hitmaker was collecting a trophy for...

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Dennis Hopper's Divorce Frustration

30th June 2010

Dennis Hopper was shocked to be getting divorced while battling cancer.In the last interview before his death, the screen legend - who lost his battle with prostate cancer in May at the age of 74...

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Dennis Hopper's Daughter Missed Funeral

8th June 2010

Dennis Hopper's seven-year-old daughter missed his funeral last week.The late 'Easy Rider' actor was laid to rest last Wednesday (02.06.10) but Galen - his child with estranged wife Victoria Duffy - was not present due...

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Jack Nicholson's Hopper Tribute

3rd June 2010

Jack Nicholson paid tribute to his "soulmate" Dennis Hopper at his funeral yesterday (02.06.10).The actor - who starred alongside Dennis in 'Easy Rider' - joined the star's close friends and family as he was laid...

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Dennis Hopper Dies

29th May 2010

Dennis Hopper has died after losing his battle with prostate cancer.The Hollywood legend passed away aged 74 due to complications caused by the disease at his home in Venice, California, at 8.15am today (29.05.10).The actor...

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Boyzone Album On Hold

27th May 2010

Ronan Keating's affair has forced the next Boyzone album to be put on hold. The 33-year-old Irish singer - who separated from his wife of 12 years Yvonne, 36, last week following her discovery he...

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Marc Jacobs' Intimate Fragrance

24th May 2010

Marc Jacobs loves how the name of his new fragrance has a "sexual connotation".The designer is to release his latest men's scent, entitled Bang, in July and is a huge fan of its moniker because...

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Wife Says Dennis Hopper Well Enough For Court

13th May 2010

Dennis Hopper's estranged wife insists he is well enough to appear in court.The veteran actor - who is battling terminal prostate cancer - is in the middle of a bitter divorce battle from Victoria Duffy...

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