Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has been praised as a ''fairy godmother''.

The royal - who is married to Britain's Prince Charles - came up with the idea to run the competition Cook for the Queen with British Food Fortnight to encourage children to learn about British food and organisers say she has been fantastic to work with.

Alexia Robinson told HELLO! magazine ''The wonderful thing about working with the duchess is the huge amount of support she provides, not just in attending our engagements but behind the scenes too.

''At British Food Fortnight we call her our fairy godmother because we really would not have made the event without her.''

Alexia also revealed Camilla has wonderful people skills and is adept at putting everyone she meets at ease with her relaxed nature.

She added: ''When she attends our school events she takes an enormous interest and is brilliant at talking to everyone and making them feel relaxed. When she leaves, everyone always says 'Gosh she is so lovely'. Everyone who meets her thinks she is fab.''