Spider-Man might be about to swing his way back onto our screens in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but our favourite hero might just need to watch his back as the Sinister Six are coming. Drew Goddard has just been confirmed as the director for the upcoming movie, which will expand the Spider-Man franchise by turning its attention to some of Spidey’s most notorious villains.

Andrew Garfield as Spider-ManWatch out Spider-Man, the Sinister Six are coming

It was late last year that Sony announced its plans to create what it called a “bigger universe” around its most popular superhero, Spider-Man. Along with a third Spider-Man movie, Sony decided to branch out the franchise by creating two movies based around some of Peter Parker’s most famous foes, Venom and the Sinister Six. As Spider-Man producer Avid Arad put it, “Villains can be very entertaining. It’s not like somebody’s born and they’re a villain. Something happens and it changes their lives. Some people can deal with it — they become the heroes. Some people can’t and hate the world because of what they felt was done to them — they become the villains.” Thus the hope is that these two new villain centric movies will further strength the Spider-Man franchise, giving Peter Parker a world of developed characters to do battle with.

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In order to ensure the Spider-Man universe expansion was handled correctly, Sony set up a “brain trust” which would work on expanding “the universe for the brand and to develop a continuous tone and thread throughout the films.” This meeting of the minds was made up of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 &2 director Marc Webb, three of the movie’s writers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinker as well as screenwriter Ed Solomon, whose credits include Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Men in Black, alongside Cabin in the Woods writer and director Drew Goddard. While this brain trust will map the new Spider-Man universe it's Drew Goddard who has been given the job of directing and writing the Sinister Six movie.

Jamie Foxx as the former Max Dillon, now ElectroElectro is one of the villians Spider-Man battles in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Whilst Marc Webb was the one who resurrected the Spider-Man franchise with the recent The Amazing Spider-Man films, the task of bringing the villains to the big screen is all Drew Goddard's. The up and coming director made his debut behind the camera in 2012 with Cabin in the Woods, which he wrote with Joss Whedon. Before going behind the camera, Goddard already had many big name TV writing credits on his resume including stints on' Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Lost'. He also has a pretty hefty schedule ahead of him, having been named as the executive producer and showrunner for the upcoming 'Daredevil' TV series which Marvel Television will produce for Netflix in 2015.

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As for exactly who will make up the Sinister Six, we’re being kept in the dark but we do know that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will set up Sinister Six characters. Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal has already revealed that, “at the tail end of this movie we set up some of the other characters that will probably end up being in the Sinister Six,We’re going forward on all fronts.” In the comic books, the exact makeup of the Sinster Six changes throughout the series, so no concrete clues are being given there. We do know that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will see our hero face off against Electro played by Jaime Foxx, Paul Giamatti’s The Rhino and of course the eventual Green Goblin, Harry Osborn played by Dane DeHaan. We've also been teased that there might be an appearance from Doctor Octopus and Vulture. In the comic books its Doctor Octopus who puts in place this mega union of villains against Spidey. Of course the aforementioned villains aren't enough to make up the Sinister Six and Electro looks like he could be a one time deal for the Spider-Man franchise. That means we can only dream up what characters we could see Drew Goddard bring to life in the upcoming movie. Mysterio, Sandman, Gog, Hobgoblin? Goddard certainly has a wealth of villains to choose from and we’d be happy to see any or all of them make an appearance.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits UK screens next week

Once we know any more about the Sinister Six movie, we will of course be eager to let you know. But for know we’re ready to take in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which hits UK theatres on April 16th.

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