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Damian Lewis Considered Quitting Acting

10th May 2012

British actor Damian Lewis considered quitting acting following his flop 2003 movie Dreamcatcher because shooting the project so far from home left him feeling like a loner.The film adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the...

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Sizemore Blames Fleiss For Drug Troubles In Tv Interview

15th February 2006

Troubled movie star TOM SIZEMORE has alleged his ex-girlfriend, HEIDI FLEISS, helped get him addicted to crystal amphetamine in a fiery new TV interview. The BLACK HAWK DOWN star, who was sent back to...

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Old Kids On The Block

12th May 2004

Former teen sensations NEW KIDS OF THE BLOCK are set to reform - as long as they can convince bandmember DONNIE WAHLBERG to take a break from his acting career. The fivesome comprising of...

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Heidi Fleiss Sobs In Los Angeles Court

6th August 2003

Former Hollywood madam HEIDI FLEISS sobbed in court yesterday (05AUG03) as she testified that actor TOM SIZEMORE physically and verbally abused her during their rocky year-long relationship. But lawyers for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star...

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Wahlberg Jokes About Sixth Sense Cash

21st April 2003

DONNIE WAHLBERG is convinced he's owed money by the makers of THE SIXTH SENSE - because so many people saw the film twice just to make sure it was really him in it. The...

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Morgan Freeman.s Great Friendship With Mandela

17th April 2003

Screen star MORGAN FREEMAN was chosen personally by NELSON MANDELA to portray him in a movie - but they're finding it a struggle condensing the life of the iconic politician into a film. The...

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Jason Lee Loves Being In Smith.s Gang

17th April 2003

Screen star JASON LEE loves being one of cult director KEVIN SMITH's cohorts - as it feels like a group of friends. The ALMOST FAMOUS star has appeared in all of Smith's movies since...

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Jane Snags Punisher Role

4th April 2003

BOOGIE NIGHTS star THOMAS JANE has won the lead role in the big screen version of comic book character THE PUNISHER. Hunky Jane, star of DREAMCATCHER, will be directed by ARMAGGEDDON writer JONATHAN HENSLIGH...

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Freeman.s Scottish Big Freeze

27th March 2003

Movie star MORGAN FREEMAN is beginning to believe in the healing power of the Highlands after a Scottish fan cured him of a disabling flu on the set of a new movie in a matter...

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Freeman Glad To Be Mad

26th March 2003

Veteran Hollywood star MORGAN FREEMAN is relieved to be playing a bad guy in his latest movie - because he's "bored" of portraying good characters. The AMISTAD star says he enjoyed playing villain...

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Iraq War Keeps Cinema.goers At Home

24th March 2003

QUEEN LATIFAH's comedy BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE leads the box office for the third straight weekend - but numbers have dropped significantly as a result of the war in Iraq. The top...

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Matrix Fans Upset As Film Goes Missing

21st March 2003

Upset fans of THE MATRIX were left booing the finale of a screening of DREAMCATCHER in Hollywood last night (20MAR03) when a projectionist misplaced a copy of animated short THE FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS....

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