Michael Jackson - Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty

Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson and remanded in custody.

The jury delivered their verdict at the Los Angeles County courthouse today (07.11.11), after just 10 hours of deliberation, following a six-week trial.

Dr. Murray had pleaded not guilty to causing Michael's death on the morning of June 25, 2009 by giving him the anesthetic Propofol as a sleeping aid.

The courtroom was hushed ahead of the verdict, as Superior Court judge Michael Pastor took to the stand just after one PM local time.

He called the jury to deliver their verdict, which he checked then passed to the court clerk who read it out.

The clerk said: "Superior court of California, Los Angeles County, the people of the state of California plaintiff Vs Conrad Robert Murray, defendant.

"We the jury in the above mentioned actions, find the defendant guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter."

Each juror then confirmed their verdict individually.

Dr. Murray sat stony faced, silent and unmoving while the decision was read out.

Judge Pastor then thanked and dismissed the jury, and set the date for sentencing as 29th November. Dr Murray was then remanded in custody with no bail. He faces up to four years in jail for the crime.

On his reasoning for the remand, Judge Pastor said: "Public safety demands that he is remanded. With no bail in the interim he is to be kept in the care and custody of the Los Angeles county Sherriff's office."

Outside the courthouse, fans and supporters of both Dr. Murray and Michael lined the streets outside, many holding placards.

Upon the delivery of the verdict, fans of Michael could be heard chanting "lock him up," and "throw away the key."

Watching the verdict in court were members of Michael's family, including the later 'Thriller' star's father, Joe Jackson and mother Katherine.

Upon arriving to the court at midday local time Joe was asked how he felt, replying to E! news: "Not too good."

Michael's sister, La Toya Jackson, arrived a little later with Kathy and Rick Hilton, parents of socialite and reality TV star Paris Hilton.


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when mj was having a prescription med problem, elizabeth taylor, the wonderful woman she was, made a press statement prior to helping michael get into rehab. when released, he made a video for his fans apologizing for his substance abuse,once again we are down to who is responsible, it is the enabler. if not for the dr., the poison med would not have been in his home, had he scruples,murray would have either not administered any medications, rather insist upon mj being treated in hospital. murray deliberately abandoned mj after administering the poisin, knowing what the results of it were. being a dr, it was his responsibility to find out what effects and side effects the drug could have. saying i didnt know, does not wash in court. there is no doubt of the undying love mj had for his children, who loved him back with all their little hearts and souls. murray, upon relizing that mj was in the throws of death, permitted his children to watch. there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever for traumatising children in that manner. mj trusted his life to murray who stole it from him. he also stole all his love for his immediately family, his mom, and siblings. do you honestly believe that someone so enamoured and filled wit sympathy for children worldwide, would actually permit murray to place him or his family in such a state due to his negligence and inadquacey* as well as the $$$ signs in his (murray) eyes. he didnt kill his paycheck, he figured he would make even bigger $$$$ cashing in on some filthy tabloid bs story. bottom line, without murray, mj would not be gone. this tale is amazingly horrific. incompetent drs give drugs to patients willy nilly. this will make them think twice about $$$ and onanism before giving out dangerous drugs.mj was not standing on the corner coping meds from a dealer. that piece of sh...........it, WROTE the rx's, had them shipped illlegally to his girlfriend, then surupticious, took them to mj home, wth full knowledge that the drug ordered had a definate risk, so much so, that it is REQUIRED to be administered ONLY in a hospital setting. murray put mj and his children in danger by these actions. the meds apparently were lying around the room, little blanket or any of the other children could have easily injested same, not knowng what it was. this behaviour on the part of a dr is disgusting, incompetent, negligence, as well as being in blantant disregard to the oathe he took when he became a doctor. there is NO excuse for his horrific behavior.they judge was very fair, weighing the testimony, the evidence, decision of the jury. murray is now a convicted felon who can no longer carry on his illicit practices. each juror indivually stated they each had come to the decision of their own personal accord, with no duress. who, said, he let anything be poured into him {mj}. the only fingerprint on the needles, iv setup (which was no properly set up, as well the vials of poison. if you know a child like a certain treat, you do not leave in in the child's reach, admonishing the children that the treat could end his life. then abandoned the child to make calls to gf's rather than 911, after leaving the treat he was aware had excellent possibilities to end the life of the patient. then he comes in, finds the patient, dead after having taking the treat. Z(i m no saying this actually occured, i doubt that mj in the drugged condition murray kept him, would have picked up the meds anyone. everyone else who treated him who had real concern did not supply any drugs to him. how do you know as a patient, that a dr in whom you have placed you life, is administering the drug in the correct dosage, in appropriate intervals,could even told mj it was just a salient drip, not to worry. this considering he was to embark on a world tour to help the children of the world and his own children. it is insane to even conjecture that in the drugged condition the dr kept him in, that mj, could have administered any medication to himself. then, the dr lied to the drs, paramedics, the police, the court,the family,mj's children who are now scarred from watchng their dad in the throws of death. mj did NOT choose anything over his children. the wellbing of children all over the world was his primary concern subsequent to his precisious children, who were going to see him perform life for the first time. get the idea he would have hurt himself out of your mind and wake up. in that recording is was apparent he cared deeply about children, feeling he himself never had one. so, dearie, wake up, the dr did it in the bedroom with the iv, poison drugs, with full knowledge that the amount administered would cause death!!!!!
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2 years 10 months ago
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say what

Do you think if Jacko gave some thought for his children he would have cleaned himself up thus not needed the services of a Murray? Seems Michael neglected his children by chosing drugs over them. I mean if you allow someone to pour that stuff into you, you're playing russian roulette with your life. Shame on Murray for being blinded by money but shame on wacko for not giving a single thought for his children. Murray in prison will not alter that. He paid a quack for a reason. And his 3 kids never entered his selfish thoughless mind when he put him on the payroll. And his fans look at him as some sort of saint. Very worrying.
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2 years 10 months ago
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