A number of farm animals were brought in for a scene which takes place at an agricultural show, but the shoot was thrown into jeopardy after a bull broke free from its pen and caused chaos.

Raquel Cassidy, who plays housemaid Phyllis Baxter, says, "There were pigs and a massive, massive bull who actually tried to mount a cow... The old lady in the green room cottage used to be a shepherdess and she said it was an accident waiting to happen.

"It was supposed to be a show, giving out prizes and he was the prize bull... You've got a cow on heat and a bull next door. That's not going to last. Sure enough he broke through part of the set to get to her."

Cassidy reveals the actors had to rush out of the animal's way, but everyone escaped without injury, adding, "I was standing next to the bull! Thankfully no-one got hurt."

The sixth and final series of the drama airs in the U.K. from 20 September (15).