Actor Vincent D'Onofrio kept costs down on his feature film directorial debut by using land he owns in upstate New York as his location and hiring friends he made on the set of TV cop drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
The Cell star has stepped behind the camera for the first time to make quirky horror musical Don't Go Into The Woods and he admits he made the shoot as easy as possible by filming on his own estate.
And his friendships with local and national law officials also helped.
He explains, "We have a house upstate. We didn't need permits or anything. Because I did Law & Order: Criminal Intent for so many years and I had been working for law enforcement in Washington for a few years now doing all kinds of things for different attorney generals all over the country and doing things for medical and federal agents all over the country and overseas too... I'm really in good with law enforcement in a nutshell, so nobody was gonna bother us.
"And the guys up in Kingston, where we shot, are awesome guys. We were in our little bubble making our little film."
And he was able to handpick the best extras thanks to his TV job and local contacts: "I used a couple of the extras from Criminal Intent and some of the actresses worked in the coffee shop near my house. I said, 'Come over and see if you could sing our songwriter Sam Bisbee's songs,' because they had to be able to sing.
"And the band in the film were friends of my nephew. Their band then was called the Dirty Dirty. Fortunately it all just worked out great."