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Osmond Eyes Vegas

19th July 2007

Former teen idol DONNY OSMOND is eyeing a possible residency at a Las Vegas resort. The seventies pop star is in talks to follow in the footsteps of Sin City residents Celine Dion, Toni Braxton...

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The Things They Say 4955

20th June 2007

"I'm very bad at cooking. My wife does it all. I even burn water. But I can make a mean bowl of cereal." Former teen idol DONNY OSMOND stays away from the kitchen....

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Osmond Stunned By Mormon Rumours

20th June 2007

Former teen idol DONNY OSMOND is stunned by some fans' ignorance of his Mormon religion, after regularly having to declare he doesn't practice polygamy. Osmond, 49, was brought up as a member of The Church...

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Medical Scare For Donny Osmond

12th May 2007

DONNY OSMOND is recovering after a hospital dash on 3 May (07). The Puppy Love singer was promoting his new CD with a series of radio interviews when he suddenly found himself gasping for air...

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Osmond Set For Beauty + The Beast Return

26th April 2007

DONNY OSMOND is set to return to Broadway hit Beauty + The Beast for just one night. The pop icon wowed theatre audiences as villainous Gaston in the musical and he'll return to the role...

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Osmond Asks Cowell For Tv Job

18th April 2007

Former teen heart-throb DONNY OSMOND has asked music mogul SIMON COWELL for a job on his British TV talent show THE X FACTOR. The American Idol star is looking for a new co-judge on the...

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Osmond's Dream Show Axed

2nd April 2007

DONNY OSMOND's new US dream show has turned into a nightmare for the aging pop star - it has been cancelled after just two episodes. Osmond launched the show, THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM, on Tuesday...

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Donny Osmond Gets Wake-up Call

30th March 2007

After only one week on the air, ABC's Great American Dream Vote has received a no-confidence vote from ABC executives and has been dropped from the network's schedule. Hosted by Donny Osmond, the show offered...

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The Osmonds To Reunite?

24th March 2007

Former teen idol DONNY OSMOND has delighted fans by hinting a possible THE OSMONDS reunion could be on the cards. The 49-year-old Mormon, who shot to fame in the early 1970s, admits he is keen...

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Osmond Shocked At Fans' Determination

21st March 2007

US singer DONNY OSMOND was shocked by the lengths some fans went to for the chance to meet him in the 1970s - one admirer even posted herself to the former teen idol. The singer...

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Take That Shine On

12th March 2007

It seems the golden boys from Manchester can do no wrong on the UK charts.Take That's second comeback single, Shine, managed to cling onto the number one spot for a second week running, it was...

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Donovan And Osmond Team Up To Find Next Joseph

23rd February 2007

Pop stars DONNY OSMOND and JASON DONOVAN are teaming up as judges on a new British reality TV show to find the lead for a London production of JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT. The...

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Osmond Ends Beauty + The Beast Run

18th December 2006

Seventies pop icon DONNY OSMOND has had enough of playing the bad guy on stage in hit Broadway musical BEAUTY + THE BEAST - he'll step down on Christmas Eve (24DEC06). The Osmonds star will...

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Osmond Joins Weird Al For Video

27th October 2006

Seventies pop icon DONNY OSMOND is poking fun at his clean-cut image in 'WEIRD AL' YANKOVIC's new video WHITE + NERDY. The PUPPY LOVE singer dances manically behind the pop music funnyman in the new...

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Osmond To Play Gig In Honour Of Welsh Roots

25th October 2006

PUPPY LOVE singer DONNY OSMOND has made plans to celebrate his newly-discovered Welsh roots by treating fans in Wales to an open-air concert at Cyfarthfa Castle next year (JUN07) The former 1970s teen idol,...

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Osmond Extends His Run In Beauty + The Beast

18th October 2006

Former pop pin-up DONNY OSMOND loves playing bad in Broadway's BEAUTY + THE BEAST so much he has extended his run as braggart GASTON until Christmas Eve (24DEC06). The PUPPY LOVE singer was originally scheduled...

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Osmond To Host New Name That Tune

11th October 2006

DONNY OSMOND will host the latest incarnation of classic US game show NAME THAT TUNE. In addition to the familiar song-guessing game, the show will incorporate live performances from well-known artists and songs from various...

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Osmond Conquers Stagefright Fears With Wife's Help

26th September 2006

DONNY OSMOND owes his wife DEBBIE for helping him come to terms with and conquer his secret social anxiety disorder. The PUPPY LOVE singer has revealed he was left crippled with low self-esteem and confidence...

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Osmond Releases Cookbook

20th September 2006

Seventies pop icon DONNY OSMOND is switching the recording studio for kitchen as he releases his own cookbook. DINING WITH DONNY includes many of the star's favourite recipes alongside pictures of his famous family. Despite...

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Osmond Set For Beauty + The Beast

23rd May 2006

DONNY OSMOND is determined to break his Broadway, New York jinx by hitting the stage this autumn (06) as BEAUTY + THE BEAST villain GASTON. It will be the PUPPY LOVE singer's first return to...

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Osmond Scraps Aussie Tour To Deal With Double Tragedy

5th May 2006

Seventies pop icon DONNY OSMOND has been forced to scrap his Down Under tour after suffering a double family tragedy in the space of just two days. The PUPPY LOVE singer, who was due to...

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Osmond Recalls Voice Loss Fears

14th September 2005

DONNY OSMOND feared he'd lost his voice forever after a surfing accident in Hawaii last year (04) smashed his neck. The PUPPY LOVE crooner heard a crack as he fell face first into the...

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Osmond: 'I Tried Botox'

1st September 2005

Former teen idol singer DONNY OSMOND has admitted trying Botox to keep his youthful looks, but he hated the experience and will never use it again. The 47-year-old heart-throb underwent the face-freezing injections, but...

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Osmond: 'Success Better The Second Time Round'

28th August 2005

Seventies heart-throb DONNY OSMOND credits hitting rock bottom in his personal life with making him appreciate success more the second time round. The PUPPY LOVE singer experienced failure in his music career and near-bankruptcy...

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Cassidy's Talent Boasts

17th June 2005

Veteran crooner DAVID CASSIDY is convinced his career has lasted long after he lost his sex symbol status because, like ELVIS PRESLEY and MICHAEL JACKSON he has "great talent". The 54-year-old is currently travelling...

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Osmond To Become A Grandfather At 47

29th March 2005

Seventies pop star DONNY OSMOND is celebrating after learning he's to become a grandfather at the tender age of 47. Youthful-looking Osmond - who recently shattered his wholesome image by revealing he once trashed...

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Osmond Reveals 'Wild' Past

23rd March 2005

DONNY OSMOND has shattered his wholesome image by declaring he stole an expensive costume from one of his stage shows and once trashed a hotel room. In the 1990s, the devout Mormon played JOSEPH...

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Osmond Takes Up Yoga

12th January 2005

Veteran singer DONNIE OSMOND has vowed to take up yoga this year (05), after initially dismissing the ancient practice as a pastime for "pansies". Osmond changed his opinion on yoga, after his wife DEBRA...

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Osmond's Christmas Disappointment

9th December 2004

Singer DONNY OSMOND was left disappointed by one Christmas present from his wife DEBRA's family - it was the same thing he had given them five years before. The Mormon crooner was shocked to...

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Osmond's First Top Ten Single In Three Decades

27th September 2004

Seventies hunk DONNY OSMOND has secured his first British top 10 single in more than 30 years with new track BREEZE ON BY. Former TAKE THAT hunk GARY BARLOW co-wrote the song, which...

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