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Melania Trump Craves Cravings

27th September 2005

DONALD TRUMP's stunning wife MELANIA is disappointed with one aspect of her pregnancy - she isn't craving ice cream or pickles. The Slovenian model, 35, publicly announced today (27SEP05) that she's three months pregnant...

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Trump Expecting Fifth Child

27th September 2005

DONALD TRUMP is expecting his first baby with third wife MELANIA KNAUSS. THE APPRENTICE star already has four children from his first two marriages to IVANA TRUMP and MARLA MAPLES. Trump's spokesperson NORMA...

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Five Celebrities Make Forbes 400 List

23rd September 2005

OPRAH WINFREY, GEORGE LUCAS and STEVEN SPIELBERG are among the five celebrities who have made it onto the new Forbes magazine 400 Richest People in America. Lifestyle queen MARTHA STEWART's estimated $970 million (GBP538,900)...

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Trump Won't Be Pushing Prams

21st September 2005

DONALD TRUMP has ruled out pushing his baby around in a pram if he and his new wife MELANIA ever conceive a child together. The property tycoon believes it would be "very hard" for...

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Trump To Sing Again - On Christmas Album

21st September 2005

DONALD TRUMP's singing venture at Sunday's (18SEP05) Emmy Awards was no one-off - the property mogul's talents are set to be displayed again on a Christmas album. Trump drew laughter and applause when he...

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Mullally Injured During 'Silly Dancing' Session

20th September 2005

WILL + GRACE star MEGAN MULLALLY is nursing a leg injury, after a recent bout of "silly dancing" went awry. The actress needed help getting on and off the stage at Sunday's (18SEP05) Emmy...

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Trump And Mullally Win First Emmy Idol

19th September 2005

DONALD TRUMP and MEGAN MULLALLY walked away victorious from last night's (18SEP05) first ever Emmy Idol contest, after teaming up to perform the theme from classic TV series GREEN ACRES. Trump, who drew laughter...

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Trump To Make Soap Debut

16th September 2005

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP will soon add soap star to his bustling resume, after signing up to make an appearance on popular US TV show DAYS OF OUR LIVES. THE APPRENTICE star Trump will...

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Trump: 'Stewart Was Not My First Choice'

12th September 2005

MARTHA STEWART was DONALD TRUMP's third choice to appear as a judge on the second series of THE APPRENTICE - and he doubts whether they can better the US TV show's first run. The...

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Fascinating Fact 156

9th September 2005

BILL RANCIC, the original winner of DONALD TRUMP's US reality TV show THE APPRENTICE, is to step down from his job with the tycoon to start his own business when his contract expires in 2006....

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Stars Sign Up For Emmy Singing Contest

7th September 2005

WILLIAM SHATNER, MEGAN MULLALLY and DONALD TRUMP are among a host of stars who are set to compete in a singing talent contest at 18 September's (05) Emmy Awards. Modelling the competition on hit...

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Pitt And Clooney Hold Casino Meeting With Trump

24th August 2005

BRAD PITT's dreams of opening a Las Vegas hotel have taken another step towards becoming reality, after a successful meeting with property tycoon DONALD TRUMP. On 15 August (05), Trump met with Pitt, the...

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Martha Stewart's Daughter Joins The Apprentice

23rd August 2005

Lifestyle guru MARTHA STEWART is set to joined by her daughter ALEXIS for her upcoming version of THE APPRENTICE. Alexis and chairman of the board CHARLES KOPPELMAN "are a dynamic duo with me in...

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Trump Transports The Apprentice To China

22nd August 2005

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP has announced plans to unveil a version of his hit capitalism-inspired US reality show THE APPRENTICE in Communist China. Trump will be the executive producer of the Chinese television show,...

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Trump Dolls Fail To Sell

2nd August 2005

Reality TV star DONALD TRUMP has been dealt a devastating blow - a doll modelled on the property tycoon is proving to be unpopular with discerning shoppers in New York City. Originally costing $25...

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The Trumps Gear Up For Las Vegas Battle

15th July 2005

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP is gearing up for a spectacular Las Vegas battle - with his ex-wife IVANA TRUMP. On Wednesday (13JUL05), Donald announced the start of construction on a new $500 million (GBP277...

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Trump Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Over Property Sale

14th July 2005

Tycoon DONALD TRUMP has reportedly filed a $1 billion (GBP500 million) lawsuit against the managing director of a property-telecom conglomerate and other Hong Kong investors, claiming they undersold a plot of New York City land...

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Willis Sells Manhattan Apartment

27th June 2005

Action man BRUCE WILLIS has finally sold his New York City apartment after a year on the market - by dropping $4 million (GBP2.2 million) from the asking price. The SIN CITY star bought...

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Trump Heads To The Caribbean

17th June 2005

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP is taking his empire to the Caribbean, after announcing plans to develop vacation villas in the Grenadines. The New Yorker had already loaned his name to a casino and golf...

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Trump Warns Diaz About Enquirer Lawsuit

10th June 2005

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP has slammed CAMERON DIAZ's decision to sue US tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for $30 million (GBP15.8 million) damages for reporting she cheated on boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - because he believes it's...

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Trump Warns Hilton: 'Get A Pre-nup'

9th June 2005

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP has some wedding advice for socialite PARIS HILTON - get a pre-nuptial agreement. THE APPRENTICE reality TV star, who married for the third time earlier this year (JAN05), previously warned...

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Ivana's Tower To Trump Donald's

1st June 2005

Property tycoon DONALD TRUMP's plans to build the biggest tower in Las Vegas have been dealt a blow, after his ex-wife IVANA TRUMP plans to outdo his creation by nine storeys. Last week (ends27MAY05)...

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Trump Admits To Hand-shaking Phobia

19th May 2005

Property tycoon-turned-US reality TV star DONALD TRUMP has confessed to a phobia of shaking people's hands - because he's terrified of catching diseases from others. Appearing on CNN show LARRY KING LIVE on Tuesday...

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Eminem Court Ruling Supported By Fan Trump

1st May 2005

A recent court decision ruled in favour of EMINEM against a former bully has been applauded by DONALD TRUMP. THE APPRENTICE mogul Trump advocates the Michigan appeals court's dismissal of DEANGELO BAILEY's attempts to...

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Fawcett Begs Smith To Love Her Again

28th April 2005

LATEST: Actress FARRAH FAWCETT is eager to get on ANNA NICOLE SMITH's good side again, after a brief war of words. Fawcett labelled Smith's self-titled reality show a "train wreck" in the first episode...

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Trump's Wife To Star In Ad

28th April 2005

DONALD TRUMP's wife MELANIA has signed up to make her commercial debut, promoting supplemental health insurance on TV. The statuesque brunette, who exchanged nuptials with property tycoon Trump in January (05), will become the...

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Martha Stewart Probed For Attending Party

26th April 2005

Lifestyle guru MARTHA STEWART is facing more legal woes - for attending a party. The US PROBATION DEPARTMENT is looking into whether the domestic diva - currently under house arrest as part of her...

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Stars Flock To White House Dinner

11th April 2005

The White House Correspondents dinner is set to be a star-studded affair, with Hollywood actresses JANE FONDA and SALLY FIELD attending as guests of publishing giant KNIGHT RIDDER later this month (30APR05). JOHN McLAUGHLIN's...

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Trump's Boy Arrested At Florida Hotel

11th April 2005

DONALD TRUMP's hit US reality show THE APPRENTICE has been caught up in a scandal after one of the programme's contestants was arrested for disorderly conduct at the weekend. Real estate millionaire CHRIS SHELTON,...

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Foxx Makes Time's Most Influential List

11th April 2005

OSCAR-winning actor JAMIE FOXX has arrived on TIME MAGAZINE's list of the world's most influential people, alongside US President GEORGE W BUSH and lifestyle guru MARTHA STEWART. Hailing from 31 different countries, and including...

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