Eagles rocker Don Henley doubts the band will ever release new music as he fears radio bosses think the group is too old to rock the airwaves.

The Hotel California hitmakers released their last album, Long Road Out Of Eden, in 2007 and Henley is convinced new tracks would get very little radio play as the band members are now in their sixties.

He tells Britain's The Daily Telegraph, "We could go into the studio and cut the most a**-kicking rock 'n' roll song on earth, and it probably wouldn't get played on the radio 'cause we are in our sixties. So we're not really sure there's a lot of point."

However, he is convinced the band's greatest hits will remain radio favourites.

He adds, "(Our older tracks have value) because they represent a time when people did care a little bit more about the world. And people want to hear them."