Dominic Cooper's Grounded Friends

Dominic Cooper's friends "kick the s**t" out of him to keep him grounded.

The British actor's football teammates ensure he doesn't forget his modest London upbringing by giving him a tough time on the pitch.

He explained: "One minute you can find yourself eating sushi on Tom Hanks' yacht in the middle of the Aegean Sea and you think, 'Oh this is my life now, this is how I live.' It's so seductive.

"You're flown around to some beautiful places and you get treated like a king. It's amazing, you stay in fantastic hotels and you live the life of someone that you're not.

"And then you go back. You find yourself back in Deptford playing football with your mates - getting the s**t kicked out of me every Thursday.

"It's equally wonderful and grounding and brilliant."

Dominic, who is dating his 'Mamma Mia!' co-star Amanda Seyfried, admits it is difficult to maintain a relationship with a fellow Hollywood star due to their busy work schedules.

He told The Scotsman newspaper: "Having a relationship, especially if both of you are doing the same job, is hard.

"You have to really negotiate it and find your way around it. It's time constraints, really. You've got to be quite aggressive with work.

"It's about not taking jobs for the sake of it but really thinking about whether it really is what you want to do."


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