Dolce and Gabbana don't care if their clothes are ''cool''.

The fashion design duo - real names Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce - have confessed they aren't interested in whether their collections are considered ''trendy'' as long as they ''tell a story'' and represent their ''vision''.

Dolce said: ''Fashion is like a big diamond - it's not for everybody.

''I really don't care if its short or long, when sketches are shown we don't care if the trousers are cool, not cool... it's about the ambience, the music, it is a representation of our vision. Everything needs to be perfect. We need to give to the audience a sensation, an emotion because at the end of the day, a dress is a dress. We need to tell a story - this is part today of the fashion designer's job - to tell a story.''

Dolce, 56 and Gabbana, 52, have stayed true to their Italian roots since founding their eponymous label in 1985.

Gabbana explained: ''Your identity is very important. If you lose your identity, you lose your personality.''

The pair - who were involved in a romantic relationship until 2005 - also opened up about continuing their professional partnership following their split.

Gabanna told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It was very hard because nobody know and we are in the same room, in the same job every day, face to face, it was hard.

''But you know the power of love saved us. Because we don't live together, we broke up - but we haven't stopped. We think a different way, the respect for each other is number one. Our love became bigger. For me he [Dolce] is my family.''