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Nicole Kidman No Longer Part Of Von Trier's Controversial Nymphomaniac

17th October 2012

Nicole Kidman has reportedly quit her Dogville director Lars Von Trier's latest movie project Nymphomaniac.The actress will not be teaming up with Shia LaBeouf, Willem Dafoe, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgard...

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Nicole Kidman To Be Honoured By New York Film Festival

22nd August 2012

Nicole Kidman will be honoured at the New York Film Festival.The 'Cold Mountain' actress - whose movie career has spanned nearly 30 years - will have a special tribute paid to her at the 50th...

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Paul Bettany 'Tricked' Into Movie Role

31st December 2011

Stellan Skarsgard tricked Paul Bettany into appearing in 'Dogville'.The 40-year-old actor agreed to appear in Lard von Trier's movie after his friend told him being on set was like a constant party - only for...

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Bettany's Never Seen Dogville

30th September 2011

Paul Bettany has never watched his hit film Dogville - because his time on set was a "peculiarly unsatisfying experience".The British actor played a writer in Lars von Trier's 2003 drama, alongside a star-studded cast...

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Von Trier Sickened By Norwegian Extremist's Praise

1st August 2011

Danish director Lars Von Trier feels "excessively sick" his movie Dogville was named by the suspect held over the Norway massacres as one of his favourite films.Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik has claimed he...

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Von Trier Embraces Horror

27th September 2006

DOGVILLE director LARS VON TRIER has confirmed his horror project ANTICHRIST will go ahead - despite a plot leak two years ago (04) seeing the film shelved. The maverick movie-maker is determined to try his...

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Kidman Confirmed For Compass

31st July 2006

Newlywed NICOLE KIDMAN is set to star as MRS COULTER in THE GOLDEN COMPASS, the film version of the first of PHILIP PULLMAN's bestselling HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy. ABOUT A BOY movie-maker CHRIS WEITZ will...

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Bacall Slams Cruise's 'Shocking, Vulgar' Behaviour

1st August 2005

Screen legend LAUREN BACALL has brandishing TOM CRUISE's public declarations of love for fiancee KATIE HOLMES as "shocking" and "vulgar". THE BIG SLEEP actress, 80, was amazed by the movie hunk's antics on THE...

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Kidman To Complete Von Trier Trilogy

20th May 2005

Screen beauty NICOLE KIDMAN will work with maverick director LARS VON TRIER again for the final part of his cinematic trilogy - despite complaining making his 2003 film DOGVILLE was her "craziest" movie experience....

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Von Trier Cuts Dogville Sequel

3rd March 2005

Danish director LARS VON TRIER is furious he's been forced to cut a scene featuring a donkey being slaughtered from DOGVILLE movie sequel MANDERLAY - after receiving hundreds of complaints. The controversial footage, which...

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Lee Agrees With Bacall: 'Kidman's No Legend'

15th October 2004

LATEST: CHRISTOPHER LEE has defended LAUREN BACALL's harsh criticism of NICOLE KIDMAN, insisting the veteran actress was "100 per cent right" when she claimed Kidman was not a legend. Bacall caused a furore when...

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Lars Von Trier Reinvents Gay Pornography

29th September 2004

DOGVILLE director LARS VON TRIER is determined to revolutionize the gay porn industry with his new homosexual adult movie. Von Trier's production company ZENTROPA has already made three X-rated movies for heterosexuals, CONSTANCE,...

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Watson Refutes Trier's 'Difficult' Tag

16th September 2004

British actress EMILY WATSON is sceptical about director LARS VON TRIER's 'difficult' reputation - she's convinced he perpetuates it himself. While NICOLE KIDMAN and BJORK both had challenging experiences working with the Danish film-maker...

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Bacall Dismisses Kidman's 'Legend' Tag

8th September 2004

Screen veteran LAUREN BACALL has balked at suggestions NICOLE KIDMAN is an acting "legend" - preferring instead to dub the Australian beauty a "beginner". During an interview on British TV show GMTV this morning...

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Von Trier Quits Rings Spectacle

9th June 2004

Maverick film-maker LARS VON TRIER has thrown an opera festival tour into chaos after pulling out of directing composer RICHARD WAGNER's classic RING cycle, insisting he's not up to the task. The DOGVILLE director...

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Manderlay Producer Defends Donkey Decision

4th May 2004

LATEST: Bosses of LARS VON TRIER's movie MANDERLAY have defended their decision to portray the slaughter of a donkey - insisting the animal they used was due to be put down anyway. Actor JOHN...

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Lars + Lauren Fall Out Over Tv Volume

12th April 2004

LARS VON TRIER and LAUREN BACALL fell out on the set of arthouse film DOGVILLE because the Hollywood icon refused to turn the volume on her TV set down. The Danish director struggled to...

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Bettany Learns American From Nicole's Coach

12th April 2004

British movie star PAUL BETTANY was so desperate to sound like a real American in new movie DOGVILLE, he begged NICOLE KIDMAN's voice coach to help him. The actor arrived in Denmark for the...

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Bettany's Rude Wake-up Call

12th April 2004

PAUL BETTANY got a rude awakening while he was shooting DOGVILLE with LARS VON TRIER in Denmark - when the eccentric movie maker arrived at his hotel door completely naked. The British movie star...

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Dafoe Signs Up For Dogville Sequel

8th April 2004

Hollywood actor WILLEM DAFOE has inked a deal to star in LARS VON TRIER's sequel to 2003 drama DOGVILLE. In MANDERLAY, Defoe will play the father of NICOLE KIDMAN's character GRACE, who will be...

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Scooby-doo 2 Scores Box Office Winner

29th March 2004

SCOOBY-DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED has leaped to the top of the American box office, after taking in $30.7 million (GBP17 million) on its opening weekend (26-29MAR04). While the movie, starring Hollywood couple SARAH MICHELLE...

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Kidman Ponders Love

6th February 2004

OSCAR-winning beauty NICOLE KIDMAN is on the lookout for love - even though she has no idea what it is. The DOGVILLE actress has enjoyed a few brief romances with ADRIEN BRODY and LENNY...

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Von Trier: I'm 'Perverted' Like The British

29th January 2004

Danish director LARS VON TRIER likens the British habit of making life difficult for themselves to his own complex movie methods. The film-maker describes his new movie DOGVILLE, which stars NICOLE KIDMAN, as...

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Von Trier: I Make Films For Me

28th January 2004

DOGVILLE director LARS VON TRIER refuses to respond to audience reactions to his off-beat movies - because he makes films that he wants to see. The controversial Dane has been much criticised by film...

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Good Bye, Lenin! Wins Big At European Film Awards

8th December 2003

German movie GOOD BYE, LENIN! picked up the top honours at the annual EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS ceremony, while the best director award went to LARS VON TRIER for drama DOGVILLE. At Saturday's (06DEC03) ceremony,...

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Ron Howard's Daughter To Replace Nicole Kidman In Trier Trilogy

3rd December 2003

Film-maker RON HOWARD's daughter BRYCE is expected to replace NICOLE KIDMAN in LARS VON TRIER's next two films in the trilogy he started with DOGVILLE. The 21-year-old actress, who's currently shooting M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's...

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Nicole Kidman To Quit Movies

30th November 2003

OSCAR-winner NICOLE KIDMAN is poised to quit her movie career for a life of domesticity with rocker lover LENNY KRAVITZ. The beautiful MOULIN ROUGE! star, who divorced TOM CRUISE in 2001 and shares adopted...

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Paul Bettany: I Fought With Lars Von Trier

21st November 2003

British actor PAUL BETTANY had an onset stand-off with Swedish director LARS VON TRIER after disagreeing with his style of working. The pair had a brief falling out on the set of new movie...

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Bettany Tricked Into Von Trier Film By Pal Skarsgard

18th November 2003

Actor PAUL BETTANY was tricked into joining the cast of Swedish director LARS VON TRIER's film DOGVILLE by his desperate pal STELLAN SKARSGARD. GOOD WILL HUNTING actor Skarsgard convinced Bettany working with the...

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Meg And Gwyneth Head Up London Festival

17th September 2003

Hollywood stars MEG RYAN and GWYNETH PALTROW are to appear in London next month (OCT03) to premiere their latest films at the TIMES LONDON FILM FESTIVAL. Ryan will be promoting sexy movie IN THE...

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