Londoners! Next time you’re eating your ‘lamb curry’ you might want to think closer about whether the meat you’re eating is actually what the restaurant claims it is? Of course, we all sadly know that the quality of meat served throughout kebab houses and late night fast food joints in the UK is often road kill at best, but a recent investigatory program by BBC3, The Horsemeat Banquet, found something even more potentially disgusting after they conducted a survey at random of one particular London vendor.

Alongside buying burgers, kebabs and Chinese dishes, the Daily Mirror reports that those conducting the survey bought a curry from one place and sent it off to the labs to find out what ingredients were in it – they couldn’t have been more horrified. “Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, the results came in for an Indian lamb curry” a show spokesman commented. “It did contain meat – but it was not lamb, not pork, nor was it chicken or beef. Not horse, and not goat either. At this moment, the lab is unable to identify exactly which animal this meat came from.” Which gives rise to the horrifying thought that it could be something as grim as, gulp, cat or dog.

Nutritionist Surinder Phull added: “It’s absolutely terrifying because if it isn’t any of the meats we know, well what is it? Where has it come from? Where was it slaughtered? Was it hygienic? Was it covered in bacteria?”