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Does It Offend You, Yeah? Rocker Breaks Leg Onstage

25th September 2008

DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH rocker JAMES RUSHENT has broken his ankle after falling badly onstage in Los Angeles during the final concert on the band's U.S. tour. The bassist is hobbling on a broken...

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Does It Offend You Yeah? Deny Fake Members Rumour

25th March 2008

British rockers DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH?'s lead vocalist MORGAN QUAINTANCE has dismissed rumours he and drummer ROB BLOOMFIELD are "hired hands" - insisting the group is not fake. A new report by U.K. music...

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Dixie Chicks Taking The Long Way To Number One

31st May 2006

Country trio the DIXIE CHICKS' comeback is complete - three years after the girls were ostracised for comments they made about US President GEORGE W BUSH they are back at the top of the US...

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Usher Fires Up Las Vegas

14th February 2006

R+B superstar USHER set Las Vegas, Nevada, alight at the weekend (11FEB06) when he chose to debut his new album at trendy nightclub Pure. The YEAH! singer thrilled fans who were partying at the...

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Def Leppard Get All Covered Up

8th January 2006

British rockers DEF LEPPARD are set to pay tribute to their favourite tracks by other artists on a new album of covers. The POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME hitmakers have recorded classic tracks like...

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Usher Confessed To Cheating On Ex

5th January 2006

R+B hunk USHER confessed his infidelity to his ex-girlfriend EISHIA BRIGHTWELL shortly before they split in August last year (05). The YEAH! hitmaker and the sexy model were planning to marry a year into...

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Usher Set To Pile On The Pounds At Christmas

23rd December 2005

R+B hunk USHER is giving up his famous fitness regime for Christmas (05), so he can celebrate by over-eating with his family. The YEAH! singer plans to end an amazing year with a family...

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Usher Plans To Quit Hometown For Next Album

30th November 2005

USHER is eyeing the possibility of quitting his native America for another country in preparation for recording his next album. The YEAH! singer is still riding high off the success of his last album...

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Usher Leaves Home To Get Rest

30th November 2005

R+B hunk USHER's house is so busy, he often checks into a hotel whenever he wants a few days' peace and quiet. The YEAH! hitmaker's staff and countless visitors keep to the door to...

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Usher Splits With Model

28th November 2005

R+B heart-throb USHER is single again after splitting with his model girlfriend EISHIA BRIGHTWELL. The YEAH! singer recently ended his one-year relationship (begsAUG04) with the beauty, who was formerly engaged to rapper and PIMP...

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Usher Wants Mcadams For Period Movie

27th November 2005

R+B hunk USHER is dreaming up a new period movie with MEAN GIRLS actress RACHEL McADAMS. The YEAH! singer, 27, fell for the 29-year-old movie star in romantic drama THE NOTEBOOK and now he...

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Usher Fan Sparks Hotel Investigation

24th November 2005

R+B hunk USHER has sparked an investigation at a New York hotel after a fan posing as a maid gained access to his suite and tried to seduce him. The YEAH! singer managed to...

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Usher Too Busy To Be A Reliable Lover

23rd November 2005

R+B superstar USHER blames his busy schedule for his turbulent love life. The YEAH! singer, who has had a string of unsuccessful relationships, claims he needs to find a woman who accepts his demanding...

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Lesbian Degeneres Chats Up Usher On Tv Show

21st November 2005

ELLEN DeGENERES poked fun at her sexuality on her daily TV show this morning (21NOV05) when she pretended to hit on R+B superstar USHER. The lesbian comic-turned-US chat show queen was interviewing the YEAH!...

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Usher Revamps The Bodyguard

26th October 2005

R+B star USHER's new movie IN THE MIX is a new take on classic movie THE BODYGUARD. In the film, the YEAH! hitmaker is hired to protect a Mafia boss's daughter, played by EMMANUELLE...

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Usher's Record Label To Launch Next Month

24th October 2005

R+B star USHER's record label will release its first material next month (NOV05) - three years after its foundation. The film soundtrack to romantic comedy IN THE MIX, which features the YEAH! hitmaker starring...

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Fascinating Fact 379

19th October 2005

PARIS HILTON had a special 27th birthday gift for USHER on Monday night (17OCT05) - she sang a sexy Happy Birthday greeting to the YEAH! heart-throb at his Hollywood party....

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Usher Joins Agassi's Grand Slam

30th September 2005

R+B star USHER has joined the line-up for tennis ace ANDRE AGASSI's Grand Slam For Children concert tomorrow night (01OCT05). The YEAH! singer joins CELINE DION, DURAN DURAN, EARTH, WIND + FIRE, GEORGE LOPEZ,...

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Usher To Play For Hurricane Victims

30th September 2005

R+B star USHER has announced plans to play a special show in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, to benefit victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Usher's Project Restart will take place on 9 October...

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Usher Pays Tribute To Soul Hero Vandross

21st September 2005

R+B hunk USHER paid a special tribute to his hero LUTHER VANDROSS on yesterday's (20SEP05) OPRAH show in America by performing soul classic SUPERSTAR. The YEAH! hitmaker joined PATTI LaBELLE in honouring the smooth...

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Usher Hits Out At West Reports

15th September 2005

LATEST: R+B star USHER is furious over reports he attacked KANYE WEST's controversial comments about US President GEORGE W BUSH, insisting he's in full support of the rap star. The YEAH! singer was quoted...

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Usher Wants Madonna + Michael For Benefit Concert

13th September 2005

R+B superstar USHER is calling on MADONNA and MICHAEL JACKSON to join the line-up for his upcoming Hurricane Katrina benefit concert in Houston, Texas. The YEAH! hitmaker admits he has already been in negotiations...

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Usher Urges America's Youth To Come Together + Ignore Kanye

10th September 2005

R+B hunk USHER is the latest star to attack KANYE WEST over comments he made at an all-star Hurricane Katrina fundraiser a week ago (02SEP05). The YEAH! singer claims the rapper was wrong to...

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Usher's 'Hot' Sex Scene To Be Unveiled In New Movie

8th August 2005

R+B hunk USHER is set to sizzle movie screens with a "hot" love scene in his upcoming film DYING FOR DOLLY. The YEAH! singer, currently dating leggy model EISHIA BRIGHTWELL, shares a passionate scene...

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Usher Under Pressure To Marry Brightwell

20th July 2005

R+B hunk USHER has urged the media not to join his girlfriend EISHA BRIGHTWELL's campaign to persuade him to marry her. Brightwell is constantly nagging the YEAH! singer to propose to her. But...

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Usher's Mother Rules His Love Life

14th June 2005

R+B star USHER is so devoted to his mother, he would sacrifice his love life if she disapproved of his partner. The YEAH! heart-throb's mum sacrificed her marriage to see her son succeed...

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Usher Axes 'Semi-retirement' To Pick Up Award

12th June 2005

R+B star USHER had to pull himself out of "semi-retirement" to pick up his Male Of The Year award at British magazine GLAMOUR's annual ceremony in London last Tuesday (07JUN05). The YEAH! heart-throb was...

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Usher Denies Relationship With Naomi Campbell

25th May 2005

R+B star USHER has again denied he ever dated supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL, and he's amazed stories keep circulating that they are enjoying a romance. The YEAH! heart-throb, who dated R+B singer ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS...

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Usher Enjoyed Looking Up Classmates' Skirts

4th May 2005

R+B heart-throb USHER was constantly in trouble when he was a young schoolboy - for looking up girls' skirts. The 26-year-old YEAH! singer, who has been romantically linked to ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS and NAOMI...

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Usher Concentrates On Building His Own Empire

2nd May 2005

R+B star USHER is more focused on his growing business empire than his career as a chart-topping artist. The YEAH! singer admires the entrepreneurial skills of MARTHA STEWART and RUSSELL SIMMONS and is...

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