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Doctor Zhivago Musical Heading To Broadway

2nd October 2014

The musical adaptation of epic romance Doctor Zhivago is heading to Broadway.The production, based on the 1957 Boris Pasternak novel which was also made into an Oscar-winning 1965 film, will make its debut at New...

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Warlow Vows To Overcome Injury For Dr. Zhivago Premiere

17th February 2011

Australian actor ANTHONY WARLOW has vowed to overcome the pain of a torn calf muscle to perform in the premiere of a DOCTOR ZHIVAGO production in Sydney on Saturday night (19Feb11).The star, who plays the...

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Fascinating Fact 8829

11th February 2010

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO actor OMAR SHARIF is to star in a modern-day version of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's KING LEAR, set in Egypt.

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Sharif Pleads No Contest To Battery Charge

14th February 2007

LATEST: Actor OMAR SHARIF pleaded no contest to misdemeanour battery charges in Beverly Hills, California yesterday (13FEB07), and was ordered to take an anger management class. The DOCTOR ZHIVAGO star was accused of punching a...

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Producer Ponti Buried

13th January 2007

LATEST: SOPHIA LOREN'S film producer husband CARLO PONTI has been buried in a private ceremony in his hometown in northern Italy. Relatives and close friends attended a Mass at a church in Magenta, 20 miles...

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English Patient And Clockwork Orange Among Top Adaptations

19th April 2006

Desert romance THE ENGLISH PATIENT, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and gay cowboy epic BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN have been included in a shortlist of the best 50 books to make it to the big screen. The list, compiled...

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Bond Star Keen Dies

10th November 2005

Veteran actor GEOFFREY KEEN, best known for starring in five JAMES BOND films, has died at the age of 89. Keen played fictional UK Minister Of Defence SIR FREDERICK GRAY in 007 movies THE...

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Sharif Sued

25th October 2005

Film legend OMAR SHARIF is set to be sued by a US parking attendant who alleges the star punched him and shouted racial abuse after a payment dispute. The LAWRENCE OF ARABIA star was...

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Monty Python And The Holy Grail 'Greatest British Film'

13th February 2004

Irreverent comedy MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL has surprisingly triumphed in a new comprehensive poll of the greatest British films of all time. The 1975 movie beat STANLEY KUBRICK's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE into...

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Knightley To Study?

18th January 2004

English beauty KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is finally starting her higher education - two years after abandoning her studies to pursue her film career. The LOVE ACTUALLY actress, 18, gave up her studies in 2002 to...

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Sharif To Receive Career Award

13th August 2003

Actor OMAR SHARIF has been selected to receive a GOLDEN LION award at Italy's upcoming VENICE FILM FESTIVAL for his 50-year screen career. The Egyptian-born 71-year-old, stars of such films as DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, LAWRENCE...

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Keira Knightley Wanted For Jurassic Sequel

23rd July 2003

Young British star KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is poised to sign for a role that will see her soar into the Hollywood 'superleague'. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL actress is...

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Sophia Loren Happy In Marriage

23rd June 2003

Legendary actress SOPHIA LOREN is a staunch believer in the values of marriage - because her parents had such turbulent relationships. Sophia married DOCTOR ZHIVAGO director CARLO PONTI in 1957, and insists that her...

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Weinstein: Christie Is Still The Best

22nd May 2003

Controversial producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN believes that modern female movie stars like KATE WINSLET just don't live up to older counterparts like JULIE CHRISTIE. The larger-than-life GANGS OF NEW YORK producer believes that the new...

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Keira's Love For Looking Drab

7th May 2003

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM stunner KEIRA KNIGHTLEY loved starring as a drug addict in new independent movie PURE - because she didn't have to look beautiful. The 20-year-old DOCTOR ZHIVAGO actress believes it's important...

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