Dmx Cries Rape Over Lovechild Scandal

Rapper DMX has accused the mother of his lovechild of raping him while he was asleep. MONIQUE WAYNE forced the rap star, real name EARL SIMMONS, to take a paternity test in her bid to prove he fathered her son in 2004 and DMX has since acknowledged he is the kid's dad. But, in a new interview with urban magazine Sister 2 Sister, DMX insists Wayne took advantage of him while he was sleeping after a long video shoot and he has no recollection of having sex with her. He says, "She raped me... That might sound like some bulls**t... (but) is that the only thing in the world that's not possible? Because when I sleep, my man (penis) be out. "I was out. I was up the day before. I had drunk, did a whole video shoot... I'd go back to the room, they had some broads... (I was like), 'Just put her on the couch. I don't give a f**k... I'm going to sleep, with my clothes on.' "DNA says it is (my child). I don't know... If I did (have sex with her) I would remember. It ain't like she's a pretty girl. "It's crazy because, you know, a girl just throwing some p**sy at the average guy, it's like, 'Oh s**t...' Who wouldn't want it? But... you don't want to f**k everybody." DMX's wife TASHERA stood by her man throughout the paternity tests and trial because she knew he had been taken advantage of. She adds, "I know him and I seen how it all went down... You can tell he didn't know who she was (when he met her in court)... I felt like it (trial) did bring us closer."


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Filthy hoes like Wayne give the rest of us decent, beautiful, trustworthy females a bad name.I'm not saying I believe D; but let's be honest, there's an increasing number of these nasty hoodrats, and it's the likes of them that taint the art in the rest of us.
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