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Dixie Chicks Get Support From Al Gore

1st April 2003

Country trio the DIXIE CHICKS have received support for lead singer NATALIE MAINES' controversial attack on President GEORGE W BUSH - from American Vice President AL GORE. Gore spoke to a college audience last...

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Dixie Chicks See Sales Slump

27th March 2003

The fan backlash and radio airplay woes of the DIXIE CHICKS have taken their toll - sales of the country trio's album HOME sagged more than 40 per cent last week (ends21MAR03). The group...

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Fans Petition For Dixie Chicks Support

25th March 2003

Troubled trio the DIXIE CHICKS have finally received some support for lead singer NATALIE MAINES' controversial comments about America's President GEORGE W BUSH. Fans of the country singers have started a freedom of speech...

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Dj Plans To Rival Dixie Chicks Concert

24th March 2003

LATEST: The DIXIE CHICKS are facing a continued backlash after lead singer NATALIE MAINES' criticism of American President GEORGE W BUSH - a radio presenter's now planning a rival concert. American talk radio host...

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Politicians Call For Dixie Chicks To Perform Free Show

23rd March 2003

LATEST: American politicians are demanding the DIXIE CHICKS perform a free concert for troops - to show they're truly sorry about publicly criticising US President GEORGE W BUSH. The group's pacifist singer NATALIE MAINES...

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Dixie Chicks Eliminate Bad Manson Vibes

21st March 2003

The DIXIE CHICKS called on an American-Indian shaman to 'cleanse' a set they were using to film a TV commercial - after learning it was once the home of jailed serial killer CHARLES MANSON....

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