Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will be spending Christmas together, according to a report from Entertainmentwise. Apparently, the Two and a Half men star is taking his former That 70s Show co-star back to the family home in Iowa for the festive period and TMZ have also revealed that he officially filed for divorce from Demi Moore on Friday (December 21, 2012), having waited patiently for Demi to make the first move and finally caved in, to get the ball rolling.

It certainly looks as though Ashton’s moved on, since splitting from Demi around a year ago (well, it was him that did the cheating, so…) given that he’s already taking a new girlfriend home for Christmas. Kunis will, presumably, be glad that Ashton’s decided to take the matters of their divorce into his own hands. It’s been reported over the last few weeks that Demi has been digging her heels in with regards to the details of the divorce and a recent report from TMZ suggested that it’s all over money, which is fairly ludicrous, given that Demi is loaded and is way richer than Ashton. According to TMZ, her New York apartment alone is worth $25 million.

Sources close to the whole debacle have suggested that she is holding out for a similar settlement to the one she received from Bruce Willis.