Disciples think Calvin Harris is a ''great person to have around''.

The electronic music trio revealed they have become pals with the musician - who is dating 25-year-old chart-topper Taylor Swift - over the years and have taken inspiration from his success, leading to their collaboration with the 'Feel So Close' hitmaker, 'How Deep is Your Love'.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, producer Gavin Kool revealed: ''He's more a friend. He showed a big interest in our music and careers so he does have that side to him but he's just a great person to have around. We've all been influenced by him in different ways over the years.''

The 29-year-old DJ - along with Luke Mac, 24 and Duvall, 29 - continued to say they were excited by the superstar DJ's enthusiasm for their music even though there was ''a lot of going back and forth'' while they made their single, which is currently in the top 10 in over 30 countries.

Gavin recalled: ''We were working in the studio on 'How Deep is Your Love'. We sent it to him to get some fresh ears and some thoughts on it and he loved the track so much that he proposed working on it and collaborating on it together.

''We were really excited that he wanted to put out a record with us and wanted to be part of the track.

''It's a lot of going back and forth. A lot of the stuff is us, a lot of it is him, we go back and forth and see what sounds we like. It's been a real 50/50 collaboration with this record.''