Music producer-turned-film director Chris Stokes has been ordered to hand over $10,000 (£6,452) to a disgruntled investor in his dance movie flop Battlefield America.

A female business partner sued Stokes - the man behind hit 2004 movie You Got Served, starring the boys of R&B band B2K - after agreeing to put up the money for the film on the understanding that she would be repaid in 30 days.

However, the director allegedly reneged on the deal and failed to return the amount, prompting the woman to take the case to court.

A default judgement was issued in her favour earlier this week (ends14Jun13), with the judge overseeing the case demanding Stokes give back the full amount plus legal costs, reports

Stokes managed to score a $15 million (£9.68 million) budget for Battlefield America following the box office success of You Got Served, which grossed over $48 million (£31 million) in 2004, but the 2012 release was mauled by critics and failed to win over audiences, raking in a dismal $172,000 (£11,097) in U.S. theatres last summer (12).