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Anna Kendrick's Challenging Perfect Pitch

15th October 2012

Anna Kendrick found 'Perfect Pitch' ''challenging''.The 'Up in the Air' actress found it hard to keep up when filming the musical movie, especially a scene which sees two rival acapella groups - one all girls...

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Does Drm Encourage Piracy?

12th October 2011

Digital Rights Management (DRM), the coding that aims to prevent digital recordings from being copied, may actually encourage piracy rather than prevent it, according to a joint study by Rice and Duke universities. While the...

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Garland's 'Forgotten' Childhood Recordings Fail To Sell

18th December 2006

LATEST: THE WIZARD OF OZ star JUDY GARLAND's childhood recordings failed to sell at a Los Angeles auction yesterday (17DEC06) when bidding did not match the minimum price. The songs were taped in a Hollywood...

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Garland's 'Forgotten' Childhood Recordings For Sale

6th December 2006

JUDY GARLAND's childhood recordings are expected to sell for around $40,000 (GBP20,500) when they are publicly auctioned later this month (DEC06). The two previously-unheard acetate discs were discovered in the rubbish at one of Garland's...

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Boy George's Mother Falls Ill

16th October 2005

BOY GEORGE's mother collapsed after discovering he had been arrested in New York on drug charges last week (07OCT05). CHRISTINA O'DOWD, known as DINAH, already suffers from emphysema, but the strain of her son's...

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