Representatives of Philip K. Dick's estate have become embroiled in a legal battle with movie bosses over Matt Damon's film The Adjustment Bureau.
The movie, which also stars Emily Blunt, was loosely based on the late writer's short story Adjustment Team and estate executors have now filed a lawsuit alleging film chiefs reneged on a deal to hand over a share of the profits.
The lawsuit, filed at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Thursday (27Oct11), takes aim at director George Nolfi and producer Michael Hackett, claiming they backed out of their agreement over a copyright dispute, according to Variety.
The suit reads, "Motivated solely by greed, defendants seek to establish themselves as a de facto Adjustment Bureau of Hollywood. Using heavy-handed means, they seek to 'adjust' agreements entered into long-ago agreed, 'adjust' determinations made long ago by the U.S. Copyright Office, and even 'adjust' history so as to hoard any and all monies rightfully earned by the estate of the man whose genius inspired what is indisputably a highly successful film."
The lawsuit is demanding compensation for royalties plus interest and attorneys' fees.